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Bestiarium: Animals in the Music of the Middle Ages

Bestiarium: Animals in the Music of the Middle Ages

by La Reverdie

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Release Date:
Nuova Era

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  1. Cosi pensoso, caccia for 3 voices, S. 219
  2. Wol auff wir wellen slauffen
  3. Chon brachi assai
  4. I fu' già bianch' uccel
  5. Ar bleizi-mor
  6. L'aspido sordo
  7. Bryd one brere (Bird on a Briar), song
  8. Oselletto Selvaggio for 3 voices
  9. Fuweles in the Frith
  10. Na coire ar na sleibhtibh
  11. Lucida pecorella, madrigal
  12. Ich was ein chint so wolgetan, CB 185
  13. L'Autrier jost' una sebissa, troubadour song ("Nota sebissa")
  14. En ma forest, pastourelle
  15. Canto delle scolte
  16. Aquila Altera, madrigal
  17. Aquil' altera/Creatura gentil/Ucel de Dio, madrigal for 3 voices (also instrumental version)
  18. Ihr alten weib frewet ew
  19. Par maintes foys, virelai
  20. Chançonnette / Ainc voir / A la cheminée / Par verité (Veritatem), motet

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