Between the Lines

Between the Lines

by Claudia Whitsitt


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ISBN-13: 9780991643028
Publisher: Claudia Whitsitt
Publication date: 03/05/2015
Series: Kids Like You , #1
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Growing up in Detroit, I was always concerned about differences and wanted life to be fair. I'm not sure if I was born this way or if my upbringing rooted this belief in me, but t didn't take long for me to learn that life is anything but fair. Still, I made it my personal mission to try and help people settle their differences in an equitable manner, and be kind to everyone, no matter how different they were from me.

When the Detroit riots started on my fifteenth birthday, like Hattie, I was devastated. But the riots also cemented this sense of wonder in me. Why couldn't all people get along?

Crackers, Beverly, and I met in college, and when I came to write a novel for my students, I couldn't think of a better place to begin than with a story inspired by our true friendship, one that has lasted for over forty years.

Some people would call me naïve, I suppose, but I firmly believe that with the right education, much like Jane Elliot's diversity training, we could learn to celebrate differences and live together in peace. I'm sure that my sense of fairness, my fascination with learning more about how all of us negotiate the world, and my desire to make a difference led me to teaching and to the field of special education.

Writing Between the Lines was a somewhat selfish endeavor for me. Now I can spend more time back in the classroom, where my heart belongs.

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Between the Lines 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
UndercoverBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! A little on the emotional side for me but it was great non the less! The story is heart felt and the characters you will fall in love with! It's a great book for any and all to read if you haven't yet! The time frame that you are taken back to is unbelievable! Especially to be able to get the feel of what it was like then. *Received for an honest review*
MotherDaughterBookReviews More than 1 year ago
*** 5 Bright Shining Stars *** My daughter (12) and I (the Mom) read and reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews. Here are excerpts from our reviews, but full our detailed reviews can be found on our website (just search us!) DAUGHTER SAYS: My favorite part in the book was when they did the experiment for the hair color because the kids realized that the black people were being treated unfairly. I didn’t like how they treated the black people. I especially was disappointed by how the teacher had pretended that she liked Beverly but then gave another teacher a note that insulted Beverly. And then there was the mom who was really rude to Beverly. And I really didn’t like that. This book made me sad to see how Beverly AND Hattie were getting treated. Beverly was getting treated poorly just because she was black and Hattie was getting treated poorly because she was friends with Beverly. The title “Between the Lines” comes from Crackers who tells Hattie she needs to step outside the lines to make a difference in the world. Throughout the book, Hattie ponders what Crackers means by this and she comes up with many different meanings. What Hattie learns is that she can stay “Between the Lines” (i.e., play by the rules), but still make a difference in the world with the way she treats people. She realizes that everybody should be treated the same. I really loved this book. That is all I can say other than THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I think girls 11-14 years old would like this book. MOM SAYS: There are so many reasons to love this wonderfully crafted piece of historical fiction for middle grade. Claudia Whitsitt effectively uses stream of consciousness to allow the reader to experience Hattie’s thoughts and emotions as she learns first hand about racism after she befriends a black girl in the aftermath of the Detroit riots in 1967. Peppered with historical facts, reflections on the social and systemic root causes of racial discrimination and oppression, as well as many heart-wrenching examples of both overt and covert racist thoughts and actions, Between the Lines is a masterfully written and evocative story for tweens that will leave a lasting impression on a generation of readers who are the future leaders of our society. I highly recommend this wonderful book to children ages 8 and older and in particular for mid to upper elementary classrooms seeking a book to elicit a discussion about racism. Loved it! * This book was provided to us by the author free-of-charge for from the author in exchange for our honest reviews. All opinions expressed are our own. *
quibecca More than 1 year ago
This book deserves 6 STARS!!!  It's AMAZING! I cannot even tell you how much I loved this book.  I think I cried like a little girl while reading this book.  Prejudice is something I don't think I will ever be able to wrap my head around.   Ever.  I never want to.  I will never understand why people can treat others different, or with disrespect no matter who they are.  Everyone in this world is created equal.  Regardless of race, religion or color!!  I wish I could say I never judge, but that just isn't the case.  I dislike all stupid people.  Notice that did not have a race, religion, or color attached to it.  Nope...just stupid people. Hattie, Crackers, and Beverly are my heroes.  I loved this book.  I loved the three little girls.  I have a 10 year old son and I can only hope and pray that he stands up for everyone.  I hope he is an advocate for all things good in this world. When Hattie has to move into a new house and a new school district, she is forced to go to public school she doesn't think she will ever be able to make friends again.  She is pleasantly surprised.  Her first friend is the sweet Beverly.  The only black girl in the school.  Hattie doesn't see her that way though.  Beverly was the first one to be nice to Hattie, and that is what she liked the most about her.  Hattie had no idea how hard it would be for her to have a friend that is colored.  Crackers comes into play, and she is the wild child of the group.  Always stepping out and making scenes.  Making people laugh, making teachers crazy :).  She cracks me up.  The three of them quickly become the three musketeers. When Hattie invites the girls over to her house for lunch one day, Hattie's world is turned upside down.  Hatties mother tells her she cannot be friends with Beverly.  She said being friends with her would cause Beverly and her mother problems, along with them.  People looked down on others if they accepted black people as equal.   The kids at school were exactly the same.  The teacher of their class, and other students are horrible to Beverly.  They treat her badly, while Crackers, and Hattie try hard to stand up for her in all cases.  When the girls are beat up by some other kids in their class, the Principal and cops step in.  They give the three girls a project.  They have to write up a project on how to make things better.  They do, and it is powerful, and amazing. Hattie had chosen to write a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. for another project they had in class, that were submitted for an award in the school.  Hattie had a hard time dealing with her mother who seemed to have the same prejudices as so many others.  Hattie was torn between following her mothers rules, and standing up for what she believed in.   Crackers, Hattie, and Beverly came up with a project that involved the class, and Hattie writes her letter.  The experiment is touching.  So powerful.  Amazing. Whitsitt's writing is beyond amazing.  The story is so beautiful, and touching.  This is such a great book for kids to read.  I am going to read this one with my children.  I hope they get the same message I got from this book.  It's powerful.  It's just plain amazing.  I have read a few books lately that have just been so powerful.    This one is no exception. Children have a wonderful way of teaching us what is important in life.  They love more easily.  They trust more easily.  Children are kind unless they have been taught not to be.  They are innocent, and seek the good out of others.  This book is a real testament of that.   Pick this book up, I don't think you will regret it.  It's so great!