Before The Twinkling Of An Eye, There Are The Ways Of God.

Before The Twinkling Of An Eye, There Are The Ways Of God.

by Stephen Mcrae Mayer


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How can a good God create an evil devil? Are there more than twenty Bible references about dinosaurs? Where in the Bible does it tell us the earth is only thousands of years old? What are the Ten Commandments? Why is it impossible for me to get into heaven by obeying them? You say you can prove that Jesus was literally dead for three days and three nights just as He said He would be? What happens after we die? Will animals be in heaven? Who is the Antichrist? When the Lord returns, how quickly will we rise? So, the Battle of Armageddon is not the last big battle? When is the Millennium? What will we look like forever? What will we do forever? Why does God love me? What does God want to do with me? What is The Twinkling of an Eye?

Stephen Mayer has been a Bible teacher for three decades and a high school Bible, science and history teacher within Christian schools for many of those years. He has a B.A. from Lipscomb (Nashville), an M.A. from Regent (Virginia Beach), and is in the final years of his PhD in Science Education with Curtin University (Perth, Australia). In this book, he cross-references and overlaps many topics that are often misunderstood or difficult to explain, demonstrating the reliability of the Bible. His desire is to prove to his readers that the Bible is absolutely foundational to their faith, is the authoritative Word of God, and can be applied to many areas of life. His counsel for those seeking Absolute Truth: Dig deeper into the Word of God for There are the Ways of God.

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