Being Authentic: How To Be Authentic And Attract Positive People

Being Authentic: How To Be Authentic And Attract Positive People

by Patricia A Carlisle


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If you're an avid or even sometime reader of many of the personal growth and development resources available, you've probably come across the word "authenticity", but what does that really mean? What does it mean to "be authentic"?According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, authenticity means being real or genuine, not copied or false; being true and accurate.In other words, authenticity means not blindly following the crowd. It means not changing who you are just to fit in. It means really thinking for yourself about who you are, what's important to you and what you value. It's having a solid set of values for yourself that guide you and your decisions.It's appreciating your strengths and using them to advance both yourself and the people around you, both in your immediate circles and beyond, either directly or indirectly.It's admitting to yourself and accepting that you're not perfect and while also realizing that this shouldn't keep you from doing what you can.I'ts being open to uncovering those layers that may be holding you back. It's accepting every part of you, even the ones that you would like to improve, so that you start from a solid foundation of self-respect and love.It's believing in yourself and helping others do the same, in whatever area and way you are able.It's about being willing to take a chance and make mistakes. It's about stumbling along the way and then getting up and trying again and again.It's about taking personal responsibility for your life and the choices you make. It's admitting when you did something wrong and learning from the situation.It's keeping a long-term, big picture perspective and not just focusing on right now, even as you arrive to fully enjoy and live in the present moment, and much much more.

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About the Author

Patricia A. Carlisle, MSW, CBT
Patricia Carlisle- A Master Social Worker and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) gives out an expression of how important it is for an individual to take into consideration the concept of self-assessment to know what human, technical and conceptual skills they posses to perform or to achieve what they desire, or to deal with everyday life. However, every particular group of people has their own unique set of ideas, traditions and events including the frame of mind according to which people perform but there are many who faces problems and fail to maintain a healthy mind set affecting their behaviors and performance to those around them.
People like Patricia Carlisle are among those who have felt this urge of serving people and helping them out of their mental crisis towards a healthy life. She has experienced some close encounters in her personal life regarding mental health issues in her family and friends that has encouraged her to pursue this as her career.
Currently Patricia Carlisle is serving as a Certified On-Line Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with an extensive 15years of experience using Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Techniques. She envisions a world where everyone gets mental health treatment with no mental health stigma and to make it real she has already set up her own Holistic Measure Online Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare Company after retiring from The Nord Center in The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Dept for 5 years and Murtis H. Taylor Mental Health Center as a mental health counselor, psychological support technician and case manager for 10 years to emulsify her skills more professionally. Along with this, she has wrote down her passion as a clinician in 25 or more short books to help individuals and families get their life back, freeing them of the restraints of negative thinking, anxiety and depression by using different approaches. She is highly appreciated among her clients for her flexibility and professionalism of dealing with them graciously.
To reach her, make use of her direct website address: . As she is ready to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best online health care through comprehensive practice, education and research.

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