Bell's Spiritual Tales of Life

Bell's Spiritual Tales of Life


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Children's education is about their spiritual paths.
Every moment of an event connects with the Divine.

The child is a magical spark of light which brightens our lives.
When fed to shine, we can support the child to find him/herself and share his/her blessings. Spiritual nourishment is just as important for children as for adults.
We can gain strength and energy in our fast-paced world, preserve our relationship with the universe, and integrate the forces of law into our lives.
As a result we can experience happiness in our lives.

If you are a parent, maybe you have come across the following problems:
- bedwetting, fear of the night
- loss of sensation
- lack of confidence, low self-esteem
- dissatisfaction, etc.
Perhaps you experienced them when you were a child.
The tales heal the soul, and cure childhood injuries by combining the ideas of higher spirituality.

Cure a child's soul - heal the inner child and carry out the healing power of the collective unconscious, i.e. equip yourself with spiritual insights of not only your life, but the world and the lives of future generations which also can lead to changes.

The tales have no age limit. You can read them as a child, a parent, a teacher. I guarantee that you will benefit.

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