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"Believe" is a collection of noose breaking stories inspired by the city of Rockford, Illinois, and its strange, beautiful people. This book, your bible, contains 256 thrilling pages filled with words, illustrations and photos about fast food, poverty, crime, carp, Quinn Gelastio, Willard Hunter, Johnny Emerald The IIIrd, TED, Lord Thomas Derby, Simbo, $cumbags, animals, romance, sex, medicine, health, fitness, fried chicken, pizza, tacos, cantaloupes, nutrition, science, unemployment, finance, depression, feelings, internet and a lot of whatever. These incredible faith based stories will help everyone (in Rockford, IL) to remain proud n' positive with cold n' empty hearts n' wallets, well-fed stomachs and toasty warm toilet seats. More importantly, these original stories will hopefully help everyone else (on earth) laugh more, believe, fart or whatever.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692334898
Publisher: Life Artners
Publication date: 12/01/2014
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Rkfdnews was written by a noose breaking creative conglomeration of professional artists, small business owners, minority realists and humorists. They are based in and around the region of an economically and socially devastated American city called Rockford, Illinois.

The debut book, "Believe," features written and illustrated contributions by many fictional and non-fictional organisms and inanimate objects, including:

Jason "Mossy" Vaughn, Johnny Emerald the IIIrd, Chief Jay Vannigan, Benji the Carp, Dave DeCastris, Andy Whorehall, Lord Thomas Derby, Chief Tchad Beale, Zachery Rotello, Ron Kites, Quinn Gelastio, Lisa Soland, Chuck Toncha, Barry Syversen, Kate Menstraight, Gilbert Grebner, Rance Crabtower, Steve the Pony, JoAnne Rankles, Chet Fairway, Eric Knoll, Jojo Wrinkles, Pancake Johnson, Graham Nickles, The Great Paula, George Brawn, Dana Vaughn (Grammatical Zealot), Daniel James McMahon, Willard Hunter, Marc Kinnemann, Eric Fleming, Irish Brian Kelly, Brian Diamond, Max Bordell, Theodore Lepolli, Russell Gillespie, Brian Milo, James Strumwell, Donny Lothario, Andy Scarpaci, Jesus Abraham Correa VIIth, David Pedersen, Dolph Lundgren, Foodstamp Davis, Mean Gene Okerlund, Matt Makris, Chris Wachowiak, Bill Wennington, John Kruk, Reggie "Railroad" Reynolds, Mister Meerasaké, Francis the Macaque, Frank Stallone and Maria Alvarez-Thromsbergher.

"Believe" is the debut published release by Life Artners; a creative conglomeration of midwestern artists (from all medias), founded in November 2014 by Dave DeCastris and Jason "Mossy" Vaughn.

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