Before I Go

Before I Go

by Eric T. Perry


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Dr. Charles Cassidy, once a bright student with a promising career in medicine, experienced a loss that would forever change his life. He diverted his brilliant mind from practicing medicine to research where he would develop Carcinatrope, a drug thought to be a cure for cancer - it was not. Though highly controversial, it would still change medicine and the lives of the terminally ill, forever. Ethan Pridgen, fiancé and father of two, would need this help to fulfill his dying wish. Before I Go is a powerful look at terminal illness and euthanasia. It raises the question of not only how we live, but also as a society how we die. I have poured all of my heart and soul into this novel. My hopes are that those who read and enjoy this book will recommend it to everyone they know. I hope you continue to read my work as it is published and look forward to the release of my next publication The Eunuch that will be coming toward the end of 2013. I look forward to having you follow me on twitter @ Perrytales1 and on Facebook @ Perry Tales as this novel continues to grow. Thank you for allowing me to share this part of me with you. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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ISBN-13: 9781481712439
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/13/2013
Pages: 238
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

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