Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Proton Beam Therapy: 2017 Update! New Technology

Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Proton Beam Therapy: 2017 Update! New Technology

by Robert Ferre



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Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Proton Beam Therapy: 2017 Update! New Technology by Robert Ferre

Proton therapy (PT) is a type of radiation treat-ment that uses protons instead of X-rays to treat cancer. Because of their unique characteristics, protons successfully target the cancer while sparing the healthy tissue. Here are some topics you will find in this book.
1. Why your urologist never mentioned PT
2. Proof that PT gives the best result with the fewest side effects.
3. How PT out performs x-ray radiation such as IMRT.
4. The author's personal description of PT.
5. Recent technological advances not covered in older books.
6. A special program in which Medicare pays for 80% of PT.
7. How to deal with insurance companies.
8. The amazing physics of PT and pencil beam scanning (PBS).
9. The superiority of PBS for other cancers.
10. Full color photos and illustrations.
11. Politics, obstacles and resistance to PT.
12. The future, compact equipment, lower prices, wider availability.
This book is partly about Robert's personal experience receiving proton therapy for prostate cancer and mostly about the treatment itself, how it works, and how to pay for it, who's doing it, and what the future holds.
From the back cover:
A hydrogen atom has one electron (negatively charged) and one proton (positively charged). Few men know the potential that protons have for eradicating prostate in a treatment called proton beam therapy. Your urologist didn't tell you about protons. He told you to have surgery. Yet proton therapy has the fewest side effects and the best result of any treatment. When it comes to prostate cancer, men--and the women who love them--must do their own research. In these pages Robert Ferré gives the most thorough and up-to-date description of proton therapy of any book on the market. He speaks from first hand experience, having been treated with proton therapy in September and October of 2016 at Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not having insuance that would cover proton therapy, Robert was resigned to having surgery until that fateful day that he found Provision could get Medicare to pay for 80% of his treatment and convince his insurance company to pay the remaining 20%. So fascinated was Robert with the technology itself that he includes three chapters on the physics of protons in addition to intimate details of his own process. Any man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer should read this book before deciding on which treatment to receive. It could change (and even save) your life. Avoid impotence and incontinence. Maintain your lifestyle. Be cured. Find all of the details in these pages.

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