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Bejeweled Poetry IV: Before

Bejeweled Poetry IV: Before

by M. Jewel H.


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Before everything, endeavor to venture into the heart's fondest memories and be reminded of resounding strength. The beauty of reminiscing beyond realms is a reality in this prose. Be reminded of elegant encounters and preexisting connections. Contemplating what is to come develops by first understanding the intricacies of events Before.

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ISBN-13: 9781490744711
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 09/23/2014
Pages: 70
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Bejeweled Poetry IV


By M. Jewel H.

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 M. Jewel H.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-4471-1



Knew Before
Known now
Exceptional premonition allows
Remembrance and clearance adherence to order
Only to nonconformity
Metallic readiness sharper than two edges
Pages predicting
Next already regal
Text determining
Duress to the details
A token gesture belies an overt act
Hand now the most engaging future
It is back
From suitor
Pursuits of the past
Presently knew


Transcribing in to immortality the essence of all things
beneficial for generational transcendence creation resemblance
of victory tragedy imaginary categories providing amply
institutional knowledge colleges don't accept
Directed initially through channels of memory ocular
third centered forehead beginning thought
Clearance of repetitions distinctions only mentioned
retained in dominant genetics factors of passing souls
Aptitude of transmission genius quantifiable
only through examinations of old
Habitations unfold when expressions unhampered
mold into the original score from divisions.
Combinations of pertinent features make permanent
teachers of ancestry and idolatry bold
Beauty restored from beauty underscored after intimidation
and discrimination poured out self doubt
Assurance breaks through definition inside you not
by race or by face or impromptu popularity
By to whom
We are nothing without


Remembering the time
Remembering when mine
The chain of hearts broken

Recalling the legend
Recalling the session
Freed from need in present

Reliving the year
Reliving the seared
Draping from infernal heat

Reminiscing of encounters
Reminiscing of sounders
In skies visible the audible sweet


Remembering when mine
Endearing to find
Etchings on ancient stones
Forgiving the unbearable time


Portal to dimension created wholly for the
service of Excellency Oh revered
Centered in the emblems craftsmanship everlasting
attached through soldiering come
Most faint those acquainted drift farther move
further daughter powered allow her ingress
Astronomy purposefully placed vacant space in galaxies for stars egress
Need this impeded only to uncontrollably inhabit by few
Resolute courage
Entrance contenders defended under the moon's valley

This portal shouldered mythologically parallel ordered
masterpieces released delicately to attest the best of all time

Back to Start

Right back to where it started from
Saw the indentations
Started to run
To trace the path known where begun
The first spot that called home
Here not done
Not to regress
Not to retreat
To go back in time
Brought the future to meet the past
To claim at last
The impetus given
To the redress and excess currently living
To the long lost nearly forgot
Look at this now
The past disposition to the future allowed now
To be
Timeline apparently
This forward progression an indication
That the birthplace beheld
The being beyond imagination


Pay homage daily
Peremptory challenges made me
More concerned more aware more thankfully
Positioned to give thanks
The palms of my hands turn up
Reach outward
Clasp each other
Sun up
Sun down
Raise up
Kneel down
Speak out
Look in
Live up
To the belief in me.
In me
A glimmer
Of the maker
A creator
Is in
The days
Blessings are in the praise


Gunfighter drop down your weapon
Umpire knock off your guard
Call not
Fall off that ammunition
Remove that mask that task so hard
Warmonger don't hunger that battlefield
Drones don't own their targets
Runners reprieve is that they see the finish line and the farthest
Goals reached
Dictators don't teach
They speak to one highway roads
Guerilla rebels cause them trouble
Running jungles through paths they mask
Get right
Don't fight in the manner that won't set free
Violence never solved a problem known without casualty
Peacefully resistance, civil disobedience
Revolutionary changed the globe
Institutionally armed to aim
Inexcusably now Still learn
Ghandi, King
The movement the dream
The unrest educating the same
The poor in spirit
broke in hope
What wealthy trust will lend
Better that the blessed bring in abundance and give

New life and meaning
New visions seeing
Revisions to the way
Just because poverty of the purpose hurt some
Another is alive today
With enough faith to still sing of freedom
In a place unaware of slaves
Rise up the time up we need them
So be them

