Berry's First Collection: Dream /Fantasy/ Reality

Berry's First Collection: Dream /Fantasy/ Reality

by Berry Robinson


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The book is not traditional by any means due to the author's ability to display imagines through spoken word which in-turn captures the reader's and brings them in his poetry through his eyes. This book will inspire the reader to move closer to following their individual dreams and proves it is never too late.

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ISBN-13: 9781496959072
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/07/2015
Pages: 58
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.14(d)

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Berry's First Collection

Dream /Fantasy /Reality

By Berry Robinson


Copyright © 2015 Berry Robinson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-5907-2


    A Veterans Loss

    Veterans go into battle with
    The foe machine gun to vest
    Toe to toe bringing freedom with
    Every death until there is nothing left
    Coming home seems to be a dream fighting
    For hollow value at times it seems
    The VA scandal is a sore spot by leaving
    Veterans in the hallways to rot, all of this
    Must stop and cease to find veterans shelter
    And increase the health and peace!
    A veteran's loss

    When The Sky Cry's

    "The sky cry's" when someone dies also
    Does the sky cry? When someone is telling a lie!
    Your every drop is like words telling me
    What you've heard. So please don't be shy
    Remember my friend this between you and I
    Tell me about you and your entire splendor"
    For one day to you my spirit I will "surrender"
    You must guide me to my new home and I always
    Know while with you I'm never alone. So cry and cry hard
    IF you must for in me thee can surly.
    "Trust" yes! I feel you I hear you I will always
    Be here for you! So cry. The Sky

    Don't Stop!

    Please don't stop what you've been
    Doing your success is around the corner
    I understand it's been very hard "but"
    You've come from so far. Never forget who
    You are you're the best! Now give yourself
    The test of weakness when you're at this point
    Rise above you bad side and rise up and succeed
    And if your motives and greed are stardom.
    Then s shall it be!

    Want to Be the Best

    I want to be the best
    Come all from the east and west
    All coming to see and give me the test
    I've always told my mom, no matter what life
    Throws my way I'll dig in deep for my very best
    Will I drop or will I rise? Won't I shock everything one with my
    Grand surprise! Time will be my answer until the end
    My best will be done I want to be the best of the best.

    The Soul of the Ocean

    Sometimes you can be so beautiful with your blue and greens
    Sometimes you're so calm and others, you're too mean!
    As sometimes I watch you from afar trying to figure out what
    You're really are you're always moving forward then back
    I'm still trying to understand "that" are you just waiting to attack,
    Or when something goes down do you have my back? Hmm
    The Soul of the Ocean
    My dear ocean I've notice your waves are big and wild
    Is this your forever forceful style? Please be kind to Surfs and
    Mankind alike as well as the beach bum who sleep on your sands
    At night. When I sit upon your sands and look on you and listen to
    Everything you have to say I look back up to the sky and "ask"
    why or why
    Do I have to cry? Here we are again just you and I. ours souls
    Together and I don't know why?
    The Soul

    A Mother's Hardship

    Yes you're in for a treat; all my life I've sensed defeat
    Mom you weren't apparently around but, now my feet
    Are on solid ground, you sense money and come around
    I've been alone emotionally for years there was nobody?
    Around to share my tears, nor fears, I been self- sufficient
    In my ways, still I sit back and count the days, when I can
    Look back at the past and smile but, I'm sure this won't happen
    For a while, I go back and forgive your faults because, this
    Was a talent that was self-taught?
    Mother Hardships

    Death on Swift Wings

    Death on swift wings what are you crying for?
    Dying isn't crying dying is at long last flying!
    Flying around "free" as a bird. If you've been
    Good you can stop when you hear Gods words.
    Dying is like walking through "plush Meadow"
    With the wind blowing like, you've never felt before!
    But nothing compares when Saint Michael opens
    That front door for you. And you ask is this a Dream
    And he replies, no this is all cream babies! So enjoy
    Yourself and enjoy all that be well! Because trust me ...
    "You sure aren't in hell.
    Death on swift wings. Silence!

    Losing a Father

    Now that I've loss a father
    Why should I even bother?
    With life that is now my life
    Seem like a bad play somewhere I
    Really don't want to stay just put me
    In the ground next to my dad I know
    That sounds pretty sad however, deep
    Inside I'm so mad about the way life left
    Me alone without a father now my plight is known
    Tell me and yourself have to belong?


    Once again into the darkness
    In search for the light in lucid sight
    To think today once more that right
    To think today just once more! Is this all
    Life has in store for me or can one be like
    Sapp running through a tree with a branch
    Point back directly towards me.

    Clearance of Self

    This is obviously for the clearance of self
    It's just me here and I see no one else,
    Careful not to step on anyone's toes
    With life set before me just in front of my nose
    I know the score and try to cope, I ask
    For much mercy and plenty of hope for my objective
    Is lucid and clear and I approach life without fear.

    Reflection of One's-Self

    I notice my mind becoming wiser year by year
    Onward I continue without any core regret or fear!
    I'm always at watch with my
    Mind's eye looking how time fly's
    Owning the innate core of my own truth
    Sometimes perfect and other isn't cute
    I look in the mirror and see things unaware
    Going through this life without a care
    I realize my flaws and wanted to share
    No longer will this occur without an ear or a single

    Deep in Thought

    I'm sitting here deep in thought
    Dreaming of a world without rot
    Holding the hands of peace and unity
    As clear to me as far as the eye can see
    The figure in the dark certainly is me
    Can I change my history and flaws?
    No I cannot without reaching for a new plot
    But I'm still here in deep thought!

