Best of Blue

Best of Blue

by Lionel Blue


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A child of poor Jewish parentage, educated in the roughest part of the East End of London, Lionel Blue worked his way through Balliol College, Oxford and the Rabbinate to become a star of radio and stage. His 'Thought for the Day' broadcasts enchanted and invigorated millions of listeners. The Rabbi's humour became celebrated, making it even a regular feature of Private Eye, the satirical magazine, and his opening gambit of 'Good morning Peter, good morning Sue and good morning everyone' became famous. This new collection of the best of Lionel Blue's writings sparkles with his characteristic and idiosyncratic humour. It is through this that his profound wisdom has touched the hearts and minds of millions of appreciative listeners.

The book sparkles with Lionel Blue's characteristic, idiosyncratic humour and profound wisdon. Blue's whole range of writing - To Heaven with Scribes and Pharisees, cookery, Jewish jokes, the Blue Guide to Eternity and Jewish Prayer Books for High Days and Holy Days - is represented in this charming new collection.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780826490452
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 10/11/2006
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Rabbi Blue lives in North London. He appears frequently on the stage on college podiums and on the radio (occasionally on TV). He is a Fellow of Grey College, University of Durham and an honorary Dr. Of Divinity. He is currently also honorary Vice Chairman of the Movement for Reform Judaism.

Table of Contents

Prologue1. Dear Child 2. A Slit of Light 3. Streetwise 4. Angels on Horseback 5. Becoming a Man 6. 'It' 7. A Starker Spain 8. Making it Big in the Next Life 9. Dutch Courage 10. A Dream of Marble Hills 11. Pig and Jew 12. Bus Stop 13. Home from Home 14. Granny's Juju 15. Chow 16. Guardian Angel at 17. The God Cage 18. Take Care - Take Care! 19. God Lies in Wait!20. Wrong Reasons for the Right Thing 21. Seven Deadly Sins on Holiday 22. Toothbrush and Paste 23. Badly Used 24. The Gnat 25. Cigarette and Handbag26. The case of the Bearded Bribe 27. A Whiff of Adultery 28. Louis and Lottie 29. The Birds of Torremolinos 30. Marbella (Where the Money is!) 31. Spiritual Walkabout 32. Lunatic but Loving33. He Who Hesitates 34. My Inner Jourbaney 35. Anneliese's Guru Hunt 36. A Dog who got above herself37. Falling in love with love 38. A Moment of truth 39. Damn!40. Look at the Birdie! 41. Gender Lessons of Travel 42. To have your bone and eat it 43. Marrow with a message 44. The Bird at Christmas 45. Strange holiday - The Real Thing! 46. My friend Fred 47. Barbecues and Babies 48. Home call 49. Mink Shrink! 50. What the Rabbi gave to the Bishop 51. My Paranoid Pooch; 52. Our incomplete world 53 Strewth!; 54. Real listening!55. Substitute for love 56. Loss of status 57. Is God snoozing? 58. Senile delinquent; 59. A piece of potato 60. The cost of coffins 61. Meeting the horizon

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