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Bejeweled Poetry V: Alive

Bejeweled Poetry V: Alive

by M. Jewel H.


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Live with enchanting and energizing poetic vibes in “Bejeweled Poetry V Alive” by award-winning author M. Jewel H. The desired 5th entry to a rhythmic series that began as a recommended “must read” with the first publication. Adventure along the infinite possibilities of verse to embrace life and enduring love with Bejeweled Poetry V Alive.

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ISBN-13: 9781490769103
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/23/2016
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.18(d)

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Bejeweled Poetry V


By M. Jewel H.

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2016 Melanie Howard
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-6910-3



Exceptional requisition to make the decision to achieve
ALIVE to live and to be
Especially transitioning from the earliest to complete
Everything imaginable
Anything received
Th e additions to establish an elite
Proposition stands
Opportunity greets
Honesty treats confusion with kindness to speak
Volumes and alms
At last collapsed weak
For the strong to guide
Right and the obstacles peak to mount
Alive inside
Live inside out

All that I Have

All that I have
Humbly submitted
Open plain
In confidence
The confidential nature
Will remain as such
To be everything
And sustain
All energy, burdens, worries, pain, empathy, ecstasy, expectancy, gain
Through compassion
And passion
When drained of all efforts
To simply
Be renewed once again
Press forward
and acknowledge
In every act
Th e potential
Although minuscule
Possesses the power
To change


On all there are etchings on the linens of our souls
Writings on the ridges of our hearts
That remind of us old
Eternal love
Placed there embraced there before
Upon eardrums beat rhythms of syllables of being adored
In purest form
And when adorned by present torn remnants remind
Of the greetings we gathered throughout all of time
Saying you're mine.
So when we feel it we know
When we hear it repetitions come loudly and slow
When we see it we stare we remember we go
To the depths of our memory as a prayer being thrown directly
To the target swiftly befall every kindness at the feet
When we know heaven is real by the angels we meet on earth

Seize the Day

Seize the day
Please today make manifest
The dreams in the depths and wilfull interests let
Agree with the presence of the unseen to atest to the
physical and materialize the reasons at best
We live
To give the future progress
Weak moments remember each minute digresses
or propels the beauty of desires cherished
Just waiting debating the courage to profess
Their love to the life
The possibilities the change
Inlaid momentum to decisively rage
into being
Seizing the day once prayed for
Is within the realm of power and what we were made for.


The Sun Rise
Five colors as chords
In unison
By each fingertip
This new day
Each tier an array
Of the maestro
And generosity
Of loving ways
Listen to each of the five colors
Watching the Sun Rise
And Shine

Attendees at the concerto
All of creation
Attentive orchestral entities
To maestro enunciations
The masterpiece symphonic endlessly
Give rise to all
Synchronize the harmony of hearts
With Sound displayed breaks down walls
In Five Colors
Sun Rise


Undeniable growth
Proliferated in season
Unexpected yet welcomed
Unpredicted yet needed
Overflowing runneth
Overwhelming nourish
In abundance poured out summoned beckoned to
Abundant garden lavish
Sprawling lush and green
Majestic billowing skies overprotect the burgeoning glistening dream
Dew of the morning
Web of the night
Edges of the sharpening noon refract the changing light
in surges
Worthy of care attention delight
Discourage containment and restraints
Flourish in this life


Transforms my somewhere to something that's everything
Love is a destination love is a welcoming
That embrace that chance to be face to face renovates
the interior and exterior of any place
To a mansion a palace an atlas so humble directs a world of
euphoria from a mapping that's bundled in your arms
The charm of might that is peace
The arms of strength most gentle release the panacea
Thankful all is now well
Heaven was healing
Seven years of hell
To harmony Godly
Grateful I tell
Incredible transcribing
The author enveloped propels
A message of hope unbottled uncorked
When approached by the untraveled went right at the fork
And the destination transformation occurred by you
Arriving and the timing of the love of us two
Into one
The one
All glory be
To the highest
That manifests
The changes that we
Become more like our maker
Arriving somewhere to something that's everything
The creator.

Eye the Future

Aware in those eyes
I see something familiar
I remember in my third
Eye I've seen the likes of before
Somewhere in my dream
And reality indicates
The ocular inundated
Comes with insurance protected and bonded
That I looked into those eyes before mirroring
that soul responded to my vision Before
Wanting to know more has impressed and improved from the last
Presently has taken a step forward and farther
Than the past
To be seen in my future


Surely it will reconfigure the body and annihilate
previous thoughts of the mind why
A few stars may fall out of the sky mistaking
heaven for you and I together, try
To be more like peace, loving all humanity and mankind I
Sacrifice for love to live and not let die
The dreams of being one with ultimately the highest
with no safety net the best of me is elevated and inundated by
Recognizing the divine in all things
And in all things being recognized
Serve, love, give, purify, meditate

