Better Than A Rabbit's Foot

Better Than A Rabbit's Foot

by S.S. Hampton Sr.

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Most soldiers take a lucky charm to war, but what if you don’t know what works for you?

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BN ID: 2940044754355
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Publication date: 07/31/2012
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 144 KB

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Better Than A Rabbit's Foot 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
LadybugLinLH More than 1 year ago
BETTER THAN A RABBIT'S FOOT by SS Hampton, Sr. got the Ladybug Lin GOOD and Stirred up You all know me...I'm ladybug Lin and I am for the most part, a calm, soft spoken thing who rarely gets riled...but boy howdy when I do...look out...AND I AM MORE THAN A TAD RILED. I just finished reading S.S. Hampton Sr.'s short story BETTER THAN A RABBIT'S FOOT and I loved it...Marion Sipe...did a PERFECT cover! Now that I've read SS's book, I realize just HOW perfect this cover is. While I was reading it I was reminded of an episode of the original Star Trek with Mr. I-Love-To-Over-Act William Shatner and get paid outrageous sums of money to do so. They'd arrived on a planet at war with another planet who'd reduced war to a gentleman's agreement. The computers said you were hit, so your people calmly walked into the annihilation chamber and submitted to peaceful, brainless death. Captain Kirk took out his trusty phaser and destroyed the chamber. Oh My, the planet's government wailed, the other planet is going to think they're reneging on their agreement. Guess what, Kirk informs them...war is messy...time you all remembered that. Maybe then you won't accept it with such grace. S.S. Hampton takes us smack dab into the mid east, razor-wire and all, where this generation is waging a war that is going on and on and on, just like the war of MY generation...the Viet Nam war did...but with one big difference...Most of the people growing up here today will NOT put their lives on the line to secure the future safety of their children and grandchildren...because the draft exists no longer. Many say this is a good thing, because we get better military because they're COMMITTED. Okay! I can buy into that, and this book brings us up close and personal with the emotions faced by just one of those BEST soldiers, on one morning, right after he learns they've lost one of their people. It's a short story, but a powerful one. My heart ached for Sergeant Jerry Stanton...but my blood pressure EXPLODED when I read the story of the author that followed...I am so angry... We do not NEED to have the draft so we can have the BEST military...SO PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THIS CAN BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO THE BEST? SS HAMPTON, SR IS A FULL-BLOOD CHOCTAW OF THE CHOCTAW NATION OF OKLAHOMA, A DIVORCED GRANDFATHER OF 13 GRANDCHILDREN, AND A VETERAN OF OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE (2004-2006) AND IRAQI FREEDOM (2006-2007). HE CONTINUES TO SERVE IN THE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD, WHERE HE HOLDS THE RANK OF STAFF SERGEANT. It goes on to talk about his interest in photography, writing, and the various publishing houses he's with...and then it ends with... AS OF DECEMBER 2011, HE BECAME THE LATEST HOMELESS IRAQ WAR VETERAN IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA For his writing of BETTER THAN A RABBIT'S FOOT I award him FIVE SHINING STARS For his service to my Country, I give him my heart, my gratitude, my pride, and my shame. If it were in my power I would give you the the entirety of the Milky Way. Thank you is not enough. To all who are reading my review...the very least we can do is support this brave human by supporting his brilliant writing. Again, thank you, SS. You ARE a hero.