Between Judaism and Christianity: Art Historical Essays in Honor of Elisheva (Elisabeth) Revel-Neher

Between Judaism and Christianity: Art Historical Essays in Honor of Elisheva (Elisabeth) Revel-Neher



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ISBN-13: 9789004171060
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 10/29/2008
Series: Medieval Mediterranean Series , #81
Pages: 394
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About the Author

Katrin Kogman-Appel, Ph.D. (1994, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) teaches at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva and is the author of Jewish Book Art Between Christianity and Islam (Brill, 2004) and Illuminated Haggadot from Spain (Penn State 2006).
Mati Meyer, Ph.D. (2002, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) is a lecturer at the Open University of Israel and published extensively on gender aspects in Byzantine art, including An Obscure Portrait: Imaging the Everyday Life of Byzantine Women (in press).

Table of Contents


Preface, Katrin Kogman-Appel and Mati Meyer
Elisheva Revel-Neher, Ziva Amishai-Maisels

Part One: Late Antique Jewish Art
The Mosaics of the Nile Festival Building at Sepphoris and the Legacy of the Antiochene Tradition, Zeev Weiss
Fish-Ta(i)les: Jewish Gold Glasses Revisited, Rivka Ben-Sasson
Jewish Art in Late Antiquity: An Example of Jewish Identity, Kurt Schubert (d. Feb. 4, 2007)

Part Two: Early Christian Art
Jonas of Aquileia: A Gesture to Constantine the Great, Margo Stroumsa Uzan
Donations and Donors as Reflected in the Mosaic Pavements of Transjordan’s Churches in the Byzantine and Umayyad Periods, Lihi Habas
Johannes of Gaza’s Tabula Mundi Revisited, Rina Talgam

Part Three: Cultural Exchange Between Jews and Christians
Cosmology, Art and Liturgy, Shulamit Laderman
The Codex Scaligeri, Christian Topography, and the Question of Jewish Sources of Early Christian Art, Herbert L. Kessler
Notes on the Illustrations of Ezekiel’s Temple Vision in the ‘Postilla litteralis’ of Nicholas of LyraWalter Cahn
Noah’s Ark and the Ark of Covenant in Spanish and Sephardic Medieval Manuscripts, Andreina Contessa
Purity and Impurity: The Naked Woman Bathing in Jewish and Christian Art, Sarit Shalev Eyni
She Who is Not Named: Pilates’s Wife in Medieval Art, Colum Hourihane

Part Four: Byzantine Art
Eve’s Nudity: A Sign of Shame or Precursor of Christological Economy, Mati Meyer
Silenus Among the Jews? Anti-Jewish Polemics in Ninth-Century Byzantine Marginal Psalters, Emma Fanar

Part Five: Hebrew Illuminated Manuscrips
Jewish Scribes and Christian Illuminators: Interstitial Encounters and Cultural Negotiation, Eva Frojmovic
The Scales in the Leipzig Mahzor: Penance and Eschatology in Early Fourteenth-Century Germany, Katrin Kogman-Appel
The Seal of Solomon the Scribe: The Illustrations of the Albenc Pentateuch of 1340, Bezalel Narkiss
The Hidden Couple: An Unexecuted Under-Drawing in the Catalan Micrography Mahzor, Dalia-Ruth Halperin
A Woman’s Hebrew Prayer Book and the Art of Mariano del Buono, Evelyn M. Cohen

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