Behold, He Said: Book Three Of The Messiah Trilogy

Behold, He Said: Book Three Of The Messiah Trilogy

by Tom Flynn

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To unravel a puzzle that imperils civilization, the Galaxy's only self-aware computer and its enigmatic human handler must be enticed to abandon their prison planet. Only Computer (yes, that's its name) can solve the puzzle: Why did all humans in the Galaxy, in one searing moment, get back all their missing socks?

Speaking of prisons, on the hell-world Bohrkk a mysterious energy spike destroys a sprawling punitorium. The only survivors: Mormon trideevangelist Alrue Latier, his plural wives, and a reluctant documentarian. To survive, they must con the native tribespeople they encounter on a breathtaking scale. (Latier doesn't mind.)

The missing-socks mystery opens the path toward unimaginably larger mysteries, touching even the domain of lint theory. As this tour de farce concludes, will the reclusive Computer and Alrue Latier, now a self-made dictator, recognize that they need each other … before a mushrooming cult inspired by twentieth-century priest-philosopher Teilhard de Chardin overwhelms their gimcrack scheme to save the Galaxy?

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ISBN-13: 9781771154352
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Tom Flynn is a secular humanist activist, author of the 1993 polemic The Trouble with Christmas, and the longtime editor of Free Inquiry magazine. He founded the newsletter Secular Humanist Bulletin and edited the 2007 reference work The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief. He is the author of three science-fiction novels: Messiah Games, Nothing Sacred, and Behold, He Said. Though some reviewers assume he’s an angry ex-Mormon, Flynn insists that no, he’s an angry ex-Catholic; everything he knows about the Mormon phenomenon he learned from books.Flynn lives in the Buffalo, New York, area with his wife Susan (which explains a lot about the name that keeps showing up in the dedications of his works).

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