Before They Find Us

Before They Find Us

by Michelle A. Hansen


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I'm going to make you wish you were dead.

Just a text. Seventeen-year-old Rebecca Hales tries not to worry. Probably a wrong number. Not really meant for her, and definitely not related to the crime she witnessed six years ago.


Then two states away, a bomb goes off in her best friend's locker. Soon Ryan is labeled a terrorist and runs to the safest place he knows-Rebecca's house in small-town Wyoming. It doesn't take long for the FBI to show up asking questions. Rebecca lies, of course, and says she hasn't seen him.

Now she's neck-deep in it with him, whatever "it" is. The only way out is to return to Vegas, where Ryan is a wanted man. The city of lies and illusion tests Rebecca's wits as she struggles to find the person who framed Ryan and why.

Is Rebecca's text linked to the bombing? And what does it have to do with a six year old murder? Rebecca needs to find out before she loses Ryan-and her own life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780615856810
Publisher: Priest Rapids Press
Publication date: 11/20/2013
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Michelle A. Hansen was born and raised in Washington State. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Teaching from Brigham Young University. She taught high school English for six years and is currently an MFA candidate at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts.

Michelle loves Pepsi and Doritos more than chocolate. She loves summertime and hates to be cold. She's had three near-death experiences, is addicted to office supplies and has an irrationally large stash of pens and notebooks.

Connect with Michelle A. Hansen at her website, on Facebook or on Twitter @michelleahansen

