Belinda Blake and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Belinda Blake and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

by Heather Day Gilbert

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Exotic pet-sitter Belinda Blake is nervous about her new job at the White Pine Wolf Preserve, but it turns out that the care and feeding of wild carnivores may be the least dangerous part of the gig . . .
Pet-sitter Belinda Blake is no stranger to dealing with wild animals, but she’s wary when the owner of the Greenwich, Connecticut, preserve asks her to help out with her “fluffy darlings.” Her caution seems justified on her very first day, when she discovers a tour guide—dead, bloodied, and surrounded by wolves in the enclosure.
Was it death by predator or something more sinister? The body count rises, but something’s not adding up. As she gets to know the rescued wolves and wolf-dog hybrids better, Belinda realizes that her human colleagues are not above suspicion. With help from her own “pack”—her pregnant sister, Red the chauffeur/bodyguard, and hunky farmer Jonas—Belinda is hot on the killer’s tail, but if she doesn’t find him soon, he’ll do more than muzzle her to keep the truth from escaping.
Praise for Belinda Blake and The Snake in the Grass
“A humorous series debut with exotic pets and a zany cast of characters. Gilbert’s cozy will make you smile.”
—Amanda Flower, USA Today bestselling author of Premeditated Peppermint
“Cozy fans will root for pet-sitter Belinda Blake as she unravels this cleverly-crafted mystery in a delightfully-deadly new series by Heather Day Gilbert.”
—Elizabeth Spann Craig, author of the bestselling Myrtle Clover Mysteries

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ISBN-13: 9781516108824
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Series: An Exotic Pet-Sitter Mystery , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 20,397
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Heather Day Gilbert, an ECPA Christy award finalist and Grace award winner, writes contemporary mysteries and Viking historicals. Her novels feature small towns, family relationships, and women who aren’t afraid to protect those they love. Like Belinda Blake, Heather plays video games, although so far she hasn/t done any exotic pet-sitting or hunted any murderers.

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Belinda Blake and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
VWilliams 4 days ago
Belinda Blake is an exotic pet-sitter. And a gamer. Not your average gamer either--a video game reviewer working on a Twitch stream. Although off page, she's had extensive experience caring for unusual pets (Book 1 involved a snake), her father is a vet and she got the best kind of first-hand animal knowledge. That said--this is her first gig with wolves. You know I'll happily read and review a book about wolves. But then, this is a cozy. There is bound to be a victim or two and it isn't long before Belinda on her new contract at the White Pine Wolf Preserve will confront a badly mauled (now deceased) human--formerly a tour guide. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. There is an amazing cast of employees at this preserve, well-developed enough you get the picture. Belinda herself seems to be independent and unusually spirited (obviously sufficient to tackle exotic pets). She has an amazingly supportive family and yes, not one, but two possible love interests--the über rich one and the thoughtful and sexy farmer. It would seem there might be more than one who would qualify as a suspect and red herrings abound. Belinda continues to fulfill her contract, while investigating and gaining new perspective on possible motive until she ferrets out the one you may not have considered at all. The conclusion was rather lengthy, tying off all loose ends in explanation until it just completely winds down. A slightly unusual finale; one that left doors open to Book 3. I was given this digital download by the publisher through NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. Recommended to faithful cozy readers seeking a unique setting. You'll enjoy this one!
AMHeath 4 days ago
My Thoughts: I read the first Belinda Blake mystery just last week and was treated to a unique new cozy mystery series. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing picks up in the life of Belinda, so we find out what she's been up to since the last book and where life is taking her now. If you read the books out of order, you'll catch a spoiler or two involving Belinda's personal life but the previous mystery wasn't ruined.  Gilbert has a solid writing style. It's engaging. Not overdone, not underdone, but done just right. ;)  The only struggle I had with Wolf in Sheep's Clothing was that it felt like it took too long to dig into the investigation portion of the story. But once things picked up, and we were focused and collecting clues, I found the mystery to be spot-on. The clues were there but the conclusion wasn't obvious. It ended on a great note for me! The characters are as well-developed as the mystery. They came across as genuine people. There was just enough romance in the story to make me eager to see what will happen next.  I typically read and review Christian fiction, so I do want to point out that this fell in the clean fiction category. There was not anything that would be offensive to a Christian reader, however, there was not any spiritual content.  Rating and Recommendation: I'm giving this one 4.5 stars and recommending it to cozy mystery fans.  ~ I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. I was not compensated for my review or required to give a favorable one.
