Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog


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Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog by Stacy Toth, Matthew McCarry

Beyond Bacon pays homage to the humble hog by teaching you how to make more than a hundred recipes featuring cuts from the entire animal. While bacon might be the most popular part of the pig for those following the paleo diet, there is a plethora of other delicious and nutrient dense cuts to enjoy.

Pastured pork is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), the "good fats" our doctors want us to eat. Beyond Bacon breaks the myths behind this often eschewed meat and shows you how create delectable dishes that are grain-, legume-, dairy-, and refined sugar-free. Beyond Bacon allows you to improve your health and the environment by focusing on sustainable swine.

Don't let the dried out pork of your youth scare you away. All the recipes in Beyond Bacon are elegant yet approachable, making it the ultimate cookbook for the foodie in you. You¦ll find:

  • Grain-free Pie Crust, made with lard,
  • Perfect Pork Chops, better than most restaurant steaks,
  • Swedish Meatballs with liver gravy,
  • Pho Soup with chitterling "noodles",
  • instructions on how to properly BBQ and make your own sauces, and
  • a guide to rendering your own CLA-rich lard and how to cook with it.

Beyond Bacon delivers mouth-watering photos for each delicious recipe. With a rustic aesthetic and appreciation for tradition, Beyond Bacon recreates the rich and wonderful food perfected generations ago in a healthful way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781936608232
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2013
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry are the couple behind the popular blog They offer award-winning recipes and detail their successes with the paleo diet. Together they lost 200 pounds and, along with their three active boys, recovered from various health issues simply by lifestyle change.

Part of their journey has led them to an appreciation for the environmental and health benefits of sustainably raised, pastured animals. Their second book, Beyond Bacon, is a love letter to pork and intends to show you exactly how they cook every cut of the whole hog.

Stacy and Matt also authored, Eat Like a Dinosaur, a bestselling allergen-friendly paleo cookbook. You can find them on their top rated podcast, The Paleo View.

Table of Contents

Foreword Joel Salatin 6

Preface Stacy Matt 9

Why We Wrote this Love Letter to Pork

Why the Focus on Pastured Pork? 13

How to Find & Afford Pastured Pork 21

History of Pig Cultivation 29

The Science of Pork and Saturated Fat 33

Does Pork Affect Your Blood? 37

Out with The New and In with The Old 41

Will Pink Pork Kill Me? 45

What We Mean by "Quality" Ingredients 47

What Tools Do I Use? 50

How do I Get Started?

