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Behold The Eye by Veronica R Tabares, Tara Tabares

Ancient civilizations, mysterious legends, dream travel, and worlds beyond normal view all form the backdrop for this inspired and otherworldly exploration of love, friendship, and the magic of the dream world. Braumaru, the first book in the Behold the Eye trilogy, tells an enchanting and inspirational story that reaches beyond the familiar boundaries of ordinary imagination into an extraordinary realm where the impossible is possible and where anything can happen; and often does. Dream-like in its unfolding, vivid in its suspense, and thrilling in its action; this story is a passionate tale of hope and optimism. Ages 9 and up.

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ISBN-13: 9780981555706
Publisher: Sun Break Publishing
Publication date: 11/29/2009
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)
Age Range: 9 Years

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Behold The Eye 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Susan_Pettrone More than 1 year ago
In this second installment of three, the book opens with a librarian becoming increasingly concerned by not one, but two books which have disappeared from the library. As she ponders their disappearance, we find Vickie has safely arrived in the world of Micah and Shanti. Though at first, a bit confused, it doesn't take long for Vickie to acclimate herself to the different world around her, especially when Shanti and Micah promise to help her. Another new friend, Dafyyd, enters the scene and all four begin a journey to help Vickie return home. Throughout this book we find journal entries written not just to Vickie but to Roland as well. In this way his daughter is introduced to the reader. We're shown how concerned the journal writers become as the weeks go by and neither Roland nor Vickie can be found and the ways it effects their lives. The Journal entries to Vickie are written to her by her friends from home. The entries reflect their feelings of guilt, responsibility, and sadness because Vickie so mysteriously vanished. But they will not give up on her return. As each takes their turn writing, the journal entries aid the reader to understand the story within the story. It clearly shows Vickie's friends feelings regarding her disappearance. Adding the letters written by Roland's daughter, as well as one written by Vickie's mother, and the reader is shown a large part of the picture surrounding the disappearances and how the absences are affecting those left behind. Vickie soon realizes being in Cerulea, the land of the blue eyed, is more of a hazard to returning home than she originally thought. Not only do Cerulean's possess unique knowledge, but also are blessed with special gifts including telepathy. Although Shanti and Micah were prepared for Cerulea by successfully learning to block their thoughts, it takes Vickie longer to acquire that gift. She also learns that negative thoughts can be and are, transmitted to others to "hear." Vicki eventually learns to block out her negative thoughts. While adapting to life in Cerulea, Vicki must also deal with the arrival of Roland who still believes he is on his life long mission. Roland will stop at nothing to achieve what he believes is his royal birthright, which includes enticing Vickie to go with him. Roland promises Vicki he will take her to a place where she can travel home and though she had learned to use telepathy, she has no idea what plans Roland has in store. He believes Vickie holds the key to his destiny and will stop at nothing to achieve her help, even at the risk of danger to Vickie. Once again, Roland traps a girl with his devious ways as in the first book, Behold the Eye:Braumu, to gain what he feels is rightfully his, only this time it is Vickie. As the book ends, Vickie learns a startling fact about her absence from home, one that makes her more determined than ever to return and be with her family and friends! As much as I liked it's predecessor, Behold the Eye: Braumu, I enjoyed this book even more. It has excitement, other worldly gifts, another world to explore and finally, it even has the forces of good (The kids) vs evil (Roland). I would highly suggest this series for the reader in your life who enjoys a thriller but isn't quite up to reading some of the more adult suspense available today.
onyx9 More than 1 year ago
Coming of age in Braumaru was the time that each in the community found their gift, Micah Zomorah was the same. Not realizing that his dreams may have anything to do with his gift, at first he paid no attention to the dreams. Vicki and her friends (Karen, Cathy, and Tricia) wanted to make there mark in the world and decided on writing a book. Preferring it to be fact and not fiction, the girls set out to find ghosts and goblins. Realizing that maybe they had some special powers of dreaming, Vicki began focusing on that power. Micah had no idea at first that he was dream traveling and not just dream seeing. The whole time the girls and Micah are trying to figure out what is happening to them, there is another that is trying to find that very power to dream travel, with the hopes of traveling to a place - a parallel world - where they might have the power of a royal family. Book 1 ... Very interesting concept for a youth fiction book. The addition of the journal entry from a nearly extinct civilization as well as the large cast of characters from several different realms, the mystical, natural gifts that go along with the eye colors (premonition, telepathy and healing) gives a lot to keep track of for this first book of the series. I had a found the jumping back and forth between characters confusing at first, but after a time, and getting to know the characters better, it was easier to follow the progress of the story. Some of the transitions between characters were still a bit abrupt and seemingly out place but I did get used to it, although this may make it more difficult for some young readers to follow. While this story does answer some of it's own questions, it is a great lead in to the next book of the series, Behold the Eye: Cerulea.