CozyUpWithKathy 6 days ago
family, loyalty, and bravery BELINDA BLAKE AND THE WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING by Heather Day Gilbert The Second Exotic Pet-Sitter Mystery Although used to dealing with all manner of exotic animals, Belinda Blake hesitates when offered a temporary position at the White Pines Wolf Preserve. With bills mounting, however, the decision becomes easier. After all, Belinda would just have to assist the primary feeder for eight days while the owner was out of town, what could be easier? But when a jovial young tour guide is found dead, bloodied and surrounded by wolves inside one of the enclosures, Belinda has second thoughts. When the wolves are accused of more violent acts, Belinda admits that things aren't adding up. Are the wolves truly to blame, or are they being framed? Wolves tend to get a bad rap. Maligned by many, these majestic beasts are often misunderstood and vilified. Even Belinda Blake is wary about working with them. Yet, even when suspected of killing and maiming the people trying to care for them, the wolves at White Pines Wolf Preserve are shown to be friendly and loyal. At least readers are afforded the ability to see them in that unprejudiced way, some of the characters may have different opinions. The second Exotic Pet-Sitter Mystery looks at wolf sanctuaries and the sad ways many of its residents arrive. It also looks at family, loyalty, and bravery, traits associated with wolves as well as humans. I appreciate how Belinda keeps an open mind and is smart enough not to jump to conclusions...for the most part. The dynamics of the characters is riveting, both at the preserve and outside of it. We learn more about Red, and see Belinda face some important romantic decisions. BELINDA BLAKE AND THE WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING is an engrossing mystery with many different angles. I, for one, would love to meet the wolves I read about in this story, especially Freya and Njord. The two most important themes running through this book are that love shows itself in many forms and people are not always what they seem. Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.
charleneC 8 days ago
A really fun read! I love this very enjoyable series! Belinda is an exotic pet sitter. She gets an urgent call and cannot refuse.Lots of humor throughout this book. Lots of twists and turns.What has Belinda gotten herself into this time?!
MaureenST 12 days ago
I was quickly immersed in this read, and it held me to the end, but was left with questions as to who will win Belinda’s heart! All the while I was reading and trying to guess what is going on, and hoping that the beautiful animals would not be put down. As we search for answers the clues seem to point to the wolves, I wanted to go and rub their bellies with Belinda. Answers come and there are a lot of surprises here, and it quickly became a page turner for me. I received this book through Net Galley and Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.
DixieJudy 13 days ago
Normally I don’t read cozy mysteries but because one of my favorite authors wrote this, I thought I would read this one. What a great and pleasant surprise and now I am waiting for book three……. Belinda is a modern pet sitter and trying to build up her business as such, she takes most anything offered. So when offered a job at a wolf preserve, she feels she needs to accept it, even though she knows nothing about wolves. Plus the fact she rather has a fear of them. She is assured she will only have to feed them and someone will be with her all the time. Not long after she arrives she finds out things are not as they appear with the owner, her son and some of the other workers. Then shortly there are two murders to take place on the preserve. Of course Belinda is an amateur sleuth and determined to help unravel these mysterious deaths. There are many twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages to see “who dunnit.” Gilbert is a fascinating writer and I loved her Viking books, therefore I was hesitant to read her cozy mystery, but she has certainly written a winner in this one. I was given a book by the publisher and this review is my own opinion.
Mama_Cat 13 days ago
Belinda Blake is a pet sitter for the 21st century! Belinda is a brave animal lover and a brilliant video game reviewer and amateur sleuth. The characters in this second of a new series are delightful, the setting gorgeous, and the solution hard to unmask. We get to know Belinda, who I really like, better, even as she learns more about herself through the mirror of long-time friend, Jonas. Belinda lives in a guest house in Greenwich, CT and has been expanding her exotic pet sitting business here as well as going into Manhattan for repeat clients. The guest house is on the Carrington estate, where she recently helped solve murders of friends of Stone Carrington Fifth, adult son of the owners. Belinda gets an urgent call requesting her services, so she can’t turn it down…even if it is at a wolf preserve. Dahlia is the owner of White Pine Wolf Preserve. She is going to visit a preserve in Arizona. Belinda will help the primary feeder with chores for the wolves and hobby farm animals. She has the pleasure of meeting Evie, Dahlia’s personal assistant, and Shaun, the best tour guide; he recognizes her from her gaming reviews in a popular publication. Despite the hold harmless disclaimer in the contract, there haven’t been injuries there in the past, so Belinda signs for the eight days. On the first day, Belinda meets Rich, the man who feeds the wolves. Rich has known the wolves since the facility opened. One wolf, Njord, was born in captivity, and Rich was present at his birth. Rich feeds the wolves by hand and will continue to do so. Belinda will fill their water troughs. At the first of two pack enclosures, she meets Freya, who had been badly abused before being taken into the preserve. Freya wants to become friends at first sight, rolling over onto her back for a good belly rub. Rich and Belinda meet a grisly sight when approaching the second enclosure. Njord has a dark red stain on his beautiful fur. Lying inside the entry is a staff member wearing one of the bright-green vests, dead. Words can’t express how strongly I felt Belinda’s reaction! It is hard to imagine that the wolf, handled by humans since birth, would turn, at least until the other two wolves in that pack are seen with similar stains on their fur. The police sergeant, Jacob Hardy, doesn’t disguise his feelings about the death of the staff member. I am surprised he didn’t demand that they be taken into quarantine. This is an intense and challenging mystery! I appreciate the research the author has done on wolves and incorporates into the story, and how Veronica, one of the tour guides, is using what she learns at the preserve for her master’s thesis. I also enjoy seeing Belinda spend time with Jonas, as they were such close friends when growing up. Of the two guys in her life, he would be my choice, but time will tell what Belinda chooses. Discovering the source of the staff member’s death, and other situations that arise far too quickly, was a challenge. While I did get to the first step before Belinda, I got to the rest of the staircase at the same time. I would be scared to death to get into some of the situations Belinda does! I highly recommend this novel to fans of the author and those who appreciate well-executed cozy mysteries, very likable characters, and unique pet sitting opportunities. From a thankful heart: I received a copy of the ebook from the publisher through NetGalley, and this is my honest review.
