Being Hated: The Anatomy of Anti-Semitism

Being Hated: The Anatomy of Anti-Semitism

by Hooshang Meshkinpour M.D.


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Being Hated: The Anatomy of Anti-Semitism by Hooshang Meshkinpour M.D.

Being Hated is a book about the challenges Jews continue to face in their complicated relations with other human groups. The focus of the book is a systematic search into the history of the Jews and their plight with persecution.
Likewise, it explores what may have been uniquely different about Jews that have enticed so many people, for so long against them? Why, in most parts of the world, Jews are still viewed as strangers or guests in their homeland? Why states and other institutions of power have maintained special connections with "certain Jews" and they have often distinguished them from "Jewry" altogether? Is there a Jewish responsibility for this ocean of hatred? How worldwide Jewish communities have responded to these hostilities? And, finally, have Jews indeed addressed issues of anti-Semitism effectively so they may not haunt them again?
Among these pages, you will find the unvarnished views of many scholars on these topics and more.

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ISBN-13: 9781539038290
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/08/2017
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Hooshang Meshkinpour is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at University of California, Irvine. Having had further interest in the Jewish History, he has spent ample time researching and exploring the subject over the past the past twenty years. His scientific career in an academic environment has been indeed instrumental to entice him to pursue a rational, independent, and impartial look at the subject of anti-Semitism and other facets of the Jewish History. He has authored five books, has contributed eight book chapters and has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals on various biomedical and social topics.

Table of Contents

Preface xvii

Chapter 1 Group Theory of Prejudice

Human Groups 2

Categorization into Groups 5

Antagonism and Friction among Groups 9

Defining Anti-Semitism 13

Chapter 2 Jews as a Separate Entity

Separateness in Biblical Narratives 19

Separateness in Christendom 22

The Protestant Reformation and Separateness 25

The French Revolution and Separateness 27

Separate in Eastern Europe 29

Separate in the Lands of Islam 31

Chapter 3 The Dynamics of Anti-Semitism

Historical Dynamics

The Divisiveness of Religion 36

Social Dynamics 42

Jewish Population Density and Growth 43

Jewish Social Visibility 46

Economic Dynamics

Economic Exploitation 54

Class Struggle and Anti-Semitism 57

Economic Insecurity and Anti-Semitism 62

Psychological Dynamics 63

Chapter 4 Imaginary Anti-Semitic Ideations

Popular Anti-Judaic Imaginations 75

Imaginary Ideas and Jewish Stereotyping 81

Jews as a Convenient Scapegoat 86

Chapter 5 How People Learn to Hate Jews

Early Learning 93

Later Learning 97

Learning to Handle Conflict 99

Conformity 100

Permission for Social Entry into Another Group 104

Earned Reputation 105

A Philosophy of Life, Education and Tolerance 108

Other Avenues of Learning Hatred 112

Chapter 6 The Birth of Modern Anti-Semitism

Jews and the State: The Reconsidered

Emancipation 119

Wealth without Power 126

The Rise of Anti-Semitic Parties 138

The Jewish Conspiracy for "World Domination" 144

Chapter 7 Acting Out the Prejudice

Subtle Forms of Anti-Semitism 151

Introducing Jews as the sole Representatives of Financial Capitalism 152

Overstating Jewish Wealth 152

Exaggeration of the Jewish Role in the State Apparatus 154

Downplaying Jewish Suffering 157

Verbal Rejection: Anti-Locution and Foul Mouthing 158

Discrimination 161

Segregation 162

Forced Religious Conversion 166

Expulsion 172

Violence and Physical Attacks 174

Extermination 180

Chapter 8 The Remedies for Anti-Semitism

Tolerance 186

Teaching Tolerance 193

Desegregation 196

Intermarriage 199

Education and Tolerance 202

Liberalism and Tolerance 204

Legislation against Prejudice 205

Cultural Pluralism and Assimilation 211

Chapter 9 The End of Anti-Semitism

Eternal Anti-Semitism 215

The Jewish Traits of Victimization 224

The Myth of the Chosen People and Jewish Exceptionalism 240

The End of Anti-Semitism 249


List of Published Works Cited 253

Index 271

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