Benchclearing: Baseball's Greatest Fights and Riots

Benchclearing: Baseball's Greatest Fights and Riots

by Spike Vrusho


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ISBN-13: 9781599210520
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 03/04/2008
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Spike Vrusho was the editor-in-chief of the brilliant but short-lived New York Sports Express. Before that he was a writer for New York Press through the 1990s to 2002. He now lives and writes in Rhinebeck, NY.

Table of Contents

Benchclearing: Baseball’s Greatest Fights and Riots

By Spike Vrusho

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Fightin’ words Chapter 1: Roundhouse--Raw nature of competitive sports, roots of baseball violence in Cobb, Devlin, Durocher.
--Summer heat and baseball’s endurance challenge.

Chapter 2: Pitched Battles--Ultimate confrontation of pitcher vs batter; Ventura-Ryan; Russell-McGraw (Rose); Bell-Sele (M.Vaughn); Bell-Kison; Dean Palmer-J.Parque; Haselman-Mussina; Sweeney-Weaver.

Chapter 3: 90 Feet of Mayhem--Basepath clashes; Robinson-Mathews; Rose-Harrelson; E. Davis-R.Knight; Chan Ho Park-T.Belcher

Chapter 4: Home Plate Pugilism--Trying to score; Munson-Fisk; Piniella-Fisk (Bill Lee); Pierzynski-Barrett; Sheffield-Kendall.

Chapter 5: Fan Depreciation--Audience participation melees; Tony Phillips into the stands in 96; Chad Kreuter into Wrigley stands; Wrigley fan confronts Randy Myers; Chambliss clears a path at Yankee Stadium; hunting knife thrown at Wally Joyner in Bronx; The Ligues vs KC base coach Gamboa at Comiskey; Visgar charges Bill Spiers in Milwaukee’s left field; Reggie Smith vs SF fan Michael Dooley; Milton Bradley’s free beer; Piersall takes on teens in Cleveland; Dime beer night in Cleveland; Disco Demolition at Comiskey Park.

Chapter 6: Mismatches--Albert Belle-Fernando Vina; John Cangelosi-John Smoltz

Chapter 7: Headhunters--Pedro Martinez-R.Sanders; Pedro Martinez-G.Williams; Clemens-Piazza; Dibble-E. Yelding.

Chapter 8: Bad Blood & Vendettas--A. Kennedy-Feldman (Angels-Rangers); NYY-Boston (Lonborg-Tillotson; A-Rod-Varitek; Nelson & Garcia-Fenway bullpen guy) Dock Ellis vs Reds; 1986 Mets vs The World.

Chapter 9: Australian Rules--Deconstruction of the May 19, 1998 battle between the Orioles and Yankees, led by Aussie reliever Graeme Lloyd who charged out of the Yankee bullpen, as seen by Spike at Yankee Stadium.

Chapter 10: Billy Martin--Cracked Jim Brewer’s cheekbone and went on to fight every front office he ever managed for, Jimmy Piersall, Reggie Jackson, Ed Whitson and a marshmellow salesman.

Chapter 11: A Mess in Atlanta--Padres-Braves features 14 ejections after beanball wars are started by Pascual Perez.

Chapter 12: Kicking Ash--Baseball bat as war club; incidents include B.Campeneris; Dave Winfield; Roseboro-Marichal.

Chapter 13: Go Down Swinging--Incidents that ended careers and/or seasons; Felix Millan-Ed Ott; A.Ramirez-Ben Sheets.

Chapter 14: Taking It Up With Management--Players fight their bosses; Randle-Lucchesi; Lilly-Gibbons; D.Ellis-Leppert/Murtaugh; Dibble-Piniella.

Chapter 15: Clubhouse Gladiators--Internal squabbles get physical; Sutton-Garvey; Chad Curtis, music critic; Cliff Johnson-Goose Gossage.

Chapter 16: Downtime Throw-Downs--Legacy of violence at Milwaukee’s Pfister Hotel; bars, elevators, hotel lobbies and planes (W.Wilson-J.Wathan) Kevin Brown berserk in Vero Beach spring training; Mr. 7 Mrs. Bobby Cox; late night dining with Boomer Wells in Manhattan.

Chapter 17: Wrist Slaps and Parking Tickets--Punishment and fines for players who fight.

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