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Betty #170

Betty #170

5.0 1
by Barbara Slate

"Second Hand Girl," "A Case of Stressmas," "The Collector," and "Miracle Work"


"Second Hand Girl," "A Case of Stressmas," "The Collector," and "Miracle Work"

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Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
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Betty , #170
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Archie Comics
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Betty #170 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've always focused on Archie for most of my stories. In this one, I'll be focusing on Betty, and her life in college. We'll start when she gets her college letter...(P.S., it will be in first order, with Betty as narrator) "Archie, your letter has come, so has yours Veronica, here Reginald, Miss. Cooper, I have your letter. You should be happy about which college you got into. You're the only Riverdale student to ever do so." Ms. Grundy said, smiling. 'Which college?" I wondered. I had applied to three different colleges. Yale, Colorado U, and Riverdale Community College. Here's my letter, _____________________________________________________________ Dear Ms. Cooper, Congraglations! You have been accepted into Yale. We looked at your grades from Fifth grade to Senior year, and they have been exellent! Yale will be pround to have you as a student. See you in three months, - Mrs. Dylan Arribrone, Headmistress _{}~(YALE)~{}_ _____________________________________________________________ I rushed home, wanting to tell my parents. "Mom! I got accepted into Yale!" Mom grinned. "I knew they would accept you. When do you leave