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Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose

Believe Bigger: Discover the Path to Your Life Purpose

by Marshawn Evans Daniels


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Reinvention strategist Marshawn Evans Daniels delivers a practical and inspirational guide for women ready to reclaim their lives and discover a higher purpose after experiencing regret and disappointment—demonstrating that through disruption, life can become sweeter than ever imagined.

Marshawn thought she was on the right path. She was an accomplished business woman and high-powered sports attorney ready to marry the man of her dreams—until she learned just days before a fairytale wedding that he was cheating on her. After betrayal flipped her seemingly perfect world upside down, she found herself craving significance, not just success.

Believe Bigger is about resilience, reclaiming your life, and how God uses rejection, hardship, and unexpected circumstances to awaken something greater within...if you’re willing to embrace disruption. You'll see her go from heartbroken and hitting rock bottom financially, to building a multi-million dollar faith-centered enterprise, and finding something super sweet along the way. Calling. Marshawn shares what it takes to turn pain into purpose and your mess into a larger message and life mission.

Whether you are drowning in self-doubt and regret, feeling stuck, or sensing a shift but unable to discern what’s next, Marshawn’s Purpose Map outlining the 5 Stages of Divine Reinvention, will give you insight into your true gifts and calling—and the courage to pursue them. You’ll see that difficulties are not designed to devastate you, but to ignite the bigger dreams, life, love, and abundance you were destined for all along.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781501165672
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Marshawn Evans Daniels is a reinvention strategist and life coach mentoring women around the world to live bolder in the areas of faith and business. As a serial entrepreneur, TV personality, creator of the Godfidence movement and founder of SHE Profits, she helps women turn ideas into income and faith into action. A former sports attorney, Miss America finalist, and competitor on The Apprentice, she left a high-powered law firm and turned her passion for people into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Appearing regularly on CNN, Fox Business, and ESPN, her clients range from Rolls Royce, HP, Nike, Home Depot, and Ernst & Young to everyday dreamers seeking to find their voice and maximize their potential. Named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by the Atlanta Business League, she is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, a Harry S. Truman scholar, and a former US Ambassador to the International Summit of Achievement in Dublin, Ireland. Marshawn is passionate about purpose, futurist thinking, manifestation, entrepreneurship, and traveling the globe with her husband Jack.

Read an Excerpt

Believe Bigger
I don’t know my purpose.

Five words that most of us as women of faith are afraid, even embarrassed, to say aloud. We talk around purpose. We encourage others to enter it. But so many of us don’t truly, confidently know it for ourselves.

That’s okay. You’re not alone. The majority of women on the planet—Believers included—don’t know their purpose either. It’s not popular for a Believer to confess that she loves God, and she trusts God, but she doesn’t know why God sent her here, and she’s not crystal clear as to what God wants her to do.

But purpose is not supposed to be an ever-seeking, never-finding, illusive, impossible-to-grasp type of thing.

God wants you to know what your purpose is.

When we look at our lives, we see chaos. When God looks at our lives, He sees a map. He sees your beginning and your end, and all of Heaven (even right now) is constantly seeking to move you forward and closer to your divine destination.

God is a God of impeccable order, intention, and structure. Nothing that has occurred in your life is a coincidence. Everything you’ve encountered—even the things that seemed awful—has been part of your journey.

And while you might intrinsically know that you’re on some kind of a journey, you may not know exactly where you are, where you’re going, and most importantly, why you’re ultimately here. We’re going to explore that together. I’ll help you see that your life makes more sense than you realize.

That your past or even present pain is not a penalty.

That there are hidden patterns embedded in your experiences containing God’s direction and ultimate intention for your life.

Your purpose isn’t lost. Purpose isn’t even something you find. It’s something you uncover. God already designed you for it and you’re already being guided by it. It’s what led you to this book. During our journey together, it is my prayer to help you embrace it and enter it. You are more important than you can possibly imagine and more gifted than your mind can conceive.

To live the life God intends, we must first put on God’s lens.

Truth is . . . you’ve created an outdated life and identity for yourself. It’s probably focused on achieving success or comfort, or just avoiding conflict and failure. Your life, the way you know it right now, gives you a certain level of confidence, predictability, and let’s be honest . . . control.

But deep within, you know there is an unlived life waiting for you. One with only your name on it. One God has destined you for all along.

You may not be able to fully see it, but you can sense it.

It calls to you.

You begin to thirst for it. A life of relevance. Substance. Confidence. Clarity. Impact. Beauty and elegance. A life soaked in divine significance.

The simple secret to awakening your purpose is to understand how purpose works. Your life, you see, is a map made up of five key life stages. God intends for you to advance through each stage in order to enter your true purpose and fulfill your life mission. However, many of us are stuck in one of the five stages and don’t even know it. I didn’t. Over time, I discovered not only how to advance through the stages, but what God had been calling me to all along. In this book, I am going to share what I learned about God’s peculiar path of divine reinvention so you can find your God-given purpose, too.

I will help you understand your ultimate calling and show you the path (and beliefs necessary) to get there. But before you proceed further, be forewarned.

Entering your purpose will first require an exit.

To unleash the greater you, God will disrupt you and dismantle you.

He will humble you. He will use any means necessary to get your attention. He will even break you so He can rebuild you anew. To fulfill your true life mission, you will have to unlearn who you have been, and muster the courage to discover who you really are, what you possess, and how God designed you.

In the pages that follow, you’ll see how purpose is often embedded in the middle of your mess. Frustration, betrayal, disappointment, health scares, sudden loss, career changes, and seasons of unexpected disruption and transition may be linked to the master mission God has you here to complete. I’m inviting you right now to look at purpose in a fresh new way.

My intention is that as you turn each page in this book, you’ll gain the confidence and clarity needed to be who God has already called you to be, and do what He has already designed you to do.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Confessions ix

Part 1 Awaken

Disruption Is the Invitation

1 Countdown to Chaos 3

2 Split-Rock Moments 21

3 Stinking, Shrinking Thinking 38

Intermission: Divine Reinvention 57

Part 2 Align

The Purpose Map: Five Stages of Divine Reinvention

Comfort Zone

4 Stage One: DISCOVERY 71

5 Identifying Your Rule Makers 84

6 Stage Two: TALENT 99

7 Masquerading and Mountain Climbing 110

Growth Zone

8 Stage Three: The GAP 123

9 Making the Shift 148

10 Entering the Glory Zone 169

Glory Zone

11 Stage Four: GIFTS 189

12 Finding Your Voice 208

13 Stage Five: INFLUENCE 227

14 Clarifying Your Life Mission 254

Part 3 Activate

Step into More

15 Slaying Self-Doubt 279

16 Let the Miracles Begin 305

Acknowledgments 337

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