    Time in Time Out

    Marvel in the beauty of the forest
    This is what this poem is mostly about
    We climb and we fall please allow to
    Brief all of ya'll, I've been here
    One and listening to the sky that's mighty
    Fun hurt from the flaws of man plan to hear
    And listen to trees form the desert and sand
    I still a man time and time out!

    Don't Know What to Do

    I'm sitting quietly to myself and don't
    Know what to do except to start writing
    And maybe just maybe I get the clue
    I've been writing since, I was twenty-three
    But still truly is this really me? I think poems
    Are insightful and many time "oh" so delightful
    But still is all of this ambiguity really real ... please
    Understand this is how, I truly feel pass or come what
    May this be the place, I shall always stay.
    Don't know what to do


    Once more into the fusion
    Life halts without conclusion
    Head back tilted to the sky
    A single leave falls by
    Silence hovers over the calm
    Be lucid and be strong
    To Believe To Believe....!

    Opportunity of Love

    I choose to sample a taste of love
    Soft as a touch of as a silk glove
    Hold me tight all through the night
    Fail to cease and increase the understanding
    Forgive for the times, I seem too demanding
    I love too hard and ever so strong at times
    With my love I apologize through this and seal
    Spoken rhyme.
    Opportunity and Love

    Family Ties

    Family and blood bonds us together
    Through this crazy life we are as feathers
    Floating through stormy weather approaching
    Separation without preparation Jesus be with us
    All next to you I would like to always stand tall
    Be there with me until the end true to heart you
    Is an enduring friend delighted in family bliss I?
    I seal all our fair-wells with a single kiss.
    Family Ties ...

    Need Another Job

    I know we need another job each and
    Every day I feel as if I'm being robbed
    Punching a clock and there goes time
    Tick-tock look who's still messing with
    The same old clock, I know I need to stop
    With the same

    Could it be?
    I wonder could it be
    A world that exist without me
    Trap in the illusion of self
    I stuck in my mind without anyone else
    Wisdom is mine to seek without rest
    Have I really done my very best?
    I know my life has meaning through
    And through please, I ask what should
    I do pause, think, and rest right ...?
    Will my story end with this plight ...
    NO ...


    I try because I can
    I try to be a man
    I try to open doors
    I try to be always more
    I try to be the best
    I want to inspire the rest
    I try for evermore
    Test me!


    Grey is my life ever grey and true
    Eyes wide open and only open to you
    Find your place and sit-a-spell
    Know that in spirit I am doing well
    Valuable is the knowledge that was gained
    Our main aim was to maintain, and we did
    Now check our status ... follow me kids!

    Insightful Thoughts

    I bring forth a multitude of thoughts
    Setting in a chair thinking of ... oh how
    I've fought standing close in a distant
    World, sharing all my splendor with my
    One true girl, I go forward and back yet
    Still not really understanding that?
    Insightful thoughts!

    School Days

    School days are here once more
    Who knows the anguish that lies in store?
    Test and examines is this who
    I really am? I've been going since the
    Age of three ... will I ever finish? Please lord oh
    Let it be obtaining a fabulous job to call my own
    While my mind is stuck in the zone, which zone does?
    You ask the one that's finally done with class.
    Never again will I enter school, now I've graduated
    And chilling with the best and will go home and take
    A rest!
    School Days!

    Last Breath until There is Nothing Left

    How dare one says I'm behind the curve
    Outside of closed curtain thinking
    Of the of the days passed and gone
    Like us, twinkling in the sky at night
    Not knowing can be quite a fright
    Air in my lungs goes up and down
    Strong but yet without a sound!
    Looking toward the next life and
    Will it come? I won't sit and wait
    Because that make me dumb and
    My life is a poetic story please lord
    Put a crown on my head and fill me
    With the glory.
    Last breath!

    Sometimes I'm wrong

    I can see that something is definitely
    Wrong because for some reason their
    Not playing my sweet song I prayed
    And stayed true, I sat back and watched the world
    With my mind's eye wide open and with deep intent
    And much focus ... I have enjoyed the history that was
    I've put both hands together and looked above
    Wondering is this really it for me or is my glass filled
    With distain and misery? I've done my part ... I just want
    A clean fresh start.

    Behind the Curve

    How dear one says I'm behind the curve
    How can one presume to know and
    Have such nerve, just looking for a chance
    To enhance my status in my life,
    Do I dare say it more than twice?
    But I am now here relax one's mind
    Including fear appreciate the knowledge
    Given now one can see I'm truly driven.
    Behind the curve!

    Love Clock is One and the Same

    As happy as the day is long for you
    Do I release this poetic and beautiful song
    You're my saving grace, I would do anything
    To see your face, no one knows how my
    Heart breaks wish you could be here
    Knowing I always have your ear, you're like
    Solid rock and when I image you my heart stops,
    For a moment or two makes me thankful for loving you,
    Even when I'm alone my heart continues singing our
    Sweet song.

    Steady Love Absent but not forgotten

    love is in the air without a single worry or care, know that I will be with
    you during times of struggle, I take comfort in knowing that we are
    indeed true lovers, being without you is a challenge to me through and
    through but erased because you are you! I think of you both at night
    and day, your name I take to the lord when I always pray. Love you
    dearly and sincerely, can't wait until the day you are near me once again,
    because after all you are my best friend. Love peace and more love, if I
    could, I would release a dove!


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