Betrayals (Blending Series #4)

Betrayals (Blending Series #4)

by Sharon Green

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Once tbe five elements — Earth, Wind, Air, Fire and Spirit — were One, when five gifted people joined their magical talents into One. When these five forces — embodied by three men and two women — are Blended, they are the ultimate power against the evil that threatens their world. But there is one weapon against which they cannot fight...betrayal.


On a world of magical adepts, the five greatest talents are fated to unite and rule. But Tamrissa, Jovvi, Vallant, Rion, and Lorand have been cruelly separated, struck down by treachery at the very moment of their greatest triumph.

Scattered across a vast empire, the five heroes must escape their prisons and find each other again. For only then will they be able to re-create their Blending, that magical melding of their powers that will allow them to defeat their enemies...and win the path to a throne.

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ISBN-13: 9780380788101
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/28/1999
Series: Blending Series , #4
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 4.18(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Sharon Green is the author of more than two dozen novels, including the five books of her tremendously popular series, The Blending. She lives in Tennessee.

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Chapter One

Lorand awoke — to a certain extent. His head ached in a way that he'd never felt before, the pain so intense that he wished he were unconscious again. And there was nothing he could do to stop the pain. Even if he'd been able to work around it — and the blurriness covering his mind — he couldn't seem to figure out where the power was....

"Look, he's tryin' t'wake up!" someone said, sounding alarmed. "He ain't 'sposta try t' wake up!"

"So what if he does?" another voice countered, male like the first voice. "They got him so doped up that he won't even know what day it is. When you feed him later, you'll probably have to keep shaking him to remind him what he's about. But you better not let him start wasting away, or they'll skin you alive."

"Why?" the first voice demanded, a heavy whine to it. "I heared he's prob'ly all kindsa damaged like, 'cause a th' way he got yanked outta that Blendin'. Gettin' yanked out's 'sposta damage 'em real bad, so why'd they still want 'im? An' if he ain't damaged, how'm I 'sposta handle a High?"

"Why do you insist on worrying about things that are none of your business?" the second voice asked, sounding angrily impatient. "Even if he's left with no more than Middle talent, they'll still want to find that out for themselves. They'll be able to use him even like that, but if his talent level remains intact, he'll be much more valuable. They'll dose him with Puredan to make him docile, and then they'll use him until they burn him out. You, personally, have nothing to fear, because they'll transport him to where the army is before they let him come back to himself. Are yousatisfied now?"

"Yeah, yeah sure," the first voice muttered, and then there was silence again. But it wasn't silent inside Lorand's head, where fear joined the unending pain. He had no idea what the men were talking about, and couldn't even remember what had happened to him. He lay on something hard in a place with a terrible stench, but he didn't know where the place was. He was supposed to have been doing something, but he couldn't remember what that something was.

All he knew was that someone was going to try to burn out his mind.

A long moan escaped Lorand's lips as he tried to free himself from whatever held him down, but it suddenly came to him that he wasn't chained or even tied. Something insubstantial held him in its grip, but its lack of substance did nothing to limit it. It held him tightly, like the arms of a very strong woman....

A woman. Hadn't there been a woman in his life somewhere? The memory of her hid just out of reach, teasing him with hints and suggestions. Had she been like that, a woman who teased? He'd always wanted to meet a woman who would tease him lovingly and gently....

Gently. That word didn't fit anywhere in his world. He'd tried gently to open his eyes, but they'd refused to work. He'd wanted his head to pound more gently, but he couldn't make it happen. Nothing was working right....

Working...was he working? Had he had an accident? Someone really should have come by to tell him what was going on, it would only have been common decency. Now...

Now he wished he knew where he was...and what had happened...and who was he, anyway...?

Jovvi felt as though she floated in a heavy sea, she herself heavier than usual. Everything around and about her was heavy, even the air almost too thick to breathe. It was a strain to draw that air into her lungs, and struggling to do it made her head hurt more. But it also seemed to thin the sea a bit, enough so that she could just touch the outer world....

"Well, well, aren't you the adventurous one," a male voice murmured very near to her, and then a hand smoothed her hair. "You're actually trying to wake up, even though it isn't time for you to do that. First we'll find a place to make you nice and comfortable, then we'll wait for the first transport group that's formed, and then you'll take a nice long trip. You'll like that, won't you?"

Jovvi could almost understand the words being spoken to her, but trying harder was out of the question. Even lying wherever she lay was almost too much of an effort, so anything beyond that...except for taking a deeper breath...

"Now, now, just settle down," the voice said, again almost clearly enough to be understood. "I understand that you're probably disappointed, but the lord who is Seated High in your aspect decided that he doesn't want you after all. To look at you, one might easily consider him mad, but then one would have to pause in thought. If a man of his strength doesn't even care to dally with you for a short while, you must be dangerous indeed. I am a man possessed of sufficient courage for all things, yet my sense of discretion usually surpasses the other. They'll make good use of your talents — whatever they may now be — in the place where you're awaited, and I'll find a less adventurous — and adventuresome — woman to do my own dallying with. Rest now, for when you get where they mean to send you, there will be no rest short of death — or burnout, whichever comes first."

Jovvi thought she heard the word "burnout," and agitation began to build inside her. That meant something beyond the ordinary, beyond what most words mean.

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