Being in the Being: The Person You Were Born to Be-The Life You Were Born to Live

Being in the Being: The Person You Were Born to Be-The Life You Were Born to Live

by Ray Clarke


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ISBN-13: 9781482894165
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/09/2014
Pages: 164
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The Person You Were Born to Be—The Life You Were Born to Live

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Ray Clarke
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-2730-8

Chapter One


Have you ever been waiting in line to be served in a store with the line three deep and only one sales assistant serving, and the thought enters your mind to just walk out with the product and not pay if the sales assistant does not hurry up. Then a second thought appears in your head telling you not to be so impatient the sales assistant is trying their best, that such an act will have you in court, so wait your turn.

Afterwards, you recall how you were so tempted to walk out but your conscience would not let you. How many times has this happened with all sorts of scenarios where one side of your thoughts are selfish, indulgent, criminal, etc. only to be scolded and overruled by your "conscience".

Two thought patterns constantly deciding your behaviour on how you should act, for some they will respond to the first type of thought in the above example. For the majority, the response of the second thought is the one they live by on most occasions.

This book is about those two thought patterns that are making you the person, you are today, and that the person you were born to be requires the equal involvement of both those behavioural thoughts.

What I am proposing is a concept of two intelligence systems currently co-existing within you as it does in all humans, that determines the person you become as an adult.

One form exists solely in the frontal lobes of the brain, as part of your persona, your creative and imaginative skills that I named as "Ego". The other resides in every cell of your being in the form of an "intelligence energy" that is responsible for your well-being and survival that I named as "Instinct".

In today's society, there appears to be a countless number of writers producing books, TV programs, documentaries, etc. attempting to help guide or lead people through their life. The choices seem to be endless whether its diets, religion, science, self-help, life styles, exercises, etc. the list goes on.

Ultimately who or what is responsible for guiding each and every "being" through the art of life, where referring to the term "being" for me includes the universe itself and each galaxy, solar system, star, planet, animal, plant, etc. right down to the single element necessary for the formation of this universe to exist.

I believe the truth is that somehow "something" does guide each "being" through its cycle of life from the moment of its conception, that all the required information that is necessary for enabling the survival of each "being" is included as part of the DNA at the point of conception.

What I am asking you to consider is that in every physical live "being" is an "intelligence energy" that is guiding that being through its life cycle and that all live beings have a life cycle.

For example, the "being" planet earth is at some point in its life cycle and the "inner being" or intelligence energy that is guiding planet earth is at some point. However, not necessarily at the same point, because once the planet has been through the lesson of death then the inner being in the beings task is complete and that intelligence energy will return to its origin.

In the case of planet earth, that origin is its solar system, but this now lifeless being will still be under the control of the intelligence energy of the solar system to enable the being that is the solar system to continue to function until its death. This one up path would be equally true for the cycle of the intelligence energy of any being that has ever existed.

Looking at the above example in the case of humans, the explanations in the following chapters will provide that life cycle detail. However at this point I am asking you to accept that humans also have in their DNA at conception the intelligence energy that provides them with all their functionalities, skills and talents to guide them through life.

With this in mind, in the lives of many people their lives have not been as fulfilling as other people are in their life, pondering those age-old questions and searching for the answers to understand the reason for their existence. Questions such as why am I here, what is my purpose in life, how does my life fit in, etc.

For some, those answers came to them at an early age and their life path has been quite clear, while for others it may take years and for some most of their life before the answer presents itself, if at all.

If you are waiting for, or depending on any form of outside help or guidance providing assistance to lead you through your life, then you could have a long and disappointing wait and find that when nearing the end of your time on earth to be still asking, "For what reason was I here".

I am here to tell you the answers to those questions have existed within you all this time but because you have been waiting for someone or something to provide the answers that you have missed, the opportunity to know what is possible. That in fact, the answers involve participation and achievements by no one other than you, that you possess all the skills necessary to ensure you achieve it, and that it is available to each of us.

For me, the concept that there is nothing controlling my life has ever been one that I have really contemplated, probably for the same reason as many other people, in that I do not feel that I am ever alone.

When I was younger whenever I would reflect on how my life was panning out to that point, I assumed that it had little to do with the decisions I had made. The idea of guardian angels guiding me seemed appropriate whenever I considered how fortunate I had been with the outcomes in my life.

However, once I recognised that even from an early age where I was the one responsible for the choice about any important directions my life had taken, providing there was a choice I was the one who had made that choice, and if I had to choose again, I would still make those same choices.

