"Bella Bear Goes To School"

by Osanna Kazezian Rosa


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"Bella Bear Goes To School " is a children's picture book.

In this book Bella Bear shares her joy and excitement. She is embracing the event of her entering kindergarten class and going to a brand new school with great passion. She is demonstrating and easing the increased anxiety and concerns that some children may experience.

Starting kindergarten can be a mystery for the child. Bella Bear is breaking the barriers by her performance. It is all fun and joy for her. She is allowing the reader to be comforted with the new materials that comes with going to school. It is fun for Bella Bear. She can not wait to put on her new school uniform or work with her new book.

Bella Bear's sister Emem Bear is also keen to go to school herself. Mama Bear is a bit anxious yet she is overjoyed with the big event and Bella Bear's great confidence and enthusiasm. Mama Bear is happy knowing that Bella Bear is welcoming the new adventure that lies ahead.

Bella Bear is sharing with the reader her anticipation and her joyful feeling that she is going to her kindergarten class. Bella Bear is confident going into a new environment.

What a better way is than a story that is letting other children feel at ease. Bella Bear is paving the way for the new adventure that is ahead of her with much comfort.

The book helps children to realize that going school is fun. It is all about new things. The story provides an entertaining, fun and witty experience. In this colorful story, Bella Bear's awareness is clearly expressed with strong self of expression and confidence.

The story is witty and inspirational. It instills in children the sense of encouragement. It helps the child to feel at ease.

The information presented and the incentive behind the story is based on concrete knowledge and learning process for young children. The information is drawn from their daily life experiences. The story is informative and educational. It increases children's awareness of their emotions. Children strongly relate to the story naturally.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781491292297
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/12/2013
Series: Bella Bear book Series
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.11(d)

About the Author

About the author: Osanna M. Kazezian-Rosa is the creator of the children's picture books series: Bella Bear, Emem Bear and Bello Enzo Bear books.

Osanna has worked with young children in different settings.

"Bella Bear Goes To School" is part of the Bella Bear book series.

Most recent published works of the author are the Bello Enzo Bear book series which includes "Keep Green! Let Us Go To The Park!" Bello Enzo Bear Likes Music" and "Happy Father's Day Dada Bear!"

Bella Bear series is the author's first children's picture book collection which includes: "Bella Bear, My Cousin Candy Bear", "Bella Bear, It is My birthday!", "Bella Bear, My Little Brother-Bello Enzo Bear", "Bella Bear Picking Berries", "Bella Bear; I am a Big Sister", "Bella Bear's Family Portrait", "Bella Bear's Balloon Ride", "Bella Bear's Spring Time Picnic" 1st volume , "Bella Bear It is Summer Time" 2nd volume, "Bella Bear, It is Autumn" 3rd volume , " Bella Bear It is Winter Time-Let us go Skiing!" 4th volume in the season's books, "Bella Bear Our Big Ship Ride!" and "Bella Bear My Friend Sophie's Art".

Emem Bear is the second series of picture books collection published by the author which includes: "My Cousin Tiger Bear Likes To Read", "Emem Bear Likes Bubble Bath!" and "Emem Bear, Is two Years Old!".

Osanna also authored and published an instructional base unit entitled
"The Art of Hand-Built Pottery; One Child's Creativity".

Osanna has earned a BA in History and Minor in Philosophy from UCLA. And MA in Education/Curriculum Teaching & Learning from Sonoma State University.

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