Smoking 54

Deep Frying 56

Sausage Stuffing 58


The Basics: Lard, Stock, Sausages & Cured Meats 60

Play with Fire: Grilled & Smoked Recipes 88

Soups & Stews 110

Braised & Roasted Pork 122

Conventional Preparations 148

Fried Lard Goodness 184

Veggies & Sides 202

Sauces & Dressings 242

Sweet Thangs 260

Index 295

Resources 299

References 301

Customer Reviews

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Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did end up returning this book, it's beautiful and very well done, but not practical for our needs. It is not what I expected, but please don't let that stop you from enjoying this book. It's well written and full of wonderful ideas and photos. I would suggest you look at this at Barnes and Nobel store front first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beyond Bacon takes a genuine, passionate approach to educating people on how and why you should eat more than just bacon. The pictures (of recipes and well-raised pigs) alone could have convinced me, but the content is rich and educational as well. I not only have a deeper understanding of how to cook pork, and how to use lard (which I will be doing ALL the time!), but I will now know how to get the right kind of pork, and not be afraid of ordering cuts that I had never heard of before. This is more than just bacon-fied recipes - but it certainly earns it's place on the shelf next to gourmet cookbooks!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok, so we all love least many of us do. But what happens when you look to buying from your local farmers for responsibly raised meat and things you have never heard of come back to you in white paper packages? Enter Beyond Bacon. I have followed Matt and Stacy of the Paleo Parents for some time. I respect that they took their health into their own hands by drastically stepping away from the SAD (Sad American Diet) into the real food world. It is not an easy step, and doing it with three little kids too makes it that much harder. But they’ve done it! And they have seen the drastic results diet can have in people’s lives. How abstract things like behavior and ADD really CAN be affected by the foods we eat (if you want to read some on my daughter’s story, I wrote about it sometime back). I admit, I was bit skeptical about the whole concept of Beyond Bacon when Matt & Stacy started talking about it a year ago. I was thinking, “A whole book devoted to pork?! I wonder how useful that will be?” I am happy to report I was wrong! The cookbook is loaded with easy to use recipes of all shapes and sizes…some fancy, some casual, some baked, some roasted. The best part is, as my family and I have moved toward sourcing our meats from local farmer’s, I can discover new uses for parts of this humble animal I had never thought to use! Buying from a farmer pretty much guarantees I am picky about how my animals are treated and how they are raised. I have watched too many documentaries (like Food Inc) and read too many books (like Omnivores Dilemma) to buy my meat just anywhere. I know too much and I refuse to support factory farms. I love the cookbook’s subtitle: Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog. Because that is what I want to do, RESPECT the creatures I am eating! And what better way to do that that use ALL the parts and buying pork that has been treated with respect? Top Reasons to buy your own copy of Beyond Bacon today (in no special order): Support not one, but TWO small businesses, the authors and Aimee Buxton Photography! It gives you an invaluable resource as you support your own local farmers by buying a whole or half of a hog! It saves you money! Anyone knows, allergy friendly REAL food it not cheap and most of us have grocery bills that would make the majority of people weak in the knees. Buying all or part of an animal saves you big$$!! BEAUTIFUL! We all like to look a pictures of food we want to eat, and this book does a stellar job. It is a beautiful to look at, cover to cover! Great information and well thought out sections on the WHY behind sustainably raised pork. Why for the world. Why for you body. Recipes you want to make! The recipes feel approachable and all the recipes I have tried were easy to follow (and yummy!). It has demystified many things I have never attempted (smoking!). LARD!! Fat from a pasture raised hog is a high quality fat perfect for high heat cooking. It lends a great flavor to foods and is inexpensive and easy to make!! I am LOVING this stuff, what a great, nutritious fat to have on hand, and THIS book got me going! (Ten years ago I would have balked at lard!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Since my book arrived I can't help but smile when I look at it! It's beautiful. The way the chalkboard style design feels on my hands. The beautiful pictures throughout it. Last but not least the RECIPES. They're well organized, and you can see on each whether they're going to be easy to do or more of a challenge. I have not been disappointed by what I've made so far (about 5 recipes). I'm going to try at least one new recipe each week. I am SUPER excited to finally put my sausage attachment to my stand mixer to good use. