Beginning Blockchain: A Beginner's Guide to Building Blockchain Solutions

Beginning Blockchain: A Beginner's Guide to Building Blockchain Solutions

Paperback(1st ed.)

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Understand the nuts and bolts of Blockchain, its different flavors with simple use cases, and cryptographic fundamentals. You will also learn some design considerations that can help you build custom solutions.

Beginning Blockchain is a beginner’s guide to understanding the core concepts of Blockchain from a technical perspective. By learning the design constructs of different types of Blockchain, you will get a better understanding of building the best solution for specific use cases. The book covers the technical aspects of Blockchain technologies, cryptography, cryptocurrencies, and distributed consensus mechanisms. You will learn how these systems work and how to engineer them to design next-gen business solutions.

What You'll Learn
  • Get a detailed look at how cryptocurrencies work
  • Understand the core technical components of Blockchain
  • Build a secured Blockchain solution from cryptographic primitives
  • Discover how to use different Blockchain platforms and their suitable use cases
  • Know the current development status, scope, limitations, and future of Blockchain

Who This Book Is For

Software developers and architects, computer science graduates, entrepreneurs, and anyone wishing to dive deeper into blockchain fundamentals. A basic understanding of computer science, data structure, and algorithms is helpful.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781484234433
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 07/07/2018
Edition description: 1st ed.
Pages: 386
Sales rank: 1,136,757
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Bikramaditya Singhal is a Blockchain expert and AI practitioner with experience working in multiple industries. He is proficient in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, cryptography, cyber security, and data science. He has extensive experience in training and consulting on Blockchain and has designed many Blockchain solutions. He worked with companies such as WISeKey, Tech Mahindra, Microsoft India, Broadridge, Chelsio Communications, and he also co-founded a company named Mund Consulting that focuses on big data analytics and artificial intelligence. He is an active speaker at various conferences, summits, and meetups. He has also authored a book entitled Spark for Data Science.

Gautam Dhameja is a blockchain application consultant based out of Berlin, Germany. For most of this decade, he has been developing and delivering enterprise software including Web & Mobile apps, Cloud-based hyper-scale IoT solutions, and more recently, Blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps). He possesses a deep understanding of the decentralized stack, cloud solutions architecture and object-oriented design. His areas of expertise include Blockchain, Cloud-based enterprise solutions, Internet of Things, Distributed Systems and Native & Hybrid Mobile apps. He is also an active blogger and speaker and regularly speaks at tech conferences and events.

Priyansu Panda is a research engineer at Underwriters Laboratories, Bangalore, India. He has worked with other IT companies such as Broadridge, Infosys Limited, and Tech Mahindra. His areas of expertise include Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, game theory, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Priyansu's current research is on building next-gen applications leveraging Blockchain, IoT, and AI. His major research interests include building Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), and the security, scalability, and consensus of Blockchains.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Blockchain Introduction

Chapter Goal: This chapter gives an overview of what Blockchain is all about and how it has evolved. It also gives an insight on its fitment with the ever changing technology trend.

No of pages: 15

Sub -Topics

1. Backstory of Blockchain

2. What is Blockchain

3. Centralized Vs Distributed systems

4. Why is Blockchain important

5. Blockchain uses and use cases

Chapter 2: How Blockchain Works

Chapter Goal: This chapter is designed to provide in-depth technical understanding on the basic fundamentals that make up to Blockchain. It lays a foundation with prerequisite knowledge with sufficient code examples to help the readers understand and build Blockchain applications.

No of pages: 80

Sub - Topics

1. Cryptography (Public Key, Digital Signatures, Hash Functions)

2. Blockchain Data structure

3. Blockchain components (Transaction, Mining, Proof of work, Timestamping, Consensus mechanism)

4. Private and Public Blockchains

Chapter 3: How Bitcoin Works

Chapter Goal: This chapter connects the concepts learnt from the previous chapter and provides insights on end to end Blockchain application development, with Bitcoin as the use case. It gives a complete understanding on designing Bitcoin applications.

No of pages : 70

Sub - Topics: <

1. What is Bitcoin and how it works

2. Bitcoin design evolution

3. Bitcoin Protocol (Transactions, Network, Cryptography and Consensus)

4. Bitcoin Client, Keys, addresses and Wallets

5. Bitcoin Scripts

6. Building Bitcoin applications

Chapter 4: The Ethereum Blockchain

Chapter Goal: This chapter demonstrates an alternative protocol “Ethereum” for building decentralized application on Blockchain technology. It explains how to build smart applications on Ethereum Blockchain that are capable of Smart Contract execution.

No of pages: 50

Sub - Topics:

1. Overview of Ethereum

2. Ethereum Protocol

3. Basics of Solidity Programming Language

4. Programming Smart Contracts

5. Developing Ethereum Applications

Chapter 5: Other Blockchain Flavors

Chapter Goal: This chapter is an effort to provide a sound grip on other open source developments on Blockchain and the readers get an idea on existing Blockchain frameworks and platforms.

No of pages: 25

Sub - Topics:

1. Why so many flavors

2. The Hyperledger Project

3. BitShares

4. R3CEV

5. Cloud based Blockchain Service Providers such as Microsoft and IBM

Chapter 6: Issues, Trends and Future prospects

Chapter Goal: This chapter gives an insights on the limitations of Blockchain, research areas, and a perspective on the future of Blockchain.

No of pages: 15

Sub - Topics:

1. Challenges with the current Blockchain Protocol

2. Improvement areas currently under consideration

3. Research Scope on Blockchain

4. Future of Blockchain

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