Lift It Up

It's a lonely walk
Fighting the good fight
It's a contested talk
Speaking to wrong right
It's an uphill battle
Making innocent voices heard
When standing up for the cast aside challenges
and damages are incurred
There is tribulation advocating for the best interest of the child
There are trials and trepidation on a journey lasting miles
To justice
To peace
To better society
To community at least
Priority is to stay within the ring all the while
To stay within the word
To accomplish anything
That's right
Can't keep silence
Can't keep bowed
Can't keep intolerance
Must allow
Triumph only evident
Prevalent something
Enemy's unfortunate victories when the virtuous do nothing
Long and desolate road at times find still alone carry the load
Of this cross
Its light and burden is easy
For right am hurting
But the bearers they need to lift it up


Apprentice won't you listen to the righteous call
When you study the world won't you know and
go with all of your dreams in tow
How will you know potential then?
Where will you find motivation for aspirations within?
So true all you will ever do at imagination begin
Protect the opening of your mind with the Guardians of all wins
Its true the inception of all things and all ends
Presents within the gates of the minds gauntlet keeping in, or letting out
The interval that breathes or takes the life
Right out of the idea
Don't slay the thoughts with knife
Don't change the hopes of right
Don't maim the hearts insight
When presented in the passageway of all purpose believe the hype!
Vaporized in the night are a many wondrous dreams,
Cures, innovations, exclamations
Don't destroy with beams of doubt
Carry out and let through gauntlet pass
Apprentice as you answer others
Belief in your own boundlessness I ask


It could take a lifetime to build it and one moment to end
Its could take a lifetime to find and one moment to begin
It could take a moment to create and a lifetime to depend
It could take a lifetime to prepare and one moment to win
It could take one moment to question and a lifetime to defend
It could take a lifetime of struggle but a moment to end

Clear Tears

Clear tears roll down the faces of all colors
They don't discriminate
We are all sisters and brothers
We all come from mothers we all hunger and thirst
We all let loose laughter and hold inside hurts
Clear tears roll down to places below
Sometimes fears or joys, sometimes sorrow
Or longing to be near another
To others don't look askance from the trace
The tears are clear so that still the face
Appears unmasked
To sisters and brothers
And lovers
They don't hide the expression
And they don't discriminate
Transparency a remedy to eradicate hate
Emotion a bond to inculcate
Unity breathing
Clear tears create
Human beings


Not any colder than any other day of winter
The ice causes no harm
Not any more shocking than any other day of thunder
Striking not startling the storm
Not any more painful than any other rainy day
It drops just watched the norm
Not any more surprising than any other Sun rising

For today
I've already been warned

And I'm armed

With peace


Can't let it slip by
Must let it get through
The eyelet
Have you heard of it?
Have you learned of it?
To stitch
To add
To incorporate all that
To mend
To have
To know
Thread it
Let it
Slip not by
Get not by
Through the eyelet
Narrow and fine let it whisk
Through the diameter slim
At the clothier request
Hemmed up attest
Sewn up with threads best imagine
Unlikely to unravel
When the threaded needle is handled
By hands of grace
Will stay
In fashion and trend

Pray for Rain

Pray for rain
Pray for rain
Pray for rain
May it fall
Washing all away
Pray for rain
Pray for rain
Pray for rain
May a downpour
Pour down and stay
Pray for rain
Pray for rain
Pray for rain
May a deluge come
And clear from skies grey
Pray for rain for the rain to come and follow
From rain chasing the sun evaporates to a triple Rainbow


Imitation served up its greatest purpose worship
By implementation of a compliment
In a small sphere of influence found
confrontation with the mocked reveals
Adoration only solely idolized unknowingly trivialized all manner
of commentary to likeness of the adversary actually adored
Repeating the very decoration the eavesdropper responded to in
preparation to exactly mimic the separating factors now restored
Revealed indeed was poured mirror images of
more when originality got bored
Inspire the awe
Amass the compliments
Imitation ignored


The memory of heroes lives on forever but legends never die
The great ones die young and the brave ones never
The faithful are friendly and the wounded are wise
The hateful are not prudent and the shameful break ties
The righteous are bold as lions while the wicked lies hide
The honest speak of justice and peace the
blacker the berry the juice more sweet
Long told well known many speak
Vastly unknown are the treasures ledgers keep in the
covenants of loves dreams under lock and key
Until now


Just an expression of gratitude
Sincere resounding thanks
A tremendous gesture of appreciation
For everyone
Who hates
So gracious is my subjection
So earnest is my acceptance
In quietude solemnity and innocence receive berating and rejection