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun and USEFUL cookbook for a busy mom!   I've been following the Paleo Parents blog and trying the recipes from their online resources and their first book "Eat Like a Dinosaur" for the past couple years. From their kid-friendly meals and desserts to their delectable adult menu, I haven't yet been disappointed. I'm busy as a mom to five little boys ranging in age from one to thirteen years. I don't have time to suffer bad food experiments with snacks and meals. Stacy and Matt's recipes have proven dependable and reliable time and time again! My family is very interested in sustainable, organic, nutrient-dense REAL food. Until we can move to our own farm and get into homesteading, we've made it a hobby to read and study as much as we can about raising healthy animals for food. "Beyond Bacon" is a fantastic read. We were inspired just with the foreword written by Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm! The book is written so that readers who are unfamiliar with the whole hog can understand everything they need to know in order to feel good about eating pork, branch out from the most commonly prepared forms of pork (thus the title of the book), find the best sources of pastured pork, use every bit of the animal in a respectful manner, and ENJOY absolutely delicious food. The recipes I've made so far include: Licorice Sausage (EASY to make but tastes so great with the anise flavor; a very different and fun breakfast); 50/50 Burgers (my kids LOVE bacon, and I love the chili/cumin spice combination; win!); Lengua Carnitas (slight change to their recipe since I used pork shoulder/butt instead of tongues and added cinnamon, bay leaf, garlic, onion; this was AMAZING especially made crispy after slow cooking. We served the carnitas with romaine, guacamole, salsa, green pepper/onion mix for paleo eaters and then had optional tortillas, corn chips, rice, and shredded cheese for other eaters. Was way better than any restaurant's carnitas!); and Plantain Chips (another easy but satisfying recipe with unique flavor). I'm excited to try more recipes from this cookbook. It's going to be sitting out in my kitchen for a very long time. The kids have already requested that we serve Bacon Chicken as soon as possible. I'm planning on making the Salted Mocha Biscotti for my birthday...and maybe a few more of the beautifully photographed desserts too. :) Overall, I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who likes to cook hearty and healthy meals and treats for happy bellies. It's not a cookbook that will gather dust on a shelf. Thank you Paleo Parents!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hog Wild for Beyond Bacon! "With Beyond Bacon, we hope to expand your horizons so that you, too, fall in love with the whole hog." Matthew McCarry and Stacy Toth have done just that! Beyond Bacon is more than a cookbook! The authors provide great advice on how to find pastured pork, how to order a whole pig, and then what to do with every piece. I love the stories and quotes from friends and family members throughout the book. You feel like you get to know the authors on a personal level. There are snippets before each recipe which tell you why they chose to create the recipe or a story related to that food item/recipe. Matt and Stacy know food, know what our bodies need, and provide great recipes. And of course, the food photography by Aimee Buxton is amazing! My two favorite recipes (so far) are Grilled Cubed Pork Kabobs (AMAZING!) and 50/50 Burgers, Take 2. I am sure I will find more favorites along the way. I cannot wait to try their method for making bacon. All in all, this is a beautiful, informative, and inspiring book that I am ecstatic to own!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beyond Bacon is an absolutely beautiful and well put together book. I highly recommend this cookbook, which is so much more than just recipes. Stacy and Matt do an amazing job describing the ins and outs of pastured pork and the importance of eating nose to tail. All of the recipes are great, I can't decide which one I like the most. The only bad thing about this cookbook, is that we can't keep our pork products stocked!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highly recommend this gorgeous cookbook for Paleo or Pork lovers. The authors delve deeply into pork done the right way: sustainable, organic and all the rest. They show us how pork SHOULD be eaten and how versatile it can be. They are situated in Virginia where eating and food takes on a more evolved form (in my opinion, even more so than my stomping grounds in the Northern California wine country). We can all gain from this insight.  The book is truly a beautiful work of art, from the passionate content and creative recipes, to the stunning photography and artistic book design. This cookbook has it all. I can’t wait to try the “meat candy.” Would make a great gift for pork lovers. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've been disappointed with many of the Paleo books on the market today, but I was overwhelmingly pleased with Beyond Bacon. It's the epitome of what I have been waiting to surface out of the Paleo world: a classy, beautiful, and relevant cookbook that holds its own against traditional cookbooks on the market today. The recipes speak for themselves, and the food photography is stunning. The book strikes a good balance between conventional dishes (ribs, pork belly), comfort foods (corn dogs!), and uses for cuts of pork you may come across when buying directly from a farm. They also provide some much-needed basics (lard, cured meats), which have been painstakingly perfected through trial and error - simply put, the authors know their way around a pig. The best compliment I can give this book is that I expect many people to buy this book for its recipes and presentation alone, only to find that the dishes also happen to be Paleo-friendly, nutritious, and nourishing. My favorite addition to my cookbook collect so far this year!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Creative recipes, insanely beautiful photography, and an inspiring message about the importance of respecting your food and where it comes from; this book has it all! From biscuits to head cheese, there is a recipe for everyone and every occasion. I do not follow a Paleo diet but I still find the recipes inspiring and delicious. This cookbook is awesome and I would absolutely recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We received our copy in the mail and my 9 year old son literally ripped open the package and would not relinquish it until he had gone through and put post-its on every page he wanted us to make. Needless to say, since then we have been cooking like crazy from it. My boys love everything we have made and get excited every time they know I am cooking from it. Since the kids are the biggest critics in the house, this is a huge testament to how awesome this book is! All of the recipes have been big hits so far! In our own home, we are mostly Paleo, so I can tell already that this book, along with their first book, Eat Like A Dinosaur, will be staples on our Kitchen Counter!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really can’t say enough that this is beautiful book to have on your shelf.  If you have thought about moving towards pastured pork or purchasing a pig, this book will walk you through that process.  If you are clueless at what to do with all the weird parts, this book will guide you through that, too! Thank you Matt & Stacy, I have already made significant changes in my kitchen & am looking forward to experimenting more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We were so delighted with Eat Like A Dinosaur that it has become a well worn resource and cook book in our kitchen. We have waited with great anticipation for the release of Beyond Bacon, the Paleo Parents, Matthew McCarry & Stacy Toth’s second book. To call it is just a cookbook does it a great injustice though. Beyond Bacon is a book full of fantastic information about health and nutrition and many amazing facts about pigs that we never knew. I think most people like bacon and the occasional pork roast or chop, but who knew there was so much more to a pig or is it hog; this mystery and many others is solved in Beyond Bacon. Matthew & Stacy do an incredible job of demystifying cooking and food preparation and it is written in such great language that it is entertaining, easy to read, and has recipes that anyone can follow. We also love the story, and pictures, of this lovely family and following their personal and family growth on their Paleo journey. We have already cooked several of the recipes and they are truly excellent, easy to make and follow the recipes, and we adore the vignette that comes with each recipe. This is a must buy book that you will treasure for years and we strongly encourage you to buy a copy (or two), you will not be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fantastic book full of pork recipes. Not just breakfast ones either! It covers dishes you could use for any meal including dessert! The Chocolate "butter" cream frosting is amazing and is fantastic on my cakes and strawberries. The beginning of the book details some of the history and science and techniques used in the book.  I only buy ethically raised meat and am excited and impressed to see a forward by Joel Salatin.  great book. worth every penny.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry of the Paleo Parents fame have created a masterpiece. I was lucky enough to help test recipes and receive a review copy of this book. It is beautiful in every sense of the word & a great resource for everything porcine. I wouldn't have considered attempting to eat an animal nose to tail but they've made it so approachable it is no longer a foreign concept. This book is for everyone from your amateur cook to your dedicated foodie. The recipes are delicious (and I've tried more than a few) and the photographs are stunning. My mouth starts watering when I just open the book. We've had this sitting on our coffee table & everyone who's come to our house has looked through it and asked how they get their copy. While Stacy & Matt's approach is for grain free and Paleo followers anyone with a taste bud would appreciate this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There are a few things you should know about me before reading on: 1)I cook a whole lot.  