Bent Wings

Bent Wings


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Bent Wings by Fred Blechman

You are in an F4U Corsair, turning toward the carrier and preparing all the controls for a night carrier landing. You are dive-bombing the Japanese battleship Yamato. You are in combat and watch your best friend get shot down...43 "tales of trial and terror" by ten pilots who lived to tell about them!

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ISBN-13: 9780738803456
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 01/01/1999
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.82(w) x 8.84(h) x 1.23(d)

Table of Contents

Part IFred "Crash" Blechman
Chapter 1"F4U Corsair Carrier Qualification"19
Chapter 2"Earning the Mudhole"33
Chapter 3"The Schneider Exam"40
Chapter 4"Instrument Flying"43
Chapter 5"Terror at 100 Feet!"52
Chapter 6"F4U-5 Corsair Fallacies--Some Engineering Improvements That Weren't!"55
Chapter 7"The Great Gum Mystery"61
Chapter 8"A Flight to Remember"63
Chapter 9"Flying the Hayrake"71
Chapter 10"Over the Rainbow"75
Chapter 11"Don't Ever Tell..."81
Chapter 12"Paddle Paradox"86
Chapter 13"Confessions of a Japanese Ace--How I Downed Five Corsairs!"89
Chapter 14"Carrier Crash!"101
Chapter 15"War Dog--The Ten-Engine SNJ"108
Chapter 16"Finding Your Lost Flying Buddies"113
Part II"Reminiscences of a Naval Aviator" a Group of Short Stories
Chapter 17"Losing a Squadron Mate"123
Chapter 18"How I Nearly Broke the Sound Barrier in an F4U"125
Chapter 19"Group Grope"127
Chapter 20"Air-Ground Support"129
Chapter 21"Simulated Night Carrier Landings"132
Chapter 22"Uncage Gyros"134
Chapter 23"Carrier Landings"137
Chapter 24"Manufacturer's Support"141
Chapter 25"The Johnson Boys"143
Chapter 26"Cross-country with the Navy Reserves"145
Chapter 27"Towing the Target Banner"148
Part III"Letters from the Bird Barge"
Chapter 28"Deck Crash & Night Landings"155
Chapter 29"Parallel Parking in the F4U"167
Part IVWilliam "Country" Landreth, CDR USN (Ret.)
Chapter 30"F4U Corsair Combat Pilot"173
Part V"Tail End Charlies Navy Combat Fighter Pilots at War's End"
Chapter 31"Carrier Landings--Day & Night"197
Chapter 32"Baptism of Fire"208
Chapter 33"Sinking of the Yamato"217
Part VI
Chapter 34"The Russell Islands"228
Chapter 35"Several Crashes"233
Chapter 36"Boyington's Last Flight"238
Chapter 37"A Combat Mission"248
Chapter 38"Trouble at Green Island"254
Part VII
Chapter 39"Going to Japan"263
Chapter 40"Alameda"266
Part VIIIMiscellaneous Tales of Trial & Terror!
Chapter 41"Cookie" Cleland271
Chapter 42Gene Hendrix275
Chapter 43"Corsairs Don't Float!"280
Appendix AAccident Reports #5-#23289
Appendix BVought F4U Corsair History340
Appendix C"Fred's Funnies"346

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Bent Wings 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I met my first Corsair in Ordnance School at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, on my way to Pensacola and a career in Naval Aviation. In the early summer evenings, I would go down to the hanger and sit in the cockpit, dreaming of things to come. Circumstances got in the way, the career didn't work out, and I never got to fly a Corsair, but I did fly a T-28 Trojan -- better visibility, but the same kind of attitude, throaty roaring sound, and serious torque problems. Even without this familiarity, Fred makes it possible to fly with him and the other contributors in a series of vignettes every bit as exciting as an action/adventure literary effort. You can see the animated activity of the flight deck, you can feel the newness of it to these fledgling pilots, you can feel the excitement and yes, the terror, the fear of error. You can amost smell the hot engine oil and hear the thunder of the thousands of horsepower unleashed in that huge radial engine. Be in the air at night, with the golden sun dropping into the ocean, the majesty and beauty bringing tears to your eyes, and then the sudden horror at the realization; you have to put this pig down on a matchbook! One can see why it is widely thought that Navy pilots are the finest trained in the world. It is also easy to understand Fred's dubious achievement of being America's honorary Japanese Ace in Corsairs, having downed five of the aircraft one way or another. Come fly with Fred, come fly, lets fly away!