The Best Bay Area Sports Arguments: The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans

The Best Bay Area Sports Arguments: The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions for Die-Hard Fans

by Cam Inman

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ISBN-13: 9781402248023
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 10/01/2008
Series: Best Sports Arguments
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
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About the Author

Cam Inman (California) is a sports columnist for the Contra Costa Times. He has covered the NFL, MLB, NBA, and more. Inman graduated from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo and worked for the San Luis Obispo Tribune and Santa Maria Times before joining Contra Costa Newspapers in 1995. A Bay Area native, he lives in Pleasanton with his family.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Madden


1. Joe vs. Steve: Who deserved to start in the best QB controversy ever?
2. Who's the most revered athlete in Bay Area sports history?
3. What's the Bay Area's best record-setting moment?
4. Which Bay Area icon is best known nationally?
5. What's the Bay Area's ultimate team motto?
6. What's the top Bay Area sports curse?
7. Which players had the coolest nicknames?
8. What's the best Bay Area sports artifact?
9. What fan freebie was the best?
10. Is the Bay Area the capital for sports doping?
11. What stadium is the most dangerous?
12. Where's the best seat in Bay Area sports?
13. What's the best call by a Bay Area broadcaster?
14. Who's the Bay Area's most beloved owner of all time?
15. Who's the biggest villain to Bay Area sports fans?
16. What was the worst relationship between a player and coach?
17. What's the best Bay Area sports movie?
18. Who is the Bay Area's most prestigious father-son combo?

19. Which 49ers' Super Bowl team was the best?
20. What were Joe Montana's top five games (excluding Super Bowls)?
21. Is Jerry Rice or Jim Brown the NFL's best of all time?
22. What were T.O.'s most controversial antics with the 49ers?
23. What were T.O's top five moments with the 49ers?
24. Who had the greatest run in 49ers history?
25. Who was the 49ers' second-best receiver?
26. What was Bill Walsh's best draft?
27. What was the 49ers' worst trade?
28. What was the 49ers' biggest innovation for the NFL?
29. What's the best branch on the Bill Walsh coaching tree?
30. Who was the 49ers' biggest draft bust?
31. Which 49er is most overdue for the Hall of Fame?
32. Is Lott's pinkie the most unbelievable sacrifice ever?
33. Should the 49ers have kept Jeff Garcia?
34. Are the 49ers still the Bay Area's most popular team?

35. Who made a greater impact on pro football, Al Davis or Bill Walsh?
36. Which Raiders season was the best?
37. Who had the Raiders' best single-season effort?
38. Bigger Raiders nightmare: Immaculate Reception or Tuck Rule?
39. Which Heisman winner made the best Oakland Raider?
40. Who's the Raiders' biggest draft bust since 1995?
41. What's the Raiders' best trade ever?
42. Who was Al's best coaching hire?
43. What was Al's worst coaching move?
44. Which ex-49er best extended his career with the Raiders?
45. Which old-time Raider is most overdue for the Hall of Fame?
46. Should the Raiders retire "00"?
47. Was the Raiders' trading of Randy Moss the NFL's biggest steal?

48. Who had the bigger upset, the 2007 or 1975 Warriors?
49. What's the Warriors' all-time starting five?
50. What coaching era was better, Nellie I or Nellie II?
51. Was "The Dunk" really the Warriors' best?
52. Who's the Warriors' biggest draft bust?
53. Better 51-point outbursts: Sleepy or Jamison?
54. What was the worst Warriors' trade ever?
55. Why don't more players shoot free throws underhanded?
56. Did the Warriors make the best apology in sports history?

57. Did Barry Bonds knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs?
58. Is Bonds a first-ballot Hall of Famer?
* Who are the all-time best San Francisco Giants? *
59. CATCHER: Bob Brenly
60. FIRST BASE: Willie McCovey
61. SECOND BASE: Jeff Kent
62. THIRD BASE: Matt Williams
63. SHORTSTOP: Rich Aurilia
64. LEFT FIELD: Barry Bonds
65. CENTER FIELD: Willie Mays
66. RIGHT FIELD: Bobby Bonds
67. PITCHERS: Juan Marichal/Robb Nen
68. MANAGER: Dusty Baker
69. Which were Bonds' best home runs as a Giant?
70. Which were Mays' best home runs as a Giant?
71. What were the Giants' best homers not by Bonds or Mays?
72. What was the Giants' most classic All-Star moment?
73. Giants' biggest World Series nemesis: Richardson, Spiezio, or The Quake?

74. What was the best home run in A's history?
75. In Billy Beane We Trust, still?
76. What was Charlie Finley's best gimmick with the A's?
* Who are the all-time best A's? *
77. CATCHER: Terry Steinbach
78. FIRST BASE: Mark McGwire
79. SECOND BASE: Mark Ellis
80. SHORTSTOP: Bert Campaneris
81. THIRD BASE: Sal Bando
82. LEFT FIELD: Rickey Henderson
83. CENTER FIELD: Dave Henderson
84. RIGHT FIELD: Reggie Jackson
86. PITCHERS: Jim "Catfish" Hunter/Dennis Eckersley
87. MANAGER: Tony La Russa

88. Were Cal's five laterals legal in The Play?
89. What was the Bay Area's best "March Madness" moment?
90. Was Cal's 2007 collapse the biggest ever in college football?
91. Was Stanford's win over USC college football's greatest upset ever?
92. Who's the most famous Stanford sports product?
93. Who is Cal's most famous sports product?

94. Which great Shark has been the greatest?
95. He shoots, he scores: The Sharks' best goal?
96. Who's the Bay Area's most famous female athlete?
97. What were the Bay Area's top golf moments?
98. What were Pebble Beach's best moments?
99. Is NASCAR weekend Northern California's biggest sporting event?
100. What was the Bay Area's best year in sports?

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