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Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria

Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria

by Bethsheba Ashe
Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria

Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria

by Bethsheba Ashe


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Would you like to be able to read hidden messages in the Bible and other occult texts? Gematria is so much more than people think it is today. Real Gematria is not about cherry-picking numbers and comparing them to one other. Real Gematria (in the Bible) was a formal system of early mathematics. That means it had known rules and conventions, like our system of math does today. Gematria is a beautiful and ancient art that is a crucial key to biblical interpretation and occult symbolism. If you've ever wondered why Adam and Eve had to leave the garden of Eden? Or how Moses parted the red sea? Or whether the story of Elijah riding the fiery chariot to heaven was real? The answers are in the gematria. Behold: The Art and Practice of Gematria is the most advanced and thorough study of gematria ever published to date. It is at once a student handbook, a history, and an invaluable reference. Written by the creator of the Shematria Gematria Calculator, and referencing the latest professional scholarship, Behold includes everything you need to find and read hidden gematria messages for yourself. 300 pages • illustrated • full color

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781008923768
Publication date: 05/26/2021
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Bethsheba Ashe is the British creator of the Shematria Gematria Calculator and a member of the American Cryptogram Association. Bethsheba invented the world's first true dual logographic and alphabetical writing script, and says "Gematria is the keystone of Abrahamic religions". In her spare time, she enjoys photography, art, Skyrim, cats, and cups of tea.

Table of Contents

0. Preface 2
1. Introductio 24
What is Gematria? 24
Features of biblical gematria: 25
Learning the Hebrew Alephbet 29
Setting up your keyboards on android 30
Setting up your keyboards on windows 31
Prefixes and Suffixes 31
Prefixes and their meanings: 34
Suffixes and their meanings: 35
2. Writing Scripts 37
a. The Proto-Consonantal Script 38
b. The letters and their sources 41
c. Paleo-hebrew / Phoenician / Ktav Ivri 71
d. Modern Hebrew / Ktav Ashuri 72
e. The Galay Writing Script 73
3. Ciphers 79
a. The Genesis Order 79
b. Biblical Gematria 81
c. The Reversal Cipher 86
d. Greek Gematria 87
e. English Gematria 91
f. Cover Ciphers 93
g. Pseudo-Ciphers 95
4. Conventions of the Art of Gematria 98
a. Methodology 98
b. Conventions of Structure 107
c. Calculating Words 109
d. Mnemonic Words 114
e. Notariqon and Temurah 119
f. Flagwords 124
g. Alphabetic Acrostics 125
5. Gematria and the Hebrew Bible 131
a. Talmud & Hekhalot 133
b. Kabbalah 144
c. Gates 153
d. Sacred & secret 157
e. The Temple 161
f. The Holy Names 169
g. The Shemhamphorash 174
i. The Trees of Life 177
6. Gematria and the New Testament 188
7. Gematria and the Occult 200
a. Rosicrucians 201
b. Tradition 205
c. Elemental Weapons 215
d. The Tarot 219
e. Aleister Crowley 224
8. Exegesis with Gematria 236
a. Occult Exegesis 240
b. Biblical Exegesis 246
c. Christian Exegesis 255
9. Gematria Research 265
a. Textual Corruption 266
b. Programming Code 267
10. Numerology 269
Appendix 1. 278
Appendix 2. 280
Appendix 3. 282
Index 291
About the Author 297

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