Bestseller List

Bestseller List

by Kitty Turner

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How to top the bestseller list and grow your business through book publishing and engagement marketing.

If you understand how to successfully launch a writing career, you can join your rightful tribe AND get your mansion on the hill, travel, awards, recognition, and whatever else is your personal measure of going the distance. But how? Drop all your grand ideas of high art and divine talent, roll up your sleeves, and treat your writing career like what it is: a job. Being an author is a business. To succeed, you need a plan, the right skill set, and a map. If you have a driving desire to write professionally, then you have what it takes to earn an annual income of six-figures as an author. Bestseller List will show you how.

Bestseller List teaches:

  • How a book is like a business

  • How to define and grow an audience

  • The nuts and bolts of platform building

  • How you create a bestselling book through the process of platform building

  • Personal development techniques like habit building, mapping, mindfulness, and "progress rather than perfection" in the context of writing a book

  • An overview of editing, cover design, interior design, ebook formatting, editing, ISBN, and distribution

  • Most of all, it teaches how to SELL a book!

My mission is to propel your work into wide distribution and to provide you with the comfort and security of a large, steady income.

+ Yes, you can make an excellent living as an author.

+ Yes, your life's work can truly help people and make the world a better place.

+ Yes, you can do what is fulfilling to you 100% of the time.

– No, you don't need to be resigned to selling your books to only family and friends.

– No, you don't have to sellout or water down your message to succeed financially.

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BN ID: 2940161513767
Publisher: Daily House
Publication date: 04/28/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 487 KB

About the Author

Starting an online business can feel like swimming against a digital riptide. You know your business ideas will solve problems and can help many people, yet you struggle to differentiate yourself as a leader in your field. You know that visibility and trust are the keys to financial freedom, but how do you get your unique message heard above all the noise?

My name is Kitty Turner. I have been a serial entrepreneur for nearly two decades and have founded or operated many diverse and successful companies, both online and off.

My Entrepreneurial Resume

  • Pop-Up Yoga, SF, 2002

  • 12 Galaxies Nightclub, SF, 2004

  • Pyros of the Caribbean Traveling Circus, Virgin Islands, 2008

  • What To Do -VI, Virgin Islands, 2015

  • Daily House Publishing, Reno, 2017

Each time I started a new company, it became harder to get noticed and to reach new customers. The competition for digital and social marketing space was becoming more and more ferocious with each passing year!

In September of 2017, just as my travel blog exploded with over 240,000 readers and profitable partnerships, hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed 90% of the buildings on the island where I lived, including my home. My family and I picked up the pieces and moved to Reno to be near family.

Ever the problem solver and business starter, I wrote Bestseller List and started Daily House to help people like you write, publish, and earn a full-time income from books and related services.

What is the Bestseller List?

  • It's a book about how to grow your business through book publishing, content repurposing, and engagement marketing!

Daily House Publishing became a thriving company and Bestseller List became the solution to our own content marketing problem. Through helping people write books and become leaders in their own fields, we became influencers and prolific content producers own industry: direct publishing.

The Bestseller List books, courses, and services became an endless source of quality content that people needed, wanted, enjoyed, and bought.

The same will happen for you! Read Bestseller List and your books will become your endless source of shareable content and position you as an expert and thought-leader.

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