Behind the Little House

Behind the Little House

by David Penniman


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Poems from a father including those written in a nursing home.

Poetry found among father's belongings when entering a nursing home.

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ISBN-13: 9780595173648
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

Table of Contents

Advice to a Daughter1
The American Spirit2
Baby Dave4
The Big Family5
A Boy6
The Candle is Gone, but the Wick Still Burns7
Careful Driver8
Coed's Defense9
Cow's Head Through the Fence10
Crazy Business11
The Daily Enquirer12
A Dream--with Reservations13
Famous Clearings14
(Fashion Note-old Time Corsets Coming Back)15
Fickle Heredity16
The Flirt17
Florida Swamps18
Florida Tree19
Fountains of Gush20
The Future21
The Girl I've Never Seen22
Good Boss23
Has He Never Been Hungry?24
High School Fliver25
Him of Hate26
A Hiss for the Hero27
Hot Highway Vacation28
Ice Coated Trees29
Indefinite Objection30
Insatiable Man31
Jus' Add a Prop34
Just Looking on36
Let's Bypass the Pass37
Little Boy--Age Three38
Little Dave--Age Four39
Man Meditations40
Modern Wife's Plea43
My Error46
Mystery Ingredient47
A Negro Boy48
A Negro Shack49
Neighborly Interest50
Night Boat51
Obedient Husband52
The Old Doctor53
One Big Unhappy Family54
Pet Irk55
A Poached Egg on Toast56
The Prospector58
The River60
Roadside Signs61
Rule for Rule Making62
Sally's Face63
Sexious Advice65
Short Sayings from Sadly Parting Lovers Adapted to Everyday Living66
Sonnet of Motherhood67
Summer Afternoon in the Slums68
Summer Drive69
Summer Nausea70
Summer Sundown71
Summer Visitor72
The Thinkers73
To a Little Boy Eating Salted Peanuts74
To Put It Crud-Ely75
Trees in the Fall76
A Trot down the well Known Gamut77
Under an Old Cloud79
Weak Sister80
When Writing a Speech81
The Winnah83
Clash--Wire Wheels89
Fall Snow90

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Guest More than 1 year ago
William L. Penniman's poetry captures a man's forthright dialog with life's questions and realities. This gentle tribute to Penniman, his poems assembled and published by his children after his death in 1994 in a nursing home, shows a man interacting with daily life, eyes and ears and heart open. Penniman expresses his thoughts on what he sees and feels with humor, irony, humility, honesty, love, and irritation. A full spectrum is here, from literary to silly, from poems about marriage and children and pretty girls and summer heat, to social observations, portraits of a black lady's home or a country doctor, to annoyed thoughts on oscillating fans. The most precious part of this work, for me, is my sense that Penniman took time to question, feel, think, and write as he lived his 'normal' life. His art was a result of and a partner in his life. The clean, spare poetry reflects what must have been an honest, sometimes wistful, often joyfully ironic life philosophy, and a desire to interact through poetry without the studied complexities of 'Poetry'. We should never fail to write down such thoughts as they come to us, without regard to whether someone else has obviously thought them before and already claimed them. We must listen to that inner muse and let our voices be heard. Those words might some day provide the same joy as Mr. Penniman's work does.