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The Best Meditations on the Planet: 100 Techniques to Beat Stress, Improve Health, and Create Happiness-In Just Minutes A Day

The Best Meditations on the Planet: 100 Techniques to Beat Stress, Improve Health, and Create Happiness-In Just Minutes A Day

by Martin Hart, Skye Alexander


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Rewire your brain for happiness, to bolster your immune system against illness, or release anxiety.

The Best Meditations on the Planet gives you 100 meditations that can be used to improve your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

There are unique meditations for just about everything; like #23 Manage Anger by Disconnecting Your Buttons; #6 Release Stress at the End of the Day; or #51 Release Performance Anxiety.

If you’ve always wanted to reap the benefits of meditation but were concerned that it is too hard or takes too much time, we'll get you meditating and experiencing benefits immediately.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592334599
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication date: 04/01/2011
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Dr. Martin Hart is the founder and president of the American Society of Alternative Therapists (ASAT) and has been in counseling and alternative health education for thirty-five years. Since 1978, Dr. Hart has taught meditation both in the US and internationally, at some of the largest corporations in Asia, as well as top colleges and research facilities. He has certified more than 1,700 practitioners in his unique system of counseling and self-healing. His courses and workshops have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, the London Sunday Telegraph, and other publications. He has also appeared on national and international television and radio programs discussing his work.

Skye Alexander is the author of more than two dozen fiction and nonfiction books, including 10-Minute Feng Shui, The Care and Feeding of Your Chi, and The Reflexology Card Deck. Her first novel, Hidden Agenda, won the Kiss of Death Award for best book of romantic suspense. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies internationally, and her work has been translated into ten languages. She was also featured in the Discovery Channel TV special "Secret Stonehenge." After spending thirty-one years in Massachusetts, she now lives on a cattle ranch in the heart of Texas.

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Release Performance Anxiety

Does your heart beat faster, your hands sweat, your mouth go dry, or your stomach tie itself in knots when you’re in the spotlight? If so, you’re not alone. Approximately 75 percent of us experience some type of performance anxiety. Even accomplished profes- sionals often suffer from stage fright. An eight-week study of musicians, published in Psychology of Music in 2008, found that meditation improved participants’ performance anxiety as well as their performance quality. Whether you have stage fright, interview anxiety, first date jitters, or any other type of performance anxiety, the following meditation will help you feel grounded, protected, and confident.

1} Sit quietly in a place where you feel comfort- able and close your eyes.
2} Imagine a shaft of light, like a laser beam, descending from above you. Sense it enter the crown of your head and travel down through the center of your body.
3} Feel the light move through each chakra and then exit your tailbone region (this experience may give you quite a rush). Imagine the shaft of light continuing its descent, all the way down to the very center of the Earth. See or sense the beam grounding you as it anchors you to the Earth.
4} Now, imagine a sphere of luminescent light forming around you, like a cocoon. This sphere shields you and provides a sense of security.
5} From your place within the sphere, ask your Higher Self to remove the anxiety you are experiencing.
6} Feel the sphere drawing the anxiety and ten- sion out of you and away from you.
7} Remain in the meditation for as long as you like. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Freed of the anxiety and tension, you can now enjoy the performance, the date, the interview. Periodically, notice that the shaft of light is still anchoring you and the luminescent sphere is still shielding you.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Don't Just Do Something... Sit There

Part One: What Meditation Can Do For You

Part Two: Meditations for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Part Three: Meditations for Physical Healing

Part Four: Meditations for Emotional Healing

Part Five: Meditations for Overall Health, Rejuventation, and Longevity

Part Six: Meditations to Improve Concentration, Memory, and Mental Clarity

Part Seven: Meditations to Enhance Success and Performance

Part Eight: Meditations to Improve Relationships

Part Nine: Meditations to Attract What You Want in Life

Part Ten: Meditations to Aid Creativity, Intelligence, and Problem Solving

Part Eleven: Meditations to Heal the Planet

Appendix A: More About Meditation
Meditation's Spiritual Roots
Directed and Nondirected Meditations
Some Types of Meditations

Appendix B: Cross-Reference Chart


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