Behind Locked Doors (Gangbang erotica)

Behind Locked Doors (Gangbang erotica)

by Prudence Sinclaire

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Years after her husband's passing, Ryka longs for the touch of a man--no strings attached. She heads to a business that specializes in making dreams come true where she agrees to be locked inside a simulation chamber with the man of her choice for exactly one hour. Once inside, the chamber malfunctions, and the man starts splits into six different versions of the same man.

And each version seems to remember that he's in the chamber for one reason: to fulfill her every desire. Can she handle all six men trying to please her at once? Includes a gangbang, double penetration, oral, and anal in this 3,800 scorching tale.

Warning: This story contains explicit sex and is meant for adults only.


A pair of arms enclosed around her waist. Someone stood behind her, pulling Ryka against his broad shoulders. Ryka jumped and shrieked. She spun around in the muscular arms and came face to face with the man with brunette hair and olive skin. His dangerous eyes stared down at hers with a look akin to…hunger, and Ryka felt a nervousness fluttering around the pit of her stomach at the thought of the many ways he might choose to devour her.

Ryka opened her lips to speak, but he pressed a finger to her lips to stop her. Ryka’s heart smacked against her ribcage. Surely, he could feel it. The man withdrew his forefinger and rolled the pad of his thumb across her bottom lip. Suddenly, she felt fortunate for his other strong arm propping her up against his broad chest. Otherwise, she would have melted into a pool at his feet.

“You didn’t come here to talk,” he said. He leaned forward and their lips met. Ryka’s breathing grew ragged, and she leaned further into the man. Her hands stroked small circles on his chest, and she could feel his heart thumping through his tight shirt. A soft moan grazed her lips, and a deep blush stained Ryka’s cheeks. It had been years since she felt a man’s touch, and she didn’t want to seem too inexperienced. All thoughts that the man wasn’t real faded away, and Ryka found herself tumbling head first into the moment.

If the man noticed her nervousness, he didn’t react. He seemed more preoccupied with tugging the hem of her shirt out of her jeans and using his hot mouth to do delicious things to her earlobe. Ryka’s mouth opened in another small moan, and the man kissed her again, slipping his tongue inside.

He pulled away, and Ryka let out a small whimper. He pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bra. It slipped from his hands to the floor, and when he peeled away his own shirt from his bulging muscles, Ryka’s knees felt weak. His hands moved to his trousers, and he slowly unzipped them. Ryka’s heart pounded. The man hooked his thumbs in the loops on his back waistband, and Ryka saw his pronounced V-cut as he pulled his trousers down. Right before he revealed anything juicy, the power flicked off and plunged them into darkness.

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BN ID: 2940014856966
Publisher: Prudence Sinclaire
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Prudence Sinclaire, smut writer with heart of gold, likes to unwind at night through her writing after grueling days at the office. She writes across multiple genres: bdsm, bondage, m/m, fantasy, general, sensual, and more!

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