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Before They Find Us 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
BLUEFISH99 More than 1 year ago
Witnessing a crime as a teenager and then putting the murderer behind bars is one thing, then he hangs himself in prison,  only she didn't realize his family would seek revenge in the moist heinous way possible.Death threats, bombs going off and the FBI and Police sending out bulletins they are wanted and dangerous, its a suspense, intrigue, and romance all on a roller coaster of a ride. You want to read a classic romantic novel well this is the one for you, it was so lovely to read, easy going but you have to read it to the end.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A MUST READ
kirstyviz More than 1 year ago
Before They Find Us is a story about trust; friendship; revenge and the limits a person will go to in order to defend the one they love. Michelle A Hansen perfectly blends the tense story line, which originally aimed at a young adult audience can easily crossover, with a romantic thread, keeping Before They Find Us fresh and exciting. Six years ago Beck was the sole witness to a horrific crime and though the young man she condemned committed suicide in his cell, Beck has started to receive threatening text messages, "I'm going to make you wish you were dead." Miles away in Las Vegas a bomb explodes at the school of Beck's best friend, Ryan. Although Ryan's instinct is to run to Beck, she knows that they will only be able to prove his innocence in Las Vegas. Michelle A Hansen diverges the plot at this point; the reader witnesses the strong Beck on the city streets, befriending the fantastic Jordan (thankfully, no love triangle!), breaking the law and evading the FBI. However, when Beck returns to the motel room and Ryan in the evening Michelle A Hansen allows the reader to see Beck's emotional side, her desire for Ryan and her need to protect him. Although the perpetrator of the crimes is no surprise it is Michelle A Hansen's delivery which is sublime and captivating. Before They Find Us is now one of my favorite reads and I would recommend it to any reader who enjoys well written stories with great characters! I received this as a complimentary review copy, but this has had no influence on my opinion.
ysar More than 1 year ago
The lone witness to a horrific crime when she was a child, Rebecca Hales struggles with the aftermath. It was her testimony that put a murderer behind bars and left her with nightmares that still keep her up at odd hours. Her best friend Ryan has always been her rock, but now he’s gone, leaving her in Wyoming while he finishes high school in Nevada. But all the distance in the world can’t sever their bond. Even when the whole world goes haywire. One threatening text is easy to write off. A wrong number. A bad joke. A fit of drama on a digital screen. But then there’s the second text. And the third. And the creepy guy at the convenience store in the middle of the night. And when halfway across the country, a bomb in Ryan’s locker kills several students and puts the the FBI on his trail, two friends find themselves on the run, trying to keep ahead of the cops as they scramble to figure out what’s really happening and clear Ryan’s name. The Verdict... Every now and then I find a book that plucks me right out of reality and places me in another place, another character’s shoes, another life so thoroughly that I forget dinner, forget about what I have to get done at work this week, and just about forget where I am. And to think I almost passed this one up. When I first saw the cover of Before They Find Us on the tour announcement, I scrolled right past it. Shadows in an alley? Looks like a mystery or a crime or some other dark mess I’m not interested in. But then I noticed it a few more times, read the summary, and thought about it some more. It was probably going to be far-fetched and borderline ridiculous. Maybe I’d figure out who the killer was (assuming there was one) within the first couple of chapters and then have to force myself to finish reading it. The characters wouldn’t be believable, every plot twist would be predictable, or every stroke of luck would just be a little too convenient. Or maybe I’m just an idiot who doesn’t immediately jump at the chance to read something fantastic. Yep, that last one sounds pretty accurate just about now. It’s rare that I enjoy a book so much that I’m still half in that other world hours after reading it, but that’s exactly what happened with this one. I fell in love with Beck and Ryan, with their friendship and their easy banter, with their loyalty and love and determination to see each other through hell, no matter what came at them. The detailed scenes, the secondary characters, the fumbling to find answers… It was perfectly plotted and paced, and there was no way I was putting the book down until I’d read through to the last page. Not once was I tempted to skim or skip or just cruise past details. I wanted every single word of it. Before They Find Us perfectly folds young love, teen drama, and true friendship into an incredibly gripping tale of suspense and danger that simply blew me away. For once, I couldn’t connect the dots to unveil the mystery before the story did it for me, and while there are some intense scenes, it’s not too gritty for teen readers. I’m tempted to say I want more, but that would imply that something’s lacking, which is definitely not the case. Perhaps when I finally get my mind out of the story and back to my incredibly boring reality, I’ll be able to better explain what makes it such a great book, but for now I think it’s safe to say I’m on board for pretty much anything else Michelle Hansen writes.
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Rebecca is a high school girl living with the knowledge that she put the town’s golden boy in jail for murder 6 years ago.  She has friends, but she always feels it lingering in the minds of everyone she knows.  They don’t come out and say anything, but they’re thinking it.  Ryan is Rebecca’s best-friend.  He moved to Las Vegas with his family a few years ago, but they’ve remained the best of friends.  They even plan to go to college together.  While at school one day, Rebecca gets a threatening text.  It’s got to be a wrong number, who’d want to harm her.  At the same time, Ryan is hauled into the principal’s office.  Someone called in a tip that Ryan is planning to build a bomb.  What happens next is a whirlwind ride?  Will Rebecca and Ryan be able to clear their names?  Will they even survive the revenge planned against them? I loved this book.  It drew me in from the beginning.  It was fast-paced and easy-to-read.  I was yelling out loud at this book.  “No, he’s the bad guy.”  I loved Rebecca and Ryan’s loyalty to each other.  I also loved their pact they had.  I loved that Ryan had such confidence in Rebecca finding out the truth.  This was a refreshing book.  It really kept me wondering what was going to happen next.  It really kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.  I loved the ending.  I will definitely be reading more work by this author.   5-Bombs Reviewed by Tracy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I’ve read by Michelle Hansen. I found it by browsing titles on Netgalley and was given a free copy in return for an honest review. The book is told from the viewpoint of Rebecca, a girl living in a small town in Wyoming but desperate to break away and go to college in Nevada, where her best friend Ryan will be attending. Childhood best friends, Ryan and Rebecca (also called Beck) have been through a lot together but Ryan moved out to Nevada a few years back, leaving Rebecca lonely and even more restless. Years before, Rebecca was in the park when a rape and murder was committed. Although she didn’t see it, she saw the guy, Kyle, as he was leaving. She picked him out of a line up and he was sentenced to prison, where he hung himself a few years later. Fast-forward to the present where Rebecca receives threatening text messages and a bomb goes off in Ryan’s school, where it looks like Ryan is the one who set it off. Ryan goes to Rebecca and together, the two try to clear their names of murder while trying to stay alive. Now that we’re past all that, I have to say that I was blown away by this book. I loved the characters, the setting, the plot, the pacing, and pretty much everything. The characters came off the page with their dialogue and interactions. Rebecca is a tough heroine without coming across as domineering. She’s got a fantastic and fresh voice, making her a memorable YA heroine.  Ryan is also a great hero, caught between the stages of a boy and man. I love how realistically Ms. Hansen portrayed teenagers in this book, probably most clearly seen in Ryan. The chemistry between Ryan and Rebecca is electric but sweet at the same time. Even secondary characters like Jordan and Andrew were well developed and seemed to come alive the further the story went on. I was a fan of the way Rebecca found help where it seemed unlikely. I also liked the lack of stereotypes in the novel. One other thing I have to mention is Ms. Hansen’s writing style. The descriptive and poetic way she writes is utterly fantastic. With lines like “I drank darkness and fear to prove I still had courage” and “He’d always stood in the light with his hand out, reaching for me until I caught hold,” I was totally hooked. I’m also a big sucker for stories where childhood best friends develop into something more. The only thing I didn’t really like was the prologue at the beginning. I’m not against prologues in any way, but in the prologue, you learn exactly who is coming after Rebecca, which makes it less of a mystery to the reader, even though it’s still a mystery to the characters. However, this took nothing away from the pacing of the plot or the storyline. Bottom line: I will be buying a paperback version of this book because I want it on my bookshelf, not just my computer. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a unique YA read with intensely likeable characters.