Thank you

It multiplies my thoughts

Thank you
My creativity soars
Thank you
It reaches the depths of my being
And reveals the best of me and more
Thank yous
For the unfairness
Thank you for harshness bitter blasts
I thank you
For all that you have ignored or assailed and underestimated
I have
The resin of the innermost growth
It leaked out
Then spilled
Then performed the will

Of its architect
And seeped out
Better from the universe
Rippling bending folds
Breached the peace that many need
You demonstrated hate
And I broke ranks and told:

Thank You in many ways
Thank you in acts I do
Thank you I react and also say sweetly I acknowledge you
For your contribution has been my solution
Your gift to wish me ill
Has made me well now I can tell and healthy
happy congratulations it's true
I'm better
For your worst
I'm wiser for the demise
That you wished it is my gift
I didn't die but like Maya rise

As a token of my appreciation you may have freely this:
Credit for two of my netted millions of favor
Positive motivation from your negative two cents

I turned worthless commentary into documentary
and careless foreshadows of doom
Into inspiration flipped it from intimidation
with commendation to fill a room
From guts to glory from pain to story to worthy brilliance from gloom
I can't say enough how wonderful is just the manifestation to say
Thank You
and to any of hate
I love you

Just Love

Love Just Love
Nothing to lose but love
Not had
So Just love, Love
With all that you have
To love and know love
To love be attached
In your heart
To all parts
That you can grasp
And just love
To love is to serve the purpose of love
Is the Love of the word
Of love
Love in all trust
Love you must


Work in progress
Its obvious need
Refinement in what's meant and investment in good deeds
More shaping and creating a much better to be
Assistance is necessary
Consideration for others
All that is seen
Is rough
Not enough
Improvement on docket
Renovations on schedule and orders in pocket,
Please don't give up
Entrenched in these coals is a
Diamond in the rough

To Wander

I don't unpack my suitcase
I never unpack my bags
I stay zipped ready to ship
It's just something that I have to do
Stay on the move take all my shoes for walking miles for
distance globes for making my soles pleased to smile
Elevation transportation fare to round the earth air
spaces land staircases paths traces suitcases earn
Stamps in passports and maps of tubes
Languages and ranges of historical views
I pack
and that
Keeps satchel ready
Have the essentials to equip for a long steady
Employed all manner of transition Aviation
Rail, road or bus
Embarked on a mission sail
Soar circulate is a must
There is no where or one I'm tied down to
To Wander I lust

Make Way

Make way the crier required to make the masses move
Through the square past the bazaar to the alter to the true


Crier require masses move
Out the way the parade today empires
Passage through



Crowns in hearts


Crier required sidebars to step aside bystanders to permit the ride to do

The will

On scroll

The quill tip



The pronouncement

The message

Pure Gold


Make Way


Don't disturb this flow
The persistence bellows
From reminiscent echoes
Well deep
Unchanged sleep
Arraigned keeps funneling
Tunneling through those
That bronchial capacity can swell to relieve
exhale to perceive inhale the moment
Consequentially all essential aspects are proponents
To the record
Undetermined yet
Certain still
Unchallenged undefeated will continue to release
Adherence to the will
Of gifts
Letters lift and send
Don't disturb this flow
This prose will go on
Live on
Give on
Without end


Excerpted from Bejeweled Poetry IV by M. Jewel H.. Copyright © 2014 M. Jewel H.. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Before, 1,
Transcribing, 2,
Reminiscent, 3,
Portal, 4,
Back to Start, 5,
Daily, 6,
Peace, 7,
Lift It Up, 9,
Apprentice, 10,
Forgiveness, 11,
Clear Tears, 12,
Warned, 13,
Eyelet, 14,
Pray for Rain, 15,
Imitation, 16,
Known, 17,
Gratitude, 18,
Just Love, 21,
Renovations, 22,
To Wander, 23,
Make Way, 24,
Flow, 26,
Hither, 27,
Chai, 28,
Words, 29,
Temple, 30,
R.S.V.P., 31,
For You, 33,
The One, 34,
Arch, 35,
Sun Crush, 36,
Shadow Cast, 38,
Chained, 39,
Sensitive, 40,
Pendulum, 41,
The Other Side, 42,
Out of the Sky, 43,
Independence, 44,
In the Wind, 45,
Company, 46,
Psalms 2000, 47,
Instrument, 48,
Well Told, 49,
At the Loom, 50,
Ages, 51,
Fire Fly, 52,
Excitement, 53,
Start To Breathe, 54,
Court Report, 55,
Closing, 56,
Waiting, 57,
Find Me, 58,
Before You, 60,
Remember the Time, 61,
Thank You, 62,

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