Beguiling the Barrister

Beguiling the Barrister

by Wendy Soliman

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Book two of The Forsters.

England, 1814

Flick—more properly known as Lady Felicity Forster—was twelve when she decided she was going to marry her handsome neighbor Darius Grantley. Now, embarking on her second season, she's no nearer to that lofty ambition. She commits to making Darius fall in love with her, if only he'd take a break from pleading the case of the common criminal as a barrister at the Old Bailey.

Darius adores the lovely, high-spirited younger sister of the Marquess of Denby, but he's all too aware that Flick is far above him in social status, not to mention fortune. Winning the high-profile Cuthbert case will earn him a promised appointment to King's Counsel and just enough income to provide a home for his well-born lady.

But the cards are stacked against him. Not only do the newspapers trumpet his clients' guilt, but a powerful peer bribes the witnesses and threatens Flick unless Darius sabotages his own case…

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71,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426895661
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 06/24/2013
Series: The Forsters , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 292
Sales rank: 712,133
File size: 307 KB

About the Author

Wendy Soliman is a British who shares her life with her husband and a rescued dog of indeterminate pedigree. Wendy was brought up on the Isle of  Wight, surrounded by historic buildings and lots of water - factors that influenced the historical romances and  marine crime mysteries she writes for Carina Press.

Wendy enjoys reading, walking her dog and savouring decent wine.

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November 1814

"Are you telling the court that Mr. Fuller called on you to take tea?" Darius Grantley elevated his brows, an expression of incredulity gracing his handsome face. "Nothing more sinister than that?"

"Well, he does enjoy a nice biscuit an' all."

"No money changed hands in return for the supposed services you provide in the establishment where you reside?"

"Ain't no supposed about it," muttered some wit in the public gallery. "Been there meself so I know about what I speak."

Laughter erupted and was as quickly extinguished when the judge banged his gavel, a mask of impatience and considerable ill-humour flitting across his countenance.

Flick suppressed a smile. She and her sister-in-law were observing the proceedings from the public gallery. "I don't think the judge approves of Miss Adams," she whispered to Beth.

"I shall clear the courtroom if there are any more interruptions," his lordship boomed. "Pray, continue, Mr. Grantley."

"I'm obliged to your lordship." Darius Grantley, barrister at law, straightened his shoulders and turned his attention to the woman in the dock. "Please answer the question, Miss Adams."

"What was the question again, sir? What with all the excitement, it clear went out of my head."

"Did you do it for money, love?" the same heckler yelled out.

"Absolutely not!" Miss Adams's hand fluttered against her breast. "The very idea. I'm a respectable woman, and that's the truth."

"He's good, isn't he?" Flick said.

"He seems to know what he's doing," Beth conceded. "But why is he defending a woman of...well, a woman of such questionable morals?"

"Darius believes that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law," Flick responded loftily. "He's very liberally minded that way."

Darius Grantley's star was very much in the ascendancy at the Old Bailey since he'd chosen to defend wretched creatures often forced by desperation into committing crimes. The great and good in the legal profession generally agreed that his talents were wasted on, and went largely unappreciated by, his motley collection of clients. Perhaps that was true, but Darius appeared determined to serve them regardless of the fact that principles and conscience alone singularly failed to pay the rent.

"From the evidence already presented, it seems his client is as guilty as sin, in spite of your Darius's best efforts to confuse the jury," Beth said.

"Shush!" Flick pressed a finger to her lips. "This is very interesting. I don't want to miss anything."

"Not much chance of that," Beth whispered back. "Your eyes have barely left Mr. Grantley's person since we got here."

The object of Flick's affections grasped the edges of his black flowing robe and affected an air of astonishment. "Are you asking the court to believe that the gentleman who complained about being overcharged was a personal acquaintance who stopped by for a cup of tea and, conversation?"

"That's right, ducks. He's a sprightly old gent. He can still manage to get it—"

"Thank you, Miss Adams," the judge intervened, much to Flick's irritation. She'd very much like to know what it was that old Mr. Fuller could still manage to do. With three overprotective brothers to contend with, her education in that respect was woefully incomplete. "Confine yourself to answering counsel's questions."

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Beguiling the Barrister 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story by Wendy Soliman - Author, BEGUILING THE BARRISTER. Lady Felicity, nicknamed Flick was a strong woman surrounded by her brothers. Darius is a man of law and not as rich as Flick's family. Darius wants to marry Flick for years and Flick has Benn I love with Darius since he saved her after she fell out of tree. Will Flick get Darius to admit his love for her and marry? Will Dares swallow his pride and accept Flick's huge dowry and marry? This book was sweet and I enjoyed it but I enjoyed her other books more. I give this one 3 fingers up and 5 toes!!
ornerylibrarian More than 1 year ago
Lady Felicity Forster has loved Darius Grantly since she was twelve and he came to her rescue. Darius is a barrister and somewhat beneath Felicity on the social ladder and so he feels he cannot offer for her as he cannot provide for her in the manner in which she is accustomed. A pivotal case comes to court that could advance his career and provide the income he needs to support his aristocratic wife but it involves young men of nobility, danger and a definite risk of failure. While this was not a long story at about 200 pages, Ms. Soliman manages to pack in a great deal of detail and character development. Felicity (Flick) was feisty and adorable and Darius was a man any woman would be happy to fall in love with. This one is a keeper.