Beta Mathematics Handbook: Concepts, Theorems, Methods, Algorithms, Formulas, Graphs, Tables

Beta Mathematics Handbook: Concepts, Theorems, Methods, Algorithms, Formulas, Graphs, Tables

Paperback(2nd ed)

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BETA Mathematics Handbook is a comprehensive, accessible reference compilation of all basic facts and information for pure and applied mathematics, probability and statistics, and numerical analysis and basic applications. It offers a unique blend of classical areas of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, and analysis with new, modern topics. As a result, the book is up to date with all the latest math information used frequently in science and engineering. Modern topics covered include:

  • Discrete math, including graph theory
  • Analytic geometry in space
  • Transforms, including FFT and dynamical systems (filters)
  • Optimization, including dynamic optimization
  • Modern probability, including stochastic processes, simulation, and queuing systems
  • Lebesgue integrals

    Each topic is given its own section for a more logical presentation and easier reference. For example, one variable and multivariable calculus appear in separate chapters. Separate chapters are devoted to vector analysis, probability, and statistics as well.

    The book also makes extensive use of summary charts, grids, and tables to succinctly convey information. These include:

  • Methods of proof
  • Survey of algebraic structures
  • Summary of integral calculus functions
  • Summary of methods of deriving Taylor series
  • Summary table of power series expansions
  • Differential geometry by concepts summary
  • Summary chart of special Fourier series
  • Special conformal mappings grid

    The wealth of special features and unique format make BETA Mathematics Handbook, Second Edition an essential reference for all students and professionals working in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology disciplines.

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    ISBN-13: 9780849377587
    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
    Publication date: 05/11/1992
    Edition description: 2nd ed
    Pages: 496
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