Many of the opportunities life has presented to me were not something I had specifically planned before the situation presented itself, and then my conscience selected it as the right choice to follow although my ego thoughts did not always agree as it had already made other plans.

I am suggesting here, there is a specific life path existing within you and one you should attempt to make a reality, especially if you are currently living in doubt about your life and peace of mind with any of the decisions made to date. Particularly those decisions that you made as your personal life choice that you feel is not providing you with the opportunity of being the person you would like to be, or living the life that you would like to live.

This will be a new life experience within the concept of your current lifestyle, without having to comprise any existing convictions and making your life that more interesting in the process. Once you start living the aims of the concept of the being in the being that I am proposing, I am confident you will see improvements and more contentment in many aspects of your life.

The first of my aims in this book is to assist you to understand the concepts that directed me on the path of the being in the being. The other is to assist you to recognise the possibility where redirecting your life will enable you to join me on that path.

I hope that this new path will be your preference once you have read my thoughts, which of course has now become my life preference because in reality we only live for a miniscule amount of time in the real scheme of things. That miniscule time is still your time and you can achieve the most fruitful life, a life that is available to each one of us, without causing interference or harm to this planet or any other being that exists on it while you are here.

My intention is to show that you and only you create that fruitful life through being the person you were born to be. Moreover, that it is the "intelligence systems" existing within you that is in fact the only true guidance factor available. The true-life path that will lead you in the right direction for any successful results you achieve in being that person during your lifetime.

Writing down the thoughts that you currently have on each of the topics, for comparison with your thoughts later in the book will assist to clarify if there is evidence of a need to redirect or adjust any of your current behaviour patterns.

Chapter Two


Before you can take the journey for tomorrow, you need to be aware of the journey responsible for which you are today. For who you are today was influenced by the acceptance of the behaviour by humankind to date that developed your behaviour and thought patterns, albeit unknowingly. As I moved into adulthood I tended to focus mostly on what life had to offer me, this all changed when my children came into my life and I felt it necessary to have the answers that provided them with every opportunity to become the best person they could be.

I began searching to understand what makes humans tick, why there are differences in people's behaviors and why some cannot achieve the ambitions they have for themselves. There had to be a connection between all beings that allowed them to behave as individuals while being a part of the whole, a common thread that was present for the entire life cycle of each being.

With that common thread idea in my mind, I decided to start at the beginning by reviewing human evolution concepts to help understand human behaviour development.

Defining how human behaviour evolved on the planet has involved scientific and theology experts who have provided different theories that with respect to science and religion will remain theories. For there is no way to prove either's theories and I want to make it clear that my aim is not to change any person's beliefs, ideas or convictions on such matters for they are your personal beliefs and no one has the right to change those ideals.

Religious explanations for the creation of the universe and humans in many races stemmed from a time when people knew little about the complexity of the universe or of life, and the non-existence of freedom of speech in those times meant people either accepted or forced to accept those religious explanations.

To maintain power over the masses the leaders of the lands outlawed doubting questions as evil, especially those doubting views of the leaders, claiming the perpetrators were possessed. This in itself affected the behavioural characteristics in humans afraid to question any of the principles of the laws set by their religious leaders. Thus, the behavioural mode became compliance by fear of death, forcing people's Instinct to focus mostly on survival allowing Egos' negative thoughts to flourish.

With the advent of education and the creation of democracy, for those believing religious concepts to be too simplistic, decided that the answers for the creation of the universe and humans lay in astronomy, the introduction of scientific reasoning led to the concept of the "big bang theory". This big bang created an infinite system with everything in balance and in control.

Religious followers found it difficult to accept the scientific reasoning for every "being" that has been created was due to the result of an unexplainable incident or accident.

Especially difficult to accept, was from that one incident or accident also enabled the creation of a planet with the conditions necessary for the biological miracle of life to occur. Living beings that required such intricate, interconnected systems to enable them to function, that humankind to this day does not completely comprehend resulting in humans evolving as planet earths' supreme individual?

Science theorised that each person had no connections to anything outside itself or guiding forces controlling their life. These theories enabled many people to turn away from the fear of religious repercussions creating a new direction for human behaviour patterns.

As part of science's theory concerning human evolution effecting whom we are today, Science want people to accept that human evolution originated via primates in Africa and then walked out to all parts of the planet.

Some questions remain without valid answers:

Why do those primate species that humans supposedly evolved from still exist in Africa? Why did they not evolve?

Did the ancestors of the primate species existing in many other countries that did not evolve into human beings also walk out of Africa?

