The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Hematology

The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Hematology

by Griffin P. Rodgers, Neal S. Young


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ISBN-13: 9781496354006
Publisher: LWW
Publication date: 05/09/2018
Edition description: Fourth
Pages: 576
Sales rank: 705,717
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Preface vi

Contributors vii

Chapter 1 Iron Deficiency Bogdan Dumitriu Griffin P. Rodgers 1

Chapter 2 Deficiencies of Vitamin B12 and Folate Danielle M. Townsley Griffin P. Rodgers 12

Chapter 3 Hemolytic Anemia Sri Lakshmi Hyndavi Yeruva Patricia O'Neal 23

Chapter 4 Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia Matthew M. Hsieh John F. Tisdale Griffin P. Rodgers 38

Chapter 5 Porphyrias Peiman Hematti 59

Chapter 6 Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes: Aplastic Anemia, Acquired and Constitutional; Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria; Pure Red Blood Cell Aplasia; and Agranulocytosis Phillip Scheinberg Neal S. Young Johnson M. Liu 66

Chapter 7 Myelodysplastic Syndromes Danielle M. Townsley Minoo Battiwalla 90

Chapter 8 The Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia, Primary Myelofibrosis, and Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia Matthew J. Olnes 104

Chapter 9 Neutrophil Disorders and Neutropenias Matthew M. Hsieh Harry L. Malech 121

Chapter 10 Childhood Hematologic Diseases Julie Jaffray Alan S. Wayne 131

Chapter 11 Acute Myeloid Leukemia Christopher S. Hourigan Vera Malkovska 148

Chapter 12 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Deepa Bhojwani Alan S. Wayne 168

Chapter 13 Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Agnes S. M. Yong A. John Barrett 181

Chapter 14 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Inhye E. Ahn Clare Sun Adrian Wiestner 198

Chapter 15 Hodgkin Lymphoma Joseph Roswarski Mark Roschewski 212

Chapter 16 Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas Richard F. Little 223

Chapter 17 Multiple Myeloma Neha Korde Sham Mailankody Dickran Kazandjian Ola Landgren 252

Chapter 18 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Phuong T. Vo Ramaprasad Srinivasan Richard W. Childs 268

Chapter 19 Thrombocytopenia Karolyn A. Oetjen Cynthia E. Dunbar 289

Chapter 20 Disorders of Hemostasis I: Coagulation Angela C. Weyand Patrick F. Fogarty 307

Chapter 21 Disorders of Hemostasis II Angela C. Weyand Patrick F. Fogarty 321

Chapter 22 Venous Thromboembolism Elisabet H. Manasanch Jay N. Lozier 338

Chapter 23 Consultations in Anticoagulation Daisuke Araki Jay N. Lozier 356

Chapter 24 Blood Transfusion Harvey G. Klein 373

Chapter 25 Hemochromatosis Sandhya R. Panch Charles D. Bolan Susan F. Leitman 409

Chapter 26 Consultative Hematology Pierre Noel 424

Chapter 27 Interpretation of Standard Hematologic Tests Vid Leka Katherine R. Calvo Geraldine P. Schechter 440

Chapter 28 Basic Principles and Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry Thomas A. Fleisher Raul C. Braylan 465

Index 479

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