Beyond Beauty: A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Full Feminine Power

Beyond Beauty: A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Full Feminine Power

by Alexandra Villarroel Abrego


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What is Beyond Beauty? The author’s ambition is to persuade all women, but especially younger women, to reach beyond goals of to realize the power of our inner beauty to overcome the limits society places on us. Gen-Y women face a terrible predicament of maturing in a world where media bombards us with information and images that distort our perception of the meaning of beauty, self-confidence, and self-love. If we misunderstand our reality, we can easily turn to outmoded cultural paradigms that convince us that we must behave like men to be valuable to society, or that our hair or waistline determines our success, or that finding the right man is the key to happiness. As a millennial, Ms. Abrego believes modern women must learn to look beyond their physical selves and search for a deeper purpose for life and existence. She aims to take us on a journey of self-awakening to become our best self and unleash our feminine power to follow our dreams of a good life. Beyond Beauty is designed to facilitate and encourage women of this generation to improve every aspect of their lives, starting with their own selves. The message of Beyond Beauty is needed more than ever. The author can inspire and empower the women of Generation Y to want more, to be more, and live “beyond beauty.”

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ISBN-13: 9781590793848
Publisher: SelectBooks
Publication date: 03/14/2017
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,196,111
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About the Author

Alexandra Villarroel Abrego is a trilingual certified life coach, author, international speaker, and businesswoman. Through her work, she teaches women how to unleash their true potential, gain real confidence in themselves, and find a balance between their personal and professional life so that they may finally live the life of their dreams. In 2012, Alexandra was chosen as the national role model for the Hooked on School High School Tour, an initiative of the Minis¬try of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec, in collaboration with the Montreal Hooked on School organization. Besides her live seminars and appearances, she also has a very strong presence and following online. Through her weekly online show (AlexandraTV) broadcasted in English, Spanish, and French, she has reached over five million viewers in 134 countries around the world, and counting.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vi

Introduction vii

Part 1 Awakening 1

1 A New Era 3

2 Free to Be Feminine 19

3 A Women's Value 35

4 Self-Confidence 101 47

Part 2 Enlightenment 59

5 The Misinterpretation of Love 61

6 Loving Yourself 71

7 Relationships 83

8 The Goddess Within 95

Part 3 Self-Realization 115

9 Purposeful Living 117

10 Women's Work 131

11 The Feminine Power 145

12 The Beauty 157

About the Author 165

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