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Behind the Murder Curtain: Special Agent Bruce Sackman Hunts Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Our Veterans

Behind the Murder Curtain: Special Agent Bruce Sackman Hunts Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Our Veterans


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When Veterans Hospital patients on the road to recovery suddenly die in increasing numbers, it’s up to VA Special Agent in Charge Bruce Sackman to find out why. His shocking discovery rips open the hidden world of what goes on behind the bedside curtains when a killer doctor or nurse decides a patient must die.

Behind the Murder Curtain is the true story of Bruce Sackman, Special Agent in Charge of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. Sackman’s main responsibilities had been investigating white-collar crimes such as embezzlement when he is drawn into the macabre world of doctors and nurses who murder their patients. Sackman evolves from an investigator of routine cases to the world’s leading expert on Medical Serial Killers—MSKs—doctors and nurses who ply their evil trade hidden behind the privacy curtain at a patient’s bedside.

Behind the Murder Curtain tells how this dedicated investigator brought down four MSKs in Veterans Hospitals while developing the RED FLAGS PROTOCOL, which is now taught to investigators and forensic nurses throughout the world as a tool for stopping an MSK.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781682617144
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Bruce Sackman served as the Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Inspector General, Criminal Investigations Division, Northeast Field Office until May 2005 when he retired after 32 years’ service. In this capacity, he was responsible for all major criminal investigations involving the VA from West Virginia to Maine. During his tenure, he was involved in hundreds of investigations involving allegations of fraud, corruption, false claims, thefts, patient assaults, pharmaceutical drug diversions, and suspicious hospital deaths. He was also responsible for supervising the successful investigation of the nation’s first homicide conviction in connection with pharmaceutical research. His cases have been featured on the Discovery Health Channel, CNN, MSNBC, America’s Most Wanted, and on Home Box Office. He is the recipient of many awards for his investigations and for his efforts in encouraging the profession of forensic nursing. Sackman has lectured at several forensic-related conferences, state police organizations, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, universities, and medical related symposia.

Sackman is self-employed as a licensed private investigator in New York City specializing in healthcare-related matters. Under contract, he directs all major investigations for a major New York metropolitan regional healthcare system. He is president of the Society of Professional Investigators in New York City and serves on the board of directors of the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement.

Jerry Schmetterer is an award-winning print and broadcast journalist. Behind the Murder Curtain is his sixth nonfiction book. He is a former bureau chief and editor at the NY Daily News and managing editor at CNN and WPIX in New York. He served for 12 years as spokesman for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. He is past president of the NY Press Club and currently serves as a Trustee. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Emily.

Michael Vecchione is a former Chief of the Rackets Division of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, topping off a career of 40 years as a prosecutor. Behind the Murder Curtain is his third nonfiction book. He is a frequent contributor to true crime television productions as an expert on organized crime. He lives in Long Island City, NY, with his partner, Lenor Romano.

Table of Contents

Authors' Note xi

Foreword xiii

Prologue 1

Chapter 1 The Adventure Begins 3

Chapter 2 Double O Swango 6

Chapter 3 Buicks and Bad Guys 23

Chapter 4 The Monster Returns 30

Chapter 5 One of the Guys 37

Chapter 6 Nailed in Chicago 46

Chapter 7 Angels and Autopsies 53

Chapter 8 Africa 64

Chapter 9 Gilbert 74

Chapter 11 Ward C 91

Chapter 12 Icing on the Cake 97

Chapter 13 Trial of the Century 106

Chapter 14 Bruce's Angels 112

Chapter 15 The Red Flags Protocol 117

Chapter 16 The Hall of Shame 124

Chapter 17 Angel of Mercy…Not 132

Chapter 18 Deaf Ears 137

Chapter 19 New Evidence! 145

Chapter 20 What Makes Them Tick? 150

Chapter 21 The Survambulance 156

Chapter 22 Prosecution Declined 160

Chapter 23 Research Murder… 165

Chapter 24 Busted 176

Chapter 25 Legacy 183

Acknowledgments 189

About the Authors 191

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