AFerri 13 days ago
This is the first book I've read by this author and I am hooked!! I loved it! This book will keep you guessing until the end. This book is well written and will keep you turning the pages. Don't miss this one! Thank you Kensington Books Lyrical Underground via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
KiahJT 13 days ago
5 stars I LOVE this book and this series. Heather Day Gilbert is back with the second book in her exotic pet sitter mystery series. Belinda Blake finds herself helping out at a Wolf Preserve when multiple deaths take place. Gilbert is such a talented writer who instantly draws me into every story she writes! I picked this book up and read it almost completely in one afternoon. I adore Belinda, Red and Jonas. I found myself rooting for Freya and Evie and hoping Stone the V wouldn’t show back up. The characters are easy to root for or dislike. Even though this isn’t the first book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I did figure out who did it but not why it was done; however, I did not even care as the story was so good. I do highly recommend this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. The views given are my own.
4GranJan 13 days ago
Wolf Sanctuary Murder Mystery This was a fun book to read. This the second book in the series. I have read the first book and I would strongly recommend that to any reader. I believe that reading the series from the beginning will give the reader a much-needed background that is not given in the second book. Having said that, this book is quite the page-turner! The plot is tight. I really enjoyed the setting of the wolf sanctuary and the discussion of the animals and their behavior. I can't wait for the next book in this series.
ganderson523 13 days ago
This is a page turning mystery with an interesting twist as Belinda Blake works as an exotic pet-sitter along with a side job doing reviews of games for a gamer magazine. She has sat for all types of pets for people, including a snake. After all, her dad is a veterinarian in upstate New York. Recently, she moved from Manhattan to Greenwich to get a change of scenery and lower rent and lucked out for a great place on an estate. With her checking account getting low, she hesitantly takes a job helping out at a wolf preserve where the owner is desperate for help. When a couple of employees are found dead inside the enclosure of one of the wolf packs, she almost left. Things don't add up that the wolves killed them. That means it is homicide. But who? There are several people that Belinda suspects but who and why would someone do this? Who has something to gain? Belinda's family and good friend Jonas from home want her to quit but she hangs in there to find the killer as she begins to feel comfortable with the wolves. Sort of. Great quick cozy read with a surprise, to me, ending! I received a complimentary ARC from Lyrical Underground and Kensington Books. All thoughts and opinions are mine only.
ErinA 13 days ago
I loved this book! Though it is the second in the Exotic Pet Sitter mystery series, it was the first I'd read. I enjoyed it so much I will now be reading the first, and keeping my eye out for the many more I hope will follow! I felt a kinship in a lot of ways with Belinda Blake, and she is the type of character that I think many people could relate to. Her love of animals shown through, as well as her full-on approach to life that I truly appreciated. It was so neat to read about the wolves in the preserve. I have always loved wolves, and they made great characters in this book. It has me itching to go out and find a wolf preserve to work at. So not going to happen, but man would it be amazing! I think this would be an excellent read for anyone who loves mysteries and animals! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book!
SusanSnodgrassBookworm 14 days ago
'I know this sounds impossible, but I think someone's framing the wolves.' Belinda Blake, sitter of exotic pets, is back on the trail of a murderer once again in the second offering of Heather Day Gilbert's 'Exotic Pet Sitter' cozy mystery series. This time Belinda is tasked with helping out at a wolf preserve for 8 days. True to form, though, Belinda isn't there long at all before a dead body turns up. And another. That's all the clues you'll get from me. Belinda has a natural bent for solving crimes, but can she get another one solved before she herself turns up at one of the victims? There are more than a few suspects; if only Belinda has time to cross them off the list before it's her turn! Heather Day Gilbert is a nab hand at a cozy mystery and I never, ever figure out the culprit! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the wolves and meeting them in the book. Read this one in a day, folks. It's that good. Recommended. *My thanks to Kensington Publishing for a copy of this book via Net Galley. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.
MKF 14 days ago
Belinda has carved out a niche in the gig economy watching exotic pets. This time out, she's got a contract to feed the wolves and wolf-dogs at the White Pine Wolf Reserve. She's a trooper so it's only a little intimidating until a staffer at the sanctuary is found dead and it initially appears as though the animals did it. Belinda's pretty sure that isn't what happened so she investigates and, you guessed it, finds out there's more here than meets the eye. She's a fun character as are her friends so if the mystery twists aren't as good as you might like, you'll still enjoy this for the unique take on a cozy. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. Fine as a standalone and I'm looking forward to the next one.