Beyond Control

Beyond Control

by Rebecca York
3.7 7

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Beyond Control by Rebecca York

The New York Times bestselling author of the Decorah Security series and dozens of other novels presents a gripping romantic thriller about two people whose intense attraction draws them deeper and deeper into each others’  minds—and dangerous secrets…
When journalist Jordan Walker asks Lindsay Fleming for help investigating the puzzling death of a local millionaire’s son, he tells himself it’s her Capitol Hill connections that he needs. But he can’t quite forget the singular, intense reaction he had when he touched her hand the first time they met, and Lindsay is still reeling from the vivid dream she had about him that same night. Their need to connect to each other—mentally and physically—is stronger than anything either has ever felt before.
As they delve deeper into a complicated web of military and scientific secrets, each new discovery brings more questions about their mysterious bond—and more danger. But they must join together to uncover the truth about the power that lies at the very heart of their relationship—and fight against the sinister forces who would destroy them…
“[Her] books…deliver what they promise: excitement, mystery, romance.”
The Washington Post Book World

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781101205105
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/02/2005
Series: Pyschic , #1
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 336
File size: 354 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Ruth Glick has written more than 70 novels, most of them under the pseudonym Rebecca York. She and her husband live in Columbia, Maryland.

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Beyond Control 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Judih514 More than 1 year ago
I have read many of Rebecca York's books. This is, by far, the worst book I have ever read! Not just written by her, but by anyone! It had so many subplots, characters, some with similar names, to further confuse...I can't begin to discribe my disappointment in this book! What a waste of money! I certainly hope she will raise her sights and try harder with her next endeavor. I also hope her publisher catches any further failures before publishing. Her "Moon" series books were quite good.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Paranormal romantic suspense is a hot commodity, and no one does it better than Rebecca York. With BEYOND CONTROL, we get a no-holds-barred suspense tale, filled with the danger and excitement that such a story entails. We also get a paranormal story, with a hero and heroine who invade each other's dreams, can communicate with a touch, and whose need for physical contact almost turns into an obsession. And, of course, we get the sexual intensity that Ms. York is known for, with all the sensuality that includes.

Journalist Jordan Walker believes he's taken on the story of his career when elusive billionaire Leonard Hamilton offers him the chance to write a totally authorized biography. Jordan at once feels that the deal is too good to be true, and in a way, he's right. Hamilton will give him his story, but in return he wants Jordan to investigate the suspicious death of his son, Todd. Hamilton is sure Todd was murdered, and even though there's circumstantial proof to the contrary, Jordan knows that he'll have to use every investigative tool in his power if he wants to get Leonard Hamilton's biography published.

When he contacts congressional staffer Lindsay Fleming, Jordan reassures himself that it's only to use her contacts to get close to Senator Conroy. Jordan 's sure that if he can question the Senator, he can find out exactly what happened in the boating accident that took the life of Todd Hamilton and his alleged boyfriend, Glenn Borrow. Not to mention that Jordan wants information on the reclusive and highly secretive facility known as Maple Creek, which Todd and Glenn had broken into shortly before their deaths. Suddenly, though, getting answers to his questions isn't nearly as unsettling as the power that sparks between him and Lindsay at Senator Conroy's party.

One touch is all it takes for Jordan and Lindsay to begin invading each other's dreams. That touch produced nearly literal sparks, and now the need for them to touch, to be close, to be in contact with one another, is nearly a physical ache. Lindsay has no idea what's happening, but she knows that helping Jordan Walker in his investigation has suddenly made her a target-for a killer. Now Jordan and Lindsay are in danger, not only from the obsession to be together, but from a brother and sister who share the same bond, and are intent on getting rid of them before they can disclose what really happened to Todd Hamilton on Chesapeake Bay .

