BEH?ET'S DISEASE/THE DIET SOLUTION: A Way of Living Medication Free and Healthy with Beh?et's Disease

BEH?ET'S DISEASE/THE DIET SOLUTION: A Way of Living Medication Free and Healthy with Beh?et's Disease

by Helmut Schroeder


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In his mid fifties, Helmut Schroeder was diagnosed with Behçet's Disease [BD], a rare autoimmune disorder that causes blood vessel inflammation throughout the body. This disease is painfully disabling and potentially fatal. Behçet's Disease is not contagious and is classified as a Chronic Disease, which is a condition lasting three months or longer, by the definition of the U.S. National Center of Health Statistics. Schroeder's physicians told him there is no cure for this disease and recommended managing it with drugs as the only option available. So he went on those drug treatments for a period of time and had severe allergic reactions from them. Not only did his health not improve - it actually worsened, progressively. Yet, his physicians offered no other treatment options. The other alternative was a diet change; but, his physicians did not support that idea. At that point, he realized that he had to find his own answers for his health issues. He eased out of the drug treatments and stopped eating the Standard American Diet [SAD]. He began his new diet of mainly white rice with selective plant-based whole foods. This kind of diet is recommended by a group of physicians who practice Lifestyle Medicine. With his positive attitude, he researched and found out about most of the foods that aggravate his BD. Almost thirty years later, he is still in good health, maintains an active lifestyle, and remains nearly BD free. This is his story. In this book, he describes the trials and errors he encountered. He also describes how he learned to avoid most of the allergy-causing foods that aggravate his BD, and how he restored his health. With his life-affirming attitude, he shows you how to become healthier and more positive, as well as challenge yourself to change.

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