AnnHauer More than 1 year ago
Behold the Eye: Braumaru is the first installment of three that are sure to satisfy the imagination of young readers and even adults. This would be a wonderful addition to any school library. The first half of this unfolding story begins with Micah Zomorah, a young boy of fifteen residing in another realm, reflecting on his anticipated day of becoming a "man". However, he is not truly considered a 'full-fledged' adult until he discovers his birth gift of power. Micah and his family are unaware however, that is birth gift has already arrived, as Micah is able to 'dream travel' on the night of his "Rite of Passage". We are introduced immediately to four girls; all of them are the closest of friends even though they have their little squabbles. Vickie is the one that decides to give the girls an adventure as the four are often so bored during lunchtime as they are at the age of being too old to play on the playground equipment and the physical games made them sweaty. They all agree to Vickie's idea and it is decided that the story will be based on fact, and it will be a book about a ghost story, as this is what they think will sell. Each girl seems to have her own unique talent that is explored to help with the story. One of the girls has the talent of seeing a 'shadow' that is truly Micah, as he is dreaming of these girls consistently. An 'evil' character comes into play in this story, as another lost 'dream traveling' girl is caught in the time with the four friends. He has this girl spy on them and tricks her by promising to help her return home. This man has her gain him pictures of an ancient lost book that contained inscriptions from his ancestor regarding how their home was lost, save only a select few. He uses these clues, as well as some family history to plot his way to get back to his home. By tricking one of the girls and having her fall deep into a coma, he also goes back on his word by locking his helper, the girl in a 'dream house'. Micah attempts to help the girl of his dream, only to find that 'Dream Traveling' can indeed be hazardous! Being an adult, I enjoyed this story very much as it was vivid and with the changing from Micah's world and the girls' world, it was not too hard to keep up with and it was a very interesting idea. The story starts out with a letter from Vickie to her local librarian regarding the book that I found to be fun and with humor well placed. Veronica truly captured the girls' attitudes and behaviors, meaning I liked the nice ones, and was not too fond of the mean ones, or had jealousy or bad intentions. It is full of suspense, imagination and action; without being overly frightening especially for a younger reader. I have the second installment in my hand and I am looking forward to it as this book left me hanging!
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Behold the Eye: Braumaru is a great fantasy novel for young readers. The main character, Vickie, is a 6th grade girl, making this book suitable for readers around that age. Vickie is an ambitious young student who is bored with everyday life; so she, with the help of her friends, sets out to write a book. Her friends aren't as eager about the opportunity as she is at first. She wants her book to be a bestseller, full of suspense and thrills but most of all; she wants it to be a true story. When this group of friends discovers another world, through Vickie's dreams, they get just what they need to write their story. Micah is a young boy living in the land of Braumaru, a world where all the inhabitants are blessed with special gifts. Micah, a 15 year old boy, has yet to find out what his gift will be. Micah and Vickie, and their two worlds, are linked through their dreams. A man named Roland, a janitor in Vickie's world, is determined to use their powers to gain access to the world of Braumaru, where his ancestors were kings. Roland believes he will be exalted in Braumaru, if he ever manages to get there. The story takes on many different points of view which draws the reader in. The chapter's alternate between the world of Braumaru and Vickie's world. This constant switch between the real world and the dream world entices one to continue rapidly turning the pages. All the characters, Micah, Vickie and Vickie's group of friends, are relatable to every kind of reader. Author Veronica R. Tabares clearly has a good idea of the 6th grade psyche as she writes convincingly from this point of view. This is definitely a great book for a young reader. The story is very original, captivating and fast paced; it is definitely well worth the read. Readers have more to look forward to with the publication of two sequels that continue Micah and Vickie's journey. Quill Says: Behold the Eye: Braumaru is an exciting fantasy story for younger readers.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Vickie dreams of writing a true-life best seller. Her quest to find something mysterious and fantastic to write about leads her to discover powers she didn't know she had. Micah lives in the land of Braumaru, where the people are blessed with gifts. At the age of fifteen, Micah has gone through the Rite of Passage and waits for his gift to be bestowed. Micah's and Vickie's worlds are brought together in their dreams. Unfortunately, they are not alone. A man named Roland is determined to use their powers to reach Braumaru, where his ancestors were kings and where he believes he will be welcomed and given his birthright. BRAUMARU, the first of the BEHOLD THE EYE SERIES, is told from many different points of view. The reader travels from one character to the other as the story fluctuates between dreams and reality. It's an enjoyable concept and an interesting read. Through dreams, adventures, and reality, Tabares takes the reader on a journey of discovery and surprise sure to be continued in book two, CERULEA.