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Bela Bartok: Life and Work

Bela Bartok: Life and Work

by Benjamin Suchoff


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This book is the first comprehensive biographical study of Bartok as man, composer, and folklorist, including the background and development of his unique musical language and the impact of his pioneering investigations of multinational musical folklore on his composed works. His career as an outstanding pianist, connections with contemporaries in the world of music, and the socio-economic factors that affected his creative and scholarly activities are also included among other hitherto unexplored aspects of his life and times.

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ISBN-13: 9780810840768
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/11/2001
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.68(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Benjamin Suchoff is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Los Angeles and a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. He has been successor trustee of the estate of Béla Bartók, curator of its New York Bartók Archive, and editor of the fifteen-volume Bartók Archive Studies in Musicology Series and the two volumes of the Bartók Archive Edition series of piano works.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Bartók's Life Chapter 4 Chapter 1. EARLY MUSICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN HUNGARY Chapter 5 The Habsburg dynasty Chapter 6 The Hungarian Minorities Chapter 7 The Kossuth Rebellion Chapter 8 Chapter 2. CHILDHOOD AND YOUTH: 1881-1899 Chapter 9 Valcer Opus 1 Chapter 10 First Public Appearance Chapter 11 Rejection of Theism Chapter 12 Chapter 3. SUMMARY OF HUNGARIAN MUSICAL DIALECT: 1889-1905 Chapter 13 Academy Professors Chapter 14 Impact of Strauss and Liszt Chapter 15 Kossuth Symphonic Poem Chapter 16 Discovery of Rural Folk Song Chapter 17 Introduction to Kodály Chapter 18 Chapter 4. FUSION OF NATIONAL SYTLES: 1906-1925 Chapter 19 Discovery of Old-Style Hungarian Folk Song Chapter 20 Stefi Geyer Episode Chapter 21 First Encounter with Romanian Folk Song Chapter 22 Fieldwork in Romanian Villages of Transylvania Chapter 23 Trailblazing a New Frontier in Ethnomusicology Chapter 24 Transformation of Folk Music into Art Music Chapter 25 Duke Bluebeard's Castle Chapter 26 New Hungarian Music Society Chapter 27 Advent of the First World War Chapter 28 The Wooden Prince Chapter 29 The Miraculous Mandarin Chapter 30 Chapter 5. SYNTHESIS OF EAST AND WEST: 1926-1945 Chapter 31 First American Tour Chapter 32 Cantata Profana Chapter 33 Appointment to the Academy of Sciences Chapter 34 Austrian Anschluss Chapter 35 Exile in America Part 36 Folk Music Research Chapter 37 Chapter 6. HUNGARIAN FOLK MUSIC Chapter 38 A. The Old Style of Hungarian Peasant Music Chapter 39 B. The New Style of Hungarian Peasant Music Chapter 40 C. Other Tunes in Hungarian Peasant Music Chapter 41 Table 1: Strophic Structure in Class C Melodies Chapter 42 Chapter 7. SLOVAK FOLK MUSIC Chapter 43 Table 2: Classification of Slovak Folk Melodies Chapter 44 Old Style Melodies Chapter 45 Mixed Style Melodies Chapter 46 New Style Melodies Chapter 47 Chapter 8. ROMANIAN FOLK MUSIC Chapter 48 RFM.i: Instrumental Melodies Chapter 49 Table 3: Classification of Romanian Instrumental Folk Melodies Chapter 50 Instruments Chapter 51 Dance Genres and Their Choreography Chapter 52 Musical Characteristics Chapter 53 RFM.ii: Vocal Melodies Chapter 54 Table 4: Classification of Romanian Vocal Folk Melodies Chapter 55 RFM.iii: Texts Chapter 56 Table 5: Classification of Romanian Folk Texts Chapter 57 RFM.iv: Carols and Christmas Songs (Colinde) Chapter 58 Part One-Table 6: Stanza Structure in the Colinda Melodies Chapter 59 Part Two-Table 7: Classification of the Colinda Texts Chapter 60 RFM.v: Maramures County Chapter 61 Table 8: Classification of Maramures County Folk Melodies Chapter 62 Chapter 9. ARAB FOLK MUSIC FROM THE BISKRA DISTRICT Chapter 63 Wind Instruments Chapter 64 Stringed Instruments Chapter 65 Percussion Instruments Chapter 66 Vocal Melodies Chapter 67 Scale and Range Chapter 68 Musical Form Chapter 69 Rhythm Chapter 70 Accompaniment Chapter 71 Tempo Chapter 72 Peculiarities of Performance Chapter 73 Classification of the Instrumental Dance Melodies Chapter 74 Chapter 10. RUTHENIAN FOLK MELODY Chapter 75 Chapter 11. YUGOSLAV FOLK MUSIC Chapter 76 YFM.i: Serbo-Croatian Folk Songs Chapter 77 Table 9: Morphology of the Serbo-Croatian Vocal Folk Melodies Chapter 78 Table 10: Selected Data from Bartók's "Tabulation of Material" Chapter 79 Chapter 12. BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC Chapter 80 Table 11: Bartók's Classified Bulgarian Folk Music Collection Chapter 81 Chapter 13. TURKISH FOLK MUSIC FROM ASIA MINOR Chapter 82 Table 12: Classification of Turkish Folk Melodies Chapter 83 Epilogue Chapter 84 List of Compositions and Editions Chapter 85 Personalia Chapter 86 Abbreviations Chapter 87 Notes Chapter 88 Select Bibliography Chapter 89 Index Chapter 90 About the Author

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