Behind The Mask: The Story of Jane Seymour

Behind The Mask: The Story of Jane Seymour

by Angela Warwick


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History has always portrayed Jane Seymour as a shadowy, meek and obedient woman whose only effect on the troubled and dangerous world in which she lived was to quietly provide Henry VIII with his dearest wish and then obligingly fade away.
How did she, a woman with seemingly no personality and with few accomplishments beyond needlework and household management contrive to not only attract the world's most fearsome and powerful monarch, but also motivate him to rid himself of Anne Boleyn, the woman for whom he had sacrificed so much to marry only three short years before?
Although she is given little credit for anything other than her provision of England's heir, Jane Seymour was astute, intelligent and came from a highly ambitious family. She was as aspirational as her brothers and craved the power and influence which could only be attained as the wife of England's most powerful man. The fact that he already had a Queen did not deter her; she was focused, she was ruthless and she would let nothing stand in her way.
This is the story of Jane Seymour and her rise from obscure country gentlewoman to royal consort.

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