I often wonder if I spend more time in the kitchen than I do doing everything else combined. 2)I am not what you would call a “reader.”  I very rarely read non-fiction books for pleasure.   It is hard to engage me long enough to get really interested in something unless it has a great story line.   3)I don’t like cookbooks much.  I think this goes back to #1.  I am not the kind of person who looks up a great recipe, goes out and gets everything I need for it & comes home to cook it up.  I am more the kind who opens the fridge, freezer, and/or pantry and uses whatever I have to whip up a meal.  Cookbooks just don’t usually fit into that.   Enter Beyond Bacon... I ordered a whole pig from my favorite local farm last year and have been cooking my way through it.  When Stacy announced that she and Matt were working on Beyond Bacon, I was excited to have some new ideas to add into my family’s menu rotation.  I saved several of the more uncommon cuts so that I could try them using recipes in the book.   When I was lucky enough to get a preview copy, I flipped through it and was immediately drawn in by the amazing photographs.  The food looked incredible.  Kudos to Aimee!  I got it home and hoped to get some time to check it out.  Then it got lost in the shuffle of life with kids.  When I finally got a moment of quiet, I decided to reach for it.  That was it.  It had me at Bacon.  I sat and read the entire thing. For several hours.   I thought everything looked and sounded amazing, but still wasn’t sure about using a cookbook for my family’s meals, so I decided to look for recipes that I could make using just with what I currently had in the house.  I hoped to find maybe one or two.  I started writing them down and once I got to fifteen recipes I stopped writing.  That’s right, over fifteen recipes with no special grocery shopping needed! Finally a book that just used wonderful real food ingredients that I buy anyway.  Amazing!   Things I love about Beyond Bacon: *Wonderful information at beginning *Layout of the pages was very easy to navigate *Mouth-watering pictures of every recipe *“Notes” or “Tips” listed on many recipes were extremely helpful *Engaging story and/or information in the intro paragraph to each recipe *Division of the recipe sections by preparation *Farm house aesthetic *Recipes with real, whole foods without too many hard to find ingredients *Focus on pastured meats from sustainable, local sources *Encouragement and ideas for nose to tail eating *Great index listing both recipes and ingredients *Easy to follow instructions (even on more difficult preparations) Things I would’ve loved to see: *Full recipe list in one place (They are listed in the front of each section.) *Sample menus/combinations (There are some suggestions at the bottom of several recipes, but it left me wanting even more.) *A few more green vegetable recipes. (My family eats a whole lot of green veggies.) I set out to start testing and wanted to start with a cut I had been saving for months, the jowls.  I set myself to work on this one recipe and I worked my way through the it (with lots of help from my little kitchen helpers).  Once I was done with the recipe, I had a lovely pot of broth just asking to be used and some extra fat that I had trimmed from the jowls.  I flipped through again and found the egg-drop soup, lard and crispy lardons.  I got four recipes out of my one jowl recipe! I love it when nothing goes to waste and we all eat well because of it.  I had planned on only making that recipe before writing this, but then I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to try more, so off I went to cook.  We are still eating our way through all the wonderful food! Recipes I’ve tried so far: *Lard - Was incredibly easy to do following the instructions in the book.  I have only ever done it in the crock pot before and mine has often been dark.  It was a beautiful snowy white this time! *Asian Short Ribs - These were incredible!  I’m still thinking about how good they are.  Darn.  Now I have to go order some more short ribs. *Egg Drop Soup - I loved this!  What a wonderful way to have some protein with your healing bone broths.  This will likely become a staple for me. *Ham Pot Roast with Horseradish Mustard Glaze - I love horseradish and this did not disappoint. *Hawaiian Pork Roast - The sweetness of the pineapple was delicious with the flavor of the meat and spices in the marinade. *Perfect Pork Chops - Just like Stacy says in the book, I think me and steak have officially broken up.  Pork chops are my new one and only. *Crispy Lardons - My kids ate these for an evening snack.  With a spoon.  Enough said. *Green Papaya Salad with Poached Jowl - Amazing flavors in this one!  Will definitely be making again! *Mashed Cauliflower - The creaminess was delicious.  I added some fresh herbs and loved it! *Faux-Tato Salad - The only one that got mixed reviews, but we were never big potato salad people anyway.  