Best. Selling. Novel. best stuff I know . . . before I go.

Best. Selling. Novel. best stuff I know . . . before I go.

by Jenny Holmes


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For several years now, I have been carrying around a little piece of paper that says "write a best selling novel." The note is a reminder and affirmation of my goal to write a best selling novel in my lifetime. Although I have written and self-published several how-to books, I struggled to choose the topic for this 'best seller' causing yet another delay in its writing. As a journalist, of course I want to write something poignant, relevant, inspirational and a book that appeals to a large demographic. However, with a recent promotion to stage 4 cancer, I've decided I can't be sitting around waiting on the perfect topics to pop in my brain, then spend months submitting to publishers in hopes they will agree with its best selling potential. In fact, I read that a book gets best selling status based on its ability to sell quickly upon launch. Then I realized that I know a lot of things about a lot of things. At 53 and with 43 careers under my belt, I have had a lot of experiences, successes, failures, funny moments, done some really weird things and a few normal ones and I could write about the BEST of these and get some help selling my stories really quickly so it could become a best seller. Nobody knows how long we have to live, but a few of us know, we are on a path of specific demise. So here is my best selling novel with some of the best advice, information, endearing stories of my 53 years. Thank you for purchasing this book. I hope some of my BEST stories inspire you to laugh, cry, live life to the fullest, do something risky and just find and share your BEST stories.

This is an Interactive Book with its own Facebook Page. Visit the page for two reasons. You can see photos and watch videos of My stories. And you can share YOUR stories. The more I wrote, the more I thought about how many of us-facing death or not-have something CRAZY to share. Photos and videos just bring life - to life. Go to facebook and search "Best Selling Novel."

I want to apologize in advance, if you purchase this book, then find out my cancer is gone and I am healed. I pray for healing. I know God has a plan for my life. Maybe he just wanted to use it as a boot-kick to make me finish writing my Best. Selling. Novel. I will keep you posted.

I also want to apologize that this book is not very organized. While somewhat of an autobiography, chronology would seem nice, but it would also seem to lead to just cancer stories-so it is random. These are some of my favorite stories and the best and worst of me from my own perspective.

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Publication date: 04/05/2015
Pages: 314
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