Good Things

As Summer
all good things
Do they come to an end?
Keeping hot
When a cold front comes in
Or not
Will the flowers keep
Petals dry and fall
Recoup anything
When input is all
Grasp it
whatever lasts
As the last spark of the last beam of the last ray of the last day
of the Summer until it seems perpetual to the individual one
at least and if two do share there will be heat of the sun
Is it done?
Will it come?
Will it pass?
Do good things come to an end or to those who wait
I ask

Say Good Morning

Need not say "good morning"
The sun rose and blessed and kissed
delicately all over me with rays of golden bliss
Trickled in the open window atmospheric blue
Transpired with the desire only
To shine a light incredibly bright to awaken all to do
From slumber in the morning through
Renaming it "The rejoicing"
Nothing to mourn when prismatic beams adorn
A presence in the annointing

Say Goodnite

Fine don't say goodnite
The stars of heaven shine appropriately bright
On a mission
The earth totally
Supports a purpose
And the words least needed are worthless
It is
Global positioning spins
Away detractors from reactors a catalyst
to always
Officiate salutations
Many men may not be right since in a world some girl
gives and lives and is the good of this night
Not spoken by you
Words few and far between
Need not hear goodnite from lips
God tips good nites in stars and sweet dreams

Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in disguise find out
Messing with the few
That knew
No understanding of the commanding order
into which cometh this who
teacheth manner of all things
Scribe alive right at the side unacknowledged still will do
The important task of asking the supportive leads that shape
Response significant enough to bow the muscle at the nape
to submission.
Wishing there in point would stay
Knowing in opposite direction going
This one far away
Was a blessing in disguise
Some for a moment some for a lifetime some for just a lesson realize
It is that way

Make it So

Leaving where never went
Finding what was never sent
Hiding what is still present
Loving what was never meant
Will belief make it so
If romanticizing the timing of the embrace
Will belief make visible the face
If idolizing the gifts of the presenter
Will belief make evident the dissenter
If optimizing the power of the pack
Will belief make the obvious come back
Will pretending to have courage overcome fear
Will mending the tatters make flawless appear
Will exhibiting strength prevent the influx of tears
Will pleading stop the passage of the year
Without being near to the desire
Will wiping away make the mess fallen clear
Will typing the message make listeners to hear
Will rehearsing the dancing make soles adhere
To the melody singing loudly in an empty room
Will visions of paradise ward off doom
Will missions to excise on aggregates then resume
The shout in the dark to find shine
Will a longing alone loving make mine?

Broken Vessels

Broken vessels were still made to be filled
The fact that they can't hold their contents is the will
of the potter that thought the daughter could lend
profusely and continually be filled again and again
How else might the savor of the contents released
Be tapered with the creators purpose endlessly
To pour out unrestrained and yet never run dry
The caraafe never empty
The waitor replies
As a fountain an evening found spring
Unknown the proportions in the depth of the being
Sharing the journey of everything inside
Traveling first through the vessels to release must abide
and be broken
Not destroyed
Pouring in continuum
Sending out equally
Void it to keep
The matter inside
It runs freely
Through and into
And out of pottery

Fill In

Maybe broken open
Is better to receive
Maybe when there is damage splitting vacancies
Its first filled with belief
Then filled with peace
Replacing grief
Then filled with everlasting
Rebuilding when the breakings willing also brings
the passing into something stronger
Worry not for the weather
All things change and seasons come to an end
Maybe broken opens better
For great things to fill right in

All Seasons

The irony of snowfall is that the worst cold call makes the
water escape from sky scapes tangible and beautiful
Individually unique each snowflake when combined can
halt the worries of the world to peace and be still
The chill from a mountain, lake, or city space can cause
wrapping in arms and linens around mugs
For love impenetrable and unchangeable in frost
that will thaw to the awe of perfect spring
Forth and the worth of any fallen tear is
bottled and counted by our creator
A maker of ripening seeds in perfect time
All seasons

In Rain

The integers of temperature rises on the thermometer the same
Way the barometer indicates an encore occurrence the weather vain
Spins in the direction pointing west and south it rains
This forecast not overcast it blazes trails and tames
The wild
The miles in distance for the brewing building storm
Is perfect and the earth sits in essence ready for heat it warms
Consistently greater to admissibly create a partition to release
The storm brewing is perfect welcomed prayed
for in rain go dancing please

More Than Enough

Try not to succumb to the pressure
Th e stressor be not its servant
Perfect is
As perfect was created
Be wise and nonethelessor
Is the ideological YOU
More than enough
Appearant in view


Took a blank slate
And prepared the narrative
Of the canvass
Through the veins
Scripted the meaning mercilessly needing to pertain to mercy
Again and again
Counted breaths
Inhaled and exhaled
the same
Of one sculpture
One pleasure one pain
One measure
The opportunity plain
To see
The blank slate inculcates the artistry that
In anything dared
From the imagination
To the canvass
The blank slate prepared


Just crossed mind
After crossing paths with a cross
Was borne
By shoulders
Honored not cursed
Blessed better not worse
Experienced some hurt
Still lifting walking talking
All needed is you