Rebecca York has woven a web of danger, intrigue, and passion that you're not soon to forget. Beyond the relationship of Jordan and Lindsay, past the passion that they create together, is a plain old suspense story that is imaginative and scary-the best in romantic suspense.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lindsay Fleming is an attractive young lady that works on Capitol Hill. She has always been the shy kind of girl who never had many friends and senses she is very different from everyone else. While at a party she is drawn to a man she knows she should stay away from, but when they are introduced and touch, it is a mind blowing experience that scares her down to her toes. The intense desire she experiences from touching him is exhilarating and frightening. When he approaches her about helping him uncover a secret operation gone badly, she finds herself pulled into the drama and on the run for her life. Lindsay senses that Jordan is like her and that she has found her soul mate she was meant to be with. Will Lindsay open her heart to Jordan and finally find the love and peace she has always craved? Jordan Walker is a distinguished journalist in the political world. When he is approached by a well known millionaire about doing his biography, Jordan jumps at the opportunity to finally blow open the crooks in the government. Only the job comes with a price he must find out who killed the millionaire¿s son first. While investigating the murder, he finds himself at a party and drawn to a woman he has never met. He has never experienced the powerful desire of wanting a woman like he does Lindsay, but when they touch, something happens between them that can not be explained. He convinces her to help him discover the cover-up that could be coming from her office, but instead they find themselves dodging bullets and unknown enemies. Has Jordan finally found the woman who can make his life whole? BEYOND CONTROL is an intense romantic thriller that draws readers in from the first page and leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat until you have discovered all the secrets. Rebecca York pens a novel that is packed with excitement, mystery and a love story that will leave you breathless. Lindsay and Jordan will capture your hearts for their heartbreaking stories of knowing they are different and always standing on the outside looking in. My heart soared at the intense love these two wonderful people found. BEYOND CONTROL is staying on my keepers shelf and I look forward to reading more of Ms. York¿s work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
BEYOND CONTROL: love the title! love the cover! love the book! The high stakes game, world capital setting, topicality of Rebecca York's treatment of psychic/empathic personalities guarantee the reader an adventure that will not soon be forgotten. I have enjoyed all of Rebecca York's 'Moon' series books -- and had to wonder when I read the cover copy on her latest, BEYOND CONTROL. Hmmm? Should I read? Am I delighted I did not refuse to grow along with her in this new adventure. From the beginning Jordan and Lindsay are taking me into new territory emotionally, intellectually, and erotically. The usual rules do not apply -- the usual boundaries do not hold -- these two offer us an experience that is -- well, BEYOND...CONTROL! With her characteristic talent for suspense -- Rebecca York always manages to teach us something new and exciting while making us forget we are What next, Rebecca York?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jordan Walker wants Lindsay Flemings political connections to help him investigate a mysterious death however, the connection he makes with the young woman is far more than political or normal. From the first casual touch, the two begin to invade each other's thoughts and dreams, knowing things about the other person that they should not be able to know. That link makes them need one another on mental and physical levels that smack of literal addiction. Moreover, psychic gifts they had not imagined having come alive. Lindsay and Jordan are not the only ones with these powers, and the others are not very nice people, putting it mildly. Now, the two intrepid sleuths find themselves in a race against time to unlock the secret of their very births that will solve the murders in the present and prevent more deaths. .............................. Though this in an intriguing concept that is somewhat reminescent of Escape to Witch Mountain and/or The X Men, the sensual addiction is frankly over the top and detracts from the overall story. Unfortunately, it is so integral to the plot that skipping over those scenes makes it difficult to follow the rest of the plot. Moreover, the characters who are the villains seem to have an unnaturally close relationship for a brother and sister, even twins.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Wealthy recluse Leonard Hamilton a offers deal to Pulitzer Prize journalist Jordan Walker that the latter cannot refuse. In exchange for his cooperation in writing an authorized biography with no strings attached, Jordan is to learn what really happened to his son Todd, who recently died in a boating incident on Chesapeake Bay along with his alleged boyfriend Glenn Borrow. Unbeknownst to either man, the Crandall Consortium is interested in Todd also especially since he and Glenn somehow busted into a highly guarded facility Maple Creek in Princes George County, Maryland. Interestingly, a friend asks Congressional Aid Lindsay Fleming to look into what happened to one of the Maple Creek guards................. At Senator Conroy¿s party, though strangers Jordan and Lindsay exchange a warm embracing glance across a crowded room. When they meet, he touches her hand and both are stunned. That night he dreams of seeing her naked while she fantasizes in her sleep of being with him. As the two connect, they work together to learn what happened at Maple Creek with neither prepared for the danger they encounter or for the love they feel...................... BEYOND CONTROL is a fun fantasy romantic thriller that plays out on two interwoven levels. The story line is action-packed from the opening sequence when Maple Creek is invaded and never slows down until the lead couple learns what happened there and to Todd. The tale also contains a delightful romance between Jordan and Lindsay that starts off with A Strangers in the Night encounter at Conroy¿s gala and plays out on physical and paranormal planes. Though the military- scientific complex seems delightfully over the top, Rebecca York provides a strong suspense-laden romantic tale.................. Harriet Klausner