Bes - The Omnibus

Bes - The Omnibus

by William Forde


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Bes is a story suitable for the New Millennium reader aged between 9-13 years. It tells a story that loosely links with the three character types I introduced in 'The Bear with a Sore Head', 'Solo and Solomon' and 'Elephants Cry Too.' It is the first day of a New Millennium and the 'maker of all time' who is disappointed with the humans of the earth, sends a three dimensional spirit to the earth in the form of a strange looking animal. that is part bear, part sheep and part elephant.

The three-dimensional spirit is 'Bes', whose form is in the shape of part bear, part elephant and part sheep. Bes is given 40 years in which to spread a message of peace and love to all of the earth's creatures. If Bes can persuade the animals to live in 'peace and love' its purpose will have been served and as a reward to the animal kingdom, the 'maker of all life' will give all animals supremacy and rule over all humans.

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ISBN-13: 9781326060992
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication date: 12/23/2016
Pages: 158
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