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Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment

Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment

5.0 8
by Ariel and Shya Kane, Shya Kane
Throughout time, stories have been used to teach, inspire, entertain and enlighten.

Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment is a collection of stories that will allow readers to transform their ability to experience living. We are all taught how to learn, analyze and improve, yet we have little training in how to simply be. Despite our many advances


Throughout time, stories have been used to teach, inspire, entertain and enlighten.

Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment is a collection of stories that will allow readers to transform their ability to experience living. We are all taught how to learn, analyze and improve, yet we have little training in how to simply be. Despite our many advances in technology, there is a gap in our ability to be satisfied, have peace and well-being in ourselves. Being Here uses stories to illustrate a new possibility for approaching life; one that produces well-being and satisfaction, where upsetting events - even death and loss - don't have to affect one's ability to have a brilliant life.

Touching and profound, the stories in Being Here form a practical guide to living a fulfilling life. They address such topics as forgiveness & compassion, following your heart, dissolving upsets and of course, the unlimited possibilities unleashed by Being Here.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Ariel and Shya Kane have done it again in producing yet another masterpiece. — Love in Santa Fe Magazine

Sincerely helpful....this book delivers. — New York Spirit Magazine

Library Journal

Another prescription for the good life and living in the moment comes from the Kanes (Working on Yourself Doesn't Work), who encourage readers to release problems through awareness. The couple offers a multitude of personal stories to help readers slow down, change course if necessary, and engage in life. A potentially useful chapter helps readers dissolve mechanical behaviors, such as eating when nervous or stockpiling "stuff." Readers are encouraged to have compassion for themselves, access the moment, and get up to speed by slowing down. Recommended for public libraries looking to update their inspirational sections.

—Deborah Bigelow

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Meet the Author

Since 1987, award-winning authors and acclaimed seminar leaders, Ariel & Shya Kane have inspired individuals and organizations across the globe, bringing people through the swamp of the mind, into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. Their transformational approach has a unique flavor that is designed for modern day circumstances and complexities while resonating with universal truths of the ages.

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Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
CherylBinnie More than 1 year ago
The magic you've been looking for Many of us would love to experience a little more magic in our lives. Our day-to-day routine turns into the "same old, same old," and every so often, we look up and think, "What am I doing with my life?" We'd like an extra helping of adventure, with a healthy dose of romance, and a dash of excitement, please!  Being Here is a book that can help you discover all of that magic -- and even more magic than you ever imagined possible -- in the life that you already have. Ariel and Shya Kane have a way of finding delight in seemingly ordinary, everyday experiences that will cause you to look at your own life from a new angle. The stories in this book are simple and delightful to read. . . but the shift in perspective they can give you is profound. You will begin to notice your own habits and patterns. You'll discover that having a sense of humor in tough situations isn't just a nice concept -- it is possible, and it can make your life effortless. Lately, it seems like the ideas of "being present" and "living in the moment" have turned into catch phrases and buzzwords. Most of us hear those phrases and think, "Yeah, I know what that is." Blogs, books, TV shows, podcasts. . . You can read and hear people talking about the idea of "living in the moment" just about anywhere. But I've never seen it approached quite the same way as the Kanes approach it. They take an age-old and much-talked-about-but-rarely-lived concept, and they make it easy, fun, and very possible. I've read this book a couple of times now. And every so often, I open it up to a random chapter for a quick pick-me-up. I always find that, when I look up from the pages and return to going about my own life, I notice details, sounds, and colors with more clarity and depth. I'm more aware of my emotional triggers. I have more compassion for the people around me. I'm present enough in my own simple, everyday experiences that I'm able to see the adventure, romance, excitement, and magic that already exists. Being Here is a lovely book. At first, you'll find it to be an easy and pleasant read. Later, you'll realize that it has touched you deeply and has transformed how you experience your own life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Having first read Being Here over two years ago, it has been a pleasure to pick it up again. Each chapter starts with a heading like “Forgiveness and Compassion", subjects I thought I understood, but in these pages, they are defined in a new and powerful ways. Instead of focusing on the person I feel I must forgive in order to unburden them, I now see how this act of compassion ultimately serves to lighten my own heart. Through real life stories artfully retold, the Kane's illustrate the importance of their living-in-the-moment strategies for life and happiness. These simple stories continually remind me how trans formative their work is and continues to be in my life, offering me the chance to see what’s right in front of me, enjoying the gift of life in every moment. It’s not complicated and does not require a PHD to understand how simple life can be. I suggest keeping this book handy so that you can read over and over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Practical and profound. This book shows, in a handful of real life stories, how the challenges in your life can disappear, all through your engagement in the current moment. It can be just as easy as it sounds, but it also takes practice, and for me, "Being Here" is practice. A real joy to read (and re-read)!
sharonklein More than 1 year ago
This book is enlightening, informative and fun.  I can relate to the stories.  Each time I read it its like an onion — peeling back the layers and getting more out of it each time.
pennymacleod More than 1 year ago
A wonderful book of short stories that you can dip into for inspiration on living your life with ease. I have two personal favourites. First, the story of how Ariel cleared her desk of clutter and found that as she did so, time lost its hold over her. Secondly, the story of how Ariel and Shya treasured their time with Shya’s dying mother, really listening to her, and how it was a special time of profound compassion and forgiveness. Each and every one of these stories has a practical bearing on how we can improve the quality of our lives.
jen_led More than 1 year ago
“Being Here” is a heartfelt, thoughtful collection of stories demostrating the ease of life with Transformation. Each story illustrates a before and after snap shot of the power of Transformation and how just living in the current moment of any given experience can bring amazing and wonderful fulfillment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago