Believe and Receive: Use the 40 Laws of Nature to Attain Your Deepest Desires

Believe and Receive: Use the 40 Laws of Nature to Attain Your Deepest Desires

by Melissa Alvarez


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Obtain Your Heart's Greatest Desires by Embracing Your Universal Power

The universe wants you to achieve everything you desire in life, and with this practical book's guidance, you can. Believe and Receive is a powerful reference book that examines forty natural laws of the universe through a realistic approach. These natural laws can be used to help you see the opportunities in any situation and work with intention toward your goals.

Melissa Alvarez dedicates a chapter to each natural law, providing description and history, an associated affirmation, useful application tips, and try-it-now exercises. Believe and Receive makes it easy to work with the laws and understand how they connect you to the universe. Once you learn how to properly combine your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations with positive energy, you'l grow spiritually and live a successful, abundant life.

"An inspired book brimming with practical application. Universal, spiritual laws can work in our favor, or against us, and Melissa Alvarez shows us how to make them work for us, every time."—Nathalie W. Herrman, author of The Art of Good Habits

"What distinguishes Believe anod Receive from the many laws of attraction books is its spiritual underpinnings . . . It is a wonderful blend of Divine inspiration and down-to-earth, practical application."—Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT, psychotherapist and author of Soul Visioning

"Melissa Alvarez shows you how to integrate spiritual laws and principles into easy daily practice for immediate and long-term results. Stop struggling and start living!"—Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Guide to Psychic Power

"A comprehensive yet easy to understand guidebook . . . Align your life with these forty spiritual principles and watch as your life spins from ordinary to exceptional. Keep this easy to follow reference guide close at hand."—Della Temple, award-winning author of Tame Your Inner Critic and Walking in Grace with Grief

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ISBN-13: 9780738751580
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 12/08/2017
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 574,793
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About the Author

Melissa Alvarez is a bestselling, award winning author who has written ten books and nearly five hundred articles on self-help, spirituality and wellness. As a professional intuitive coach, energy worker, spiritual advisor, medium, and animal communicator with over twenty-five years of experience, Melissa has helped thousands of people bring clarity, joy, and balance into their lives. Melissa teaches others how to connect with their own intuitive nature and how to work with frequency for spiritual growth. She has appeared on numerous radio shows as both a guest and host. Melissa is the author of 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency , Your Psychic Self , and Animal Frequency . Melissa's books have been translated into Romanian, Russian, Chinese, French, and Czech. She lives in South Florida with her family, dogs, and horses. 

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments xiii

List of Spiritual Laws xv

Introduction 1

1: The Golden Rule 9
2: The Law of Divine Oneness 15
3: The Law of Gratitude 21
4: The Law of Love 27
5: The Law of Frequency 33
6: The Law of Intention 41
7: The Law of Attraction 47
8: The Law of Abundance 53
9: The Law of Light 59
10: The Law of Unity 65
11: The Law of Purpose 71
12: The Law of Harmony 77
13: The Law of Action 85
14: The Law of Affirmation 91
15: The Law of Clarity 97
16: The Law of Success 103
17: The Law of Relativity 109
18: The Law of Correspondence 115
19: The Law of Compensation 121
20: The Law of Cooperation 127
21: The Law of Perspective 133
22: The Law of Thought 139
23: The Law of Passivity 145
24: The Law of Sacrifice 151
25: The Law of Responsibility 157
26: The Law of Attachment and Detachment 163
27: The Law of Faith 169
28: The Law of Attention 175
29: The Law of Forgiveness 181
30: The Law of Request 187
31: The Law of Allowing 193
32: The Law of Discipline 199
33: The Law of Cycles 205
34: The Law of Prosperity 211
35: The Law of Patience 217
36: The Law of Awakening 223
37: The Law of Cause and Effect 229
38: The Law of Balance and Polarity 235
39: The Law of Supply and Demand 241
40: The Law of Potential 247

Conclusion 253

Bibliography 257

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