At the crossroad

Beyond You

Thoughts more than the sand and plans deeper than the
sea, wider than the shores from coast to coast
Ever thinking?
Sought for with light of the sunshine in the night of bright
moon beams only finding traces of stars ajar in midnight where
written these names, the same punctuated by comets
Acknowledge it?
Breath recedes identifying no need to escape without taking shape
in a heart entangling all parts of interiors to deliver life brand new
Coming through?
Yet pine away knowing next not what to say surely a
receptive soul would make way for devotion
Is it not?
So perhaps in error overreach the endeavor to
enchant when sorely mirrored there must be
Another one
With everything not enough prove
Will be everything for that worthy who
Is even more than able to imagine or construe
Will be everything that is
Beyond you

Begin Again

One thing about going through hell is that you come out on fire
One thing about hitting the bottom is that you can look up higher
One thing about almost dying is that you live as a fighter
For the right to exist
One thing about totally completely failing is that
winning is the alternative the only other option that can
Be is success
For the plight to persist
One thing about waning in absolute strength
Is that peaceable weakness allows allies and friends
To take over and lift
When heads are bowed
And knees collapse
That is one moment when blessings can
Allow in those moments to drape
One thing about falling before the king
One can touch the hem of the cape
And be made whole
To go in peace
And all those one things release
The one thing about coming to an end
Is the perfect opportunity to begin again


Don't wrestle with evil
It cheats it don't play fair
It changes the rules while playing the game
It tricks with wits to lair
Tussling with evil its' reasoning always changes,
enticing, inviting, it lures and estranges
The familiar to a formula and the real to a fetish
Turning whimsical afternoons to clouded
swoons and evenings burnt to hellish
don't let evil ride
It will want to drive
Don't shake hands greet or make plans
it will stay by your side
Don't react when creeping at your back or leaning in your face
The lies disguise all the ways it tries to take
you from the place you should be
You could be
A lot of ways tonight
Do not ever wrestle with evil
It is not a fair fight

Just as the adversary neared
Everything necessary
Suddenly appeared
Utilizing everything already
Sustained for victory
Thank Goodness appeared


Carrying lives
And trusted cabinet members house knives
By backs and back into walls back into dawn's where the last calls
Are answered
The living
Rightfully or untrue
The closest often close enough to fail the most to coffins
Et Tu

Fortunately history aware of tragedies and comedies also know
Incomparable victories and unprecedented devotions
Semper in aeternum

Vini Vidi Vici
What will you do?

Temperature Change

In an unprecedented maneuver of facts and figures
The temperature changed and dropped
Shockingly surprised those caught off guard
Intoxicatingly damaging those who were not
For the happenstance of the occurence of chance
that lasted to the unprepared in a ruse
the architect of all epic takedowns
Crafts a path to walk
Attention or acceptance
admittance and consequence
For in the incidence of change
When desperately clinging to things which presently are unbound
Well, chillingly
The tightly held rarely stay the same

Peace in Chaos

Retreat to peace
Comfort in mortar
Stillness in chaos
As it overturns
Disarray to no dismay
Clearing in tearing
Triumph in tragedy
As it burns
Sharpness to softness
Hardness to heal
Pardoned from the garden
As it reveals
Animosity to adoration
Misinterpretation to understanding
Silence to communication
Formal requests from demanding
As it feels
Better after brash
Together after crashed
Forever after asked
For truth
As it seals
In the middle of intense storm
New perspective of the eye
Changed the way looked at the rain
And it changed the appearance of the sky
Changed the strain to peace and claimed
A welcome from a goodbye
Rearranged the perception from the inception of chaos
And I
Found Peace


Excerpted from Bejeweled Poetry V by M. Jewel H.. Copyright © 2016 Melanie Howard. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Alive, 1,
All that I Have, 2,
Befall, 3,
Seize the Day, 4,
Maestro, 5,
Flourish, 7,
Destination, 8,
Eye the Future, 9,
Realize, 10,
Good Things, 11,
Say Good Morning, 12,
Say Goodnite, 13,
Blessing in Disguise, 14,
Make it So, 15,
Broken Vessels, 16,
Fill In, 17,
All Seasons, 18,
In Rain, 19,
More Than Enough, 20,
Slate, 21,
Crossroad, 22,
Beyond You, 23,
Begin Again, 24,
Don't, 25,
Casualties, 26,
Temperature Change, 27,
Peace in Chaos, 28,
Indivisible, 29,
Palm, 30,
Reborn, 31,
Sacred Heart, 32,
Soul Tribune, 33,
Subjects, 34,
The Extraordinary Can, 35,
The Longest Day, 36,
Closer, 37,
Connect, 38,
Tightrope, 39,
Defend Love, 40,
Fusion, 41,
Incomplete, 42,
Talents Together, 43,
Recognize, 44,
Strong, 45,
Stirred, 46,
Scroll, 47,
Up, 48,
Intercept, 50,
Strength, 51,
Victory Kept, 52,
Soon, 54,
Angel with You, 55,
Be Still, 56,
Wait, 57,
Measure, 58,
The Mystery of Plans, 59,
The Circle, 60,
Remind Me, 61,
There Are Times Alive, 67,
Thank You, 68,

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