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BEFORE BABEL: The Crystal Tongue

BEFORE BABEL: The Crystal Tongue

by Madeleine Daines
BEFORE BABEL: The Crystal Tongue

BEFORE BABEL: The Crystal Tongue

by Madeleine Daines


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Images of over 150 of the original pre-cuneiform Sumerian symbols are shown in BEFORE BABEL THE CRYSTAL TONGUE, many of them discussed individually and in context. Explaining the source of ancient place names and mythological beings - Babel, Harran, Gobekli Tepe, Greek Prometheus, Talon and others - the book demonstrates how to read the sacred language of Sumer where the placing of each symbol follows rules not found in modern grammar books. It can be likened to a game, a code, sometimes a riddle. This is the language of an age-old civilisation. At its heart sits a Great Magician known to the world as Hermes Trismegistus and assimilated to Egyptian Thoth. He too will offer up the source of his name, leading us to a better understanding of the most noteworthy of magic symbols and giving a few unique glimpses into age-old knowledge.

BEFORE BABEL THE CRYSTAL TONGUE is a language book unlike any other, with its ancient doors creaking open on to unexplored avenues. In many of the words we still use unthinkingly today lies dormant the magic of what was once a worldwide common language, the language of the Matriarch, language of the birds, the Crystal Tongue. The re-translation of the oldest Sumerian literary text renamed THE STORY OF SUKURRU is included.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9782956045915
Publisher: Madeleine Daines
Publication date: 05/31/2019
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents


1. The Tower of Babel P.3

2. The Enki Heresy P.29

3. Harran P.39

4. Gobekli Tepe P.51

5. The Great Bull and the Flow of Beer P.57

6. Two Horns of the Great Bull P.71

7. The Umbilical Cord and the Flow of Water P.77

8. Springs, Fountains and Water Spouts P.83

9. Cursing Stones of Gods and Bull P.95

10. Signs of the Magician P.103

11. Prometheus P.121

12. The Ancient Clews P.131

13. The Idigna Bird of the Taurus Mountains P.137

14. Bird of Prophecy P.147

15. Shaman and Alchemist P.161

16. Talon, the Metal Robot P.173

17. The Sun, the Lioness and the Pyramid P.183

18. Hermes and the Crystal Heresy P.191

19. The Sator Templar Connection P.237

20. Atlantis and the Fish P.269

21. The Sky to Know the End P.279

Notes and References P.297

Index of Symbols P.306

List of Lexical Entries P.309

Annexe: The Story of Sukurru P.310

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