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Better Laugh Than Cry

Better Laugh Than Cry

by Ann Fletcher Simonds


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A humorous memoir by Ann Fletcher Simonds, including 80 stories. Ann made the first reality movie about the right to vote and freedom of speech to be shown overseas. This documentary was filmed by Alan and Susan Raymond, who later made the TV documentary, An American Family. Her cherished memories include Apollo 13, where she toured Cape Kennedy, met many astronauts, and danced with pilot Alan Sheppard. She met Fred Haise too, one of the three astronauts on the ill-fated Apollo 13. He later flew the Space Shuttle as the test pilot. With her husband and children, she visited the Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Kennedy. They viewed the actual space ship being constructed and a mockup of the Russian space ship. The US ship would eventually dock with the Space Station. She also toured the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, with Fred Hermann, instructor for the Luna Exploration Module. She even was allowed to sit in the LEM pilot's seat. Ann lived in "Peyton Place," nicknamed after one of the most famous books in modern times, so she was well acquainted with notorious author, Grace Metalious. Among her accomplishments, she relished her Red Carpet Tour of Germany. When she and her husband arrived, the town had a real red carpet and they were treated like royalty. However, her bubble burst when they discovered Queen Elizabeth followed behind them on much of their tour. On a fascinating 21-day tour of Europe, she reveled in chaperoning young people around the legendary hot spots of Luxemburg, France, England, the Netherlands, and Germany. Ann also had the opportunity to meet the much-admired Governor George Romney, as well as many celebrated members of Congress, at entrepreneur Willard Marriott's mansion during a formal reception. Read Ann's engaging memoir to gain a true picture of this historical period and laugh in spirit with her.

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Publication date: 12/17/2014
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