Why is it that every other animal species was able to develop in the regions that they are in today?

How did the descendents of those that walked out of Africa once reaching their preferred region to reside in, develop specific skin colouring and facial features, different from the people that chose other regions?

To be fair, some religions also suggested that human beings originated from one source without explaining how the different races evolved.

For me, it seems a much more conceivable theory that primates and Homo sapiens have always existed as separate species. Moreover, that both species though similar in design had evolutionary paths of their own in the regions that each appears to have developed.

The question I ask is that because there are mountains with evidence of fossilized sea life indicating these mountains was once seabed. Thus, the seabed must once have been mountains. Therefore, is the best chance to discover information on human evolution by concentrating under the seas, not outer space?

Perhaps we could learn far more about ourselves if we found a way to search in that direction, rather than through the presumptuous ego controlled minds of humans theorising explanations for the formation of the universe or the creation of life, to me a task beyond the capacity of any human being regardless of their intelligence level.

There was another theory for those who refused to accept the ideas of human origins beginning on this planet, preferring to believe they were the descendants from another planet somewhere in the universe to support their belief in aliens. A supporting argument believing certain humans to be of another planet would be feasible to consider if we acknowledge there are people whose behaviors are alien to our instinct intelligence.

Since the keeping of records, there are those who have never been satisfied with other races living within their cultures and beliefs. Instead, greedily pillaged and plundered from country to country and savagely forced the people to accept the customs and beliefs of their attacker, often in the case of religion, beliefs stolen from a previously conquered race, and then claimed as their own.

In modern times, people responsible for the destruction of the rainforests, the pollution levels, the elimination of complete species of animals and plantation need to be included in this category.

Still, people need to make choices for answers to give them peace of mind, and people having deep convictions regarding any one of the above ideologies or any others for that matter will find it difficult if not impossible to alter their views and that is O.K. there is no need to alter those views.

Questions concerning the universe and life on the planet will probably be never ending, and science will continue to develop theories for study, and refuted by religious groups, you or I but realistically ever agreed.

To me we should look upon the continuous development of the human brain, as one of nature's mistakes. To this day, the ego intelligence level of the human brain continues to expand enabling them to increase their survival rates to levels resulting in populations reaching plague proportions.

The earth's capacity and/or human incapability to continue to provide the food supplies to sustain the existence of so many humans is now becoming apparent, that the environmental damage we are creating will greatly affect the ability to produce those quantities.

Humankind's current behaviour with greed for money and power over each other with little regard to date for the environmental results that are effecting and altering the planets' surface if allowed continuing, will certainly reduce and sadly in many cases eliminate many of the life forms that exist on this planet today.

To date there has been no acceptance of this mistake by the collective ego of humankind in fact for many they see all other animals and plants as provision for their existence to supply food, dwellings, clothing or entertainment.

A more urgent focus should be on the acceptance that we are restricted to this planet and that we do need to be directing our attention to resolving:

Firstly, the human plague developing on our planet today that will see the population probably triple over the next 100 years if left to continue its current course.

Secondly, how we will overcome managing the limited resources that are able to exist on the planet that will sustain all life, and not just for humans.

Thirdly, bringing under control the effects of climate change and pollution overall that is destroying the planet's resources that sustain life.


Excerpted from BEING IN THE BEING by RAY CLARKE Copyright © 2012 by Ray Clarke. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Concept....................1
Chapter 2: Journey in Human Behaviour....................7
Chapter 3: Defining Intelligence Energies....................15
Chapter 4: Understanding the Intelligence Energy....................19
Two Thought Patterns....................33
Chapter 5: Instinct Characteristics....................35
The Sixth Sense....................37
The Genes....................49
Chapter 6: Ego Characteristics....................55
Negative Ego Behaviour....................57
Thoughts for Change....................63
Ego Misconceptions....................67
Ego Anomalies....................72
The Person You Were Born To Be....................85
Issues for Instinct....................88
Issues for Ego....................90
Stage 1....................97
Chapter 7: Raising Instinct Profile....................99
Chapter 8: Instinct and your health....................105
Chapter 9: Ego with Other Beings....................109
Chapter 10: Your True Character....................113
Stage 2....................119
Chapter 11: Doing what you were born to do....................121
Step 1: Getting Started....................122
Step 2: Career Selection....................123
Step 3: Plan Development....................126
Step 4: Time Management....................127
Step 5: Implementation....................130
Chapter 12....................141
The Closing....................147

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