I was intrigued by cooking jicama as I have always eaten it raw. It does cook up to a potato-like consistency, but I think I still prefer it raw.  *Sauteed Green Beans - A huge crowd pleaser.  Will enter dinner rotations immediately.   *Rosemary Carrot Mash - Another huge pleaser!  We make carrots all the time but have never mashed them.  So yummy! *Baconnaise - I am a huge fan of mayonnaise but hate all the junk that is usually in store bought versions.  I’ve made my own many times, but this one is going to be my new favorite, for sure. Ones I plan to try soon: *"Corn" Dogs *Sauteed Cabbage *Triple Chocolate Freezer Fudge *Scrapple *Mexican Chorizo *Lengua Carnitas *Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits ...Who am I kidding?  I want to try them all!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you purchase your meat from a farmers market, butcher, or directly from a farmer you need this book.  In the past I was always confused when I ordered a whole hog.  I had so many cuts of meat in my freezer that I didn’t know how to prepare.  Beyond Bacon solves that problem.  Recipes such as picnic ribs, smoked pork belly, egg drop soup, porko bucco, lengua carnitas, kale and pistachio stuffed pork chops will help you use up all parts of your pig. There are over 100 recipes.  Each recipe has a stunningly beautiful photo.  I love that.  In addition to recipes, this book teaches kitchen skills that our great grandmothers had but have been lost over the generations. Now I know how to render lard so I can make a flaky pie crust, make bone broth to make nourishing soups, smoke meat, and cure bacon.   If you don’t purchase your meat from a farmer or carefully selected butcher, you might need this book even more.  You can prepare the recipes with standard grocery store pork but you will be missing out on the best taste possible.  The first part of the book explains why quality is so important.  If you have any concerns about the health and safety of pork, there is a section for you too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It’s not often that I get a cookbook and read cover to cover and truly enjoy every bit.  With Beyond Bacon, Paleo Recipes That Respect the Whole Hog, I stayed late into the night reading every single page from front to back! It is so much more than just a cookbook! By the end of my reading, I had learned a few new things I ignored about this beautiful animal, the hog, was thoroughly impressed by Stacy and Matt’s eloquent style, was salivating from all the mouth-watering photography, and had selected a number of recipes to try immediately... Stacy and Matt, the authors of the Paleo Parents blog and Eat Like a Dinosaur (A Recipe and Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids), dedicate this book to the entire animal, from understanding how important it is that the hogs live and grow in a humane environment and  how that affects the quality of their lives and their meat, to rendering your own lard, making your own cracklings, to explaining the health benefits of eating pork, dispelling the myths around the “risks” of consuming pork products, clarifying how to purchase the whole hog and recommending how to communicate with your butcher to get the right cuts for your needs, to beautifully presented, photographed and easy-to-follow recipes that include savoury dishes and sweet “thangs” that will intrigue and inspire you. The book is more than a book with recipes; it’s a well-written, well-researched, respectful praise to this animal, this omnivore, which is perfectly in balance (when raised humanely) with its environment both for us, its predators, and for the plants and animals lower than it on the food chain. I was thoroughly captivated by the history and health lessons, which capture all of the important facts, yet are short and concise and do not bore or overwhelm. And yes… drum roll…the recipe section is brilliant! With over 100 recipes that are I'd say 95% new and not on the Paleo Parent's blog, Stacy and Matt cover everything from the basics, breakfast, mains, sides to of course desserts. The first recipe that captured my eye was Schweinehaxe, a dish that we’ve had many times in Germany and with which I hadn’t thought of experimenting at home… now I will!  And then there’s Piggy Pot Pies made with Homestyle Biscuits, Savory Bacon Jam, Salted Caramel Bacon Sauce, Lard Pie Crust, Dutch Apple Pie, Salted Mocha Biscotti… just to name a few that look and sound so decadent that you cannot believe they are actually Paleo and healthy for you! And oh, there are even two recipes for ice cream, one with bacon and another with prosciutto…the thought of that is just insanely tempting… The book is simply a work of art, beautiful from the front cover to the back. Its rustic look is elegant and inviting for the foodie in all of us. And since it's a hardcover and printed on great quality paper, it will withstand the beating it will get in my kitchen, because it's going to be one of my favourite go-to recipe books from now on...  Thumbs up! I totally recommend buying this! You will not regret it. ~TheSaffronGirl