by L.T. Smith


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1974. The Osmonds, space hoppers and climbing trees, all grounded in the ultimate belief that life was perfect. Childhood filled with tomorrows and a friendship built to endure anything. Or was it? Lou Turner loves Ashley Richards. Always has and always will. This is Lou's story...a story spanning thirty years...from the innocence of youth to the bitterness of adulthood. But can Lou use her beginnings to shape her future? Only one woman can answer that question. Childhood and and belief...hope that yesterdays can be what futures are made of. And Lou's future began the day her world fell from a tree.

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ISBN-13: 9783955333379
Publisher: Ylva Verlag e.Kfr.
Publication date: 02/01/2015
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.75(d)

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Beginnings 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What can I say about L T Smith style of writing? How fantastic it is. I have read her previous book - Hearts and flowers border - and since then grew a profound admiration for her work. It's pure art. Simple as that. She has the ability of making you fall in love with her characters, not to mention that her sense of humour makes you laugh no end ... How enjoyable that can be. Writing in the 1st person is not easy, and she does it with perfection, keeping the reader hooked from her very first words. How many writers can do that? Maybe many can write good stories, but the trick is making a good story connect with people. L. T Smith gives words to feelings, and she does it so wittily, and so beautifully, that it just gives her books a true sense of grandeur. This book is a must MUST READ. It's extremely funny and so full of emotions that we all can relate to. The narrative slips back into the past revealing a story through the eyes of a 6 years old little girl. The absolute richness of imaginary, playfulness, fearlessness and innocence is introduced in a remarkable way. She simply captures all the essence of the experience. The images of youth addresses the narrator's perception of this moment in our lives where dreams and reality are indistinguishable. Pure beauty inside and out, from an innocent girl who is too fascinated with her new friend to express anything but joy. Beautiful. Truly beautiful. 'Beginnings' is the portrait of growing up and falling in love with your best friend. The insecurities and fears we all have at some point in our lives makes it even more enjoyable to read cause we can actually relate to the characters feelings. It makes you laugh and it makes you fall in love with them. This story does nothing but show moments of genuine love in front of our eyes, starting in a time of the character's life when she's even unaware of it, and leading to one in which they're positively aching with longing. I love the characters of Lou and Ash. And it's not for their beauty, charm or spirit, but for something far different from that - their presence. They grow in you as the story develops. The story is also about growing up in a family surrounded by brothers and sisters, whom are so similar and yet so different. How difficult it is to understand each other and how much thought is incommunicable, even between people from the same blood. But our main character does find her way out of it, and that comes in the shape of her devoted sister Jo. Their relationship is so solid, and full of funny and unexpected moments that will just keep you laughing out loud on your seat. This book is a romantic, passionate, youthful tale of love. The expressiveness of its words, each containing a quality that hearkens back to the earliest days and experiences of youth and then adulthood are so significant and beautiful that I believe no ordinary review can do justice to it. 'Beginnings' is a page turner. Did you read that? A page turner indeed. It's extremely funny and loving. Read it and